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UTECH RECORDS James Plotkin "Indirmek"/Joshua Convey "Vacant Integument"

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  • Keith Utech
    August transmission JAMES PLOTKIN Indirmek UTECH RECORDS [URCD009/ARC4] JOSHUA CONVEY Vacant Integument UTECH RECORDS
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      August transmission <http://www.utechrecords.com>

      JOSHUA CONVEY "Vacant Integument" UTECH RECORDS [URCD010/ARC5]

      Fourth and fifth volumes in the ARC SERIES
      $14 USD
      Contact: utechrecords@...

      JAMES PLOTKIN "Indirmek"
      James Plotkin unveils his second solo release in as many years. Indirmek
      presents two distinct facets of his musical work. The first track, Afyon
      (opium) lies closest to Plotkin's trademark drift. In essence, a guitar
      track stretched to limitless possibility. An elemental fury contained,
      dissected and entrusted to a NYC audience for their consideration in the
      spring of 2007. Amfetamin (amphetamine) is a second recording from NYC,
      performed in the fall of 2006. The track is considerably more immediate.
      It's allure can be credited to Plotkin's use of electronics to invoke raw
      sound and shape it as he sees necessary to fit a given context. The track
      speaks a multitude of languages in succession and simultaneously.

      JOSHUA CONVEY "Vacant Integument"
      Vacant Integument is the debut release from NY resident Joshua Convey.
      Sharp, spiky overtones rattle four skillfully assembled tracks. Each gritty
      frame is lined with a delicate array of guitar, harmonica and electronics.
      Quiet drone hums along as melody slowly reveals itself amongst carefully
      placed shards of raw feedback and noise. Not since Kaoru Abe or Masayoshi
      Urabe has the harmonica been used to such magnificent effect. Vacant
      Integument is a singular and resonant work that deserves all manner of
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