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The Great Sheffield Flood (of real music).

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  • stratoskye
    FREENOIEWS ..electric rag. June 07 The Sheffield Flood (mk2) was in my cellar last week when my guitar pedals drowned, anyway that s another story... Yep
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2007
      FREENOIEWS ..electric rag. June 07

      The Sheffield Flood (mk2) was in my cellar last week when my guitar
      pedals drowned, anyway that's another story...
      Yep tomorrow was the longest day (or was that yesterday?) and didn't
      it seem like it with all this rain...? I blame the government, yet
      many new faces turned out for our first gig and a big thanks for that,
      you (we) were rewarded by a great night, it's a 2 way thang y'know...
      This morning the local free 'oft full of crap Ye Gazettee' paper pops
      through me door and lo and behold the 'headlines' are devoted to a
      visit to the old Abbeydale Cinema (which houses our new commons at
      thee Bar Abbey) by the right honourable Mr.Caborn MP where he gave a
      municipal thumbs-up for an 8million squid building campaign headed by
      the gracious and charitable owners...So dig deep and keep coming to
      the gigs, please. This could be your moment blah blah...but seriously
      Sheffield doesn't have an arts centre does it...!! ..and isn't S7 the
      most culturally interesting area..?! The smells of curry mixed with
      ganja...veg restaurants, wholefood shops, cafes, small galleries and
      the beautiful Brincliffe woods..the Merlin theatre..the spawning
      ground of most of the great Sheffield acts of the past... ? Ah...makes
      me want to go for a walk round now!

      Well.. moving on...shit loads of pilgrims headed again down to Pilton
      Farm to see Shirley Bassey, Chas n Dave...Tony Benn (?!)...another boy
      band beginning with K.. and oh no the Wurzels have pulled out in a
      dramatic twist as they weren't given the main stage (which I'll have
      you know IS 30 yards South of the actual intersection of the Michael
      and the Gt. Oswald ley lines..which IS why there's so much mean
      fiddling going on down on the farm...per chance, I jest..). Did you
      see the recent BBC adverts for the festival coverage of the blonde
      German bloke rattling on about Glastonbury town as a living breathing
      entity while a sign is displayed below saying 'Here We Go Again'...?
      Well that's my old boss and that's just what it's like there; he owns
      the three main crystal / healing shops in town and with this approach
      completely rips off tourists (espec. Americans) with a mark up
      (especially for tourist season) of thousands of percent. Eavis...?
      Charity? - bollocks! Nothing wrong with an oppulent life style though
      is there..but get the facts right first. OK OK...rant over...I s'pose
      Iggy and the Stooges are being covered on TV tonight and they warmed
      up on Wogan, er I mean Woss last night with Ig running across the room
      (sending TV crew flying) to lear straight into faces of young women in
      the studio audience with the old fave ' I wanna be a dog' wagging his
      rude 60 yr old ass....Primal hard rock meets free jazz meets
      nuthouse... wickid...
      A flood of packages hit the PO Box last week - Thanks to everyone who
      has sent in their music for review - the standard is increasing! Had a
      listen to a couple of them yesterday and was astounded for one by the
      Chicago Underground Trio and the George Steeltoe Ensemble (on NY's
      cool Heat Retention) 12" looks equally intriguing... hope to get round
      to some more listening and writing soon enough.
      Solstice Sound Ritual - Freenoise Opener at Bar Abbey 21.6.07. Review

      Kicking off in style with a great set from Bathysphere the new free
      percussion duo of Drury & Collins with a (pun intended) floating
      member for this launch in the shape of no other than Mick Beck, the
      tower of free jazz and improv on tenor sax and basoon. Sparks
      literally flew as Drury hit out at a metal ammo trunk with two big
      sticks of flint while Collins played all things great and small from
      kalimba to a mighty 40" Paiste gong festooned with an iron chain.
      Living up to their name, water was at one point poured onto the kit
      with an old garden watering can then played into a crescendo of noise
      from the two drumsets and Beck's screaming, psychedelic tenor ending
      with Drury stamping in a puddle (presumably taking care with the
      microphone used for his sticky tape section...). The range of
      restraint and minimal experimentation through to the all out free jazz
      peak showed a serious commitment and a lively, promising alchemy for

      An interlude came in the shape of a premiere for the duo of Jez
      Riley-French and Martin Archer taking to the altar with laptop
      instruments, zithers and Archer's ecstatic sopranino. A highly
      meditative set had the audience concentration gradually rising to an
      almost palpable transcendency as layers of washes, drones, grain and
      disembodied voice samples built. The unity created between performers
      and audience was almost temple-like and wonderful to behold,
      particularly with the lovely touches (courtesy of Bar Abbey staff) of
      candles, incense and fairy lights.

      Finally Tatsuya Nakatani and Neil Davidson took to the floor (in
      addition to Bathysphere preferring the floor for acoustics as well as
      intimacy). Tats (to his friends) began pouring with sweat almost
      immediately due to a powerful concentration while teasing out a
      barrage of estranged and mysterious howls and squeals by scraping
      various sized cymbals and pieces of cymbals across a large floor tom.
      Neil, at 30 a relative youngster in the current zeitgeist, meanwhile
      sat with beautiful sunburst semi acoustic on lap stroking downward a
      wooden rod which sat on end on the pick-ups or played with light
      pattering runs and smudges. The two had just played nearly a fortnight
      continuously around the UK and a strong working bond was evident not
      just from closed eyes concentration but the powerful new sonic
      flavours and undertones materialising from this brew. Though utilising
      the traditional combination of drums (plus bowls and large bowed wind
      gong) and guitar a very refreshing and unique show resulted. Tats also
      impressed with his masterful punctuation using small sticks in an
      frightening, almost martial style.

      Review by DiV, thanks.

      and there's new pictures here.
      Much kudos to the mighty Notes and Sounds for the ongoing support
      including directing Tats and Neil and others to us.
      Freenoise is only a name, as yet. The door money goes to the musicians
      except if there's any available some for expenses (posters etc.) If
      the musicians ask for a fee a shortfall comes out of the organiser's
      or his friends' pockets... (a warning!?) Freenoise has only made a
      loss in it's two years.. come on, I didn't expect a living out of it!
      And musicians generally are highly underpaid too, the fees now being
      roughly the same as they were 20 years ago. Think about that...

      NEXT GIG: July 19th, Bar Abbey, 8pm.
      Black Galaxy (+ Kreepa tbc) feat. Graham Clark (Gong / Jah Wobble)
      Graham Clark solo set (HOT jazz violin) "Listen to Clark wind
      polyrhythms around the beat with bursts I would describe as Ornetteish
      except for the fact that this man can really play violin" - All About
      The Tajalli Vortex - 8 piece space-punk improv featuring Martin Archer
      & Charlie Collins.

      More Power to Music.
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