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UTECH RECORDS Daniel Menche "Wolf's Milk"/Knell "Last Ten Meters"

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  • Keith Utech
    June transmission DANIEL MENCHE Wolf s Milk UTECH RECORDS [URCD007/ARC2] KNELL Last Ten Meters UTECH RECORDS [URCD008/ARC3]
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2007
      June transmission <http://www.utechrecords.com>

      KNELL "Last Ten Meters" UTECH RECORDS [URCD008/ARC3]

      Second and Third volumes in the ARC SERIES
      $14 USD
      Contact: utechrecords@...

      DANIEL MENCHE "Wolf's Milk"
      Crystalline drones and sacred incantation. Nectar procured from golden
      fruit. Shimmering resonance channeled through dream. A most anticipated
      return to form for Menche. Breathtaking purity of sound. Wolf's Milk is a
      triumph of immense magnitude.

      KNELL "Last Ten Meters"
      First release from French guitarist Johannes Buff. An attempt to disect the
      methodology he explores with guitar. Using a single sound source and
      unprocessed field recordings Knell invoke rich beauty and obsessive
      melodics. A luminous patina reveals vague, underlying threat. Drone as a
      catalyst of frequency and time. Nothing to understand through listening,
      only to gaze.
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