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Delire Musical/Actuel playlists - June 12, 2007

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  • François Couture
    As I said, I m catching up with past weeks shows, so here s another one from June 12, 2007. My radio shows are in French. But I don¹t talk that much :-)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2007
      As I said, I'm catching up with past weeks' shows, so here's another one
      from June 12, 2007.

      My radio shows are in French. But I don¹t talk that much :-) Delire Musical
      is an eclectic mix of creative music. Delire Actuel focuses on experimental

      Here's what these shows were about on June 12, 2007.

      DELIRE MUSICAL featured music by Cathrin Pfeiffer, Gotan Project, Badawi,
      René Lussier* (new Trésor de la Langue reissue), Upsilon Acrux*, Sufjan
      Stevens, Os Mutantes, Life on Earth*, and Explosions from the Sky - *
      denotes a recent release/reissue. -- that's tango, dub, ???, avant-prog,
      alt.song, psychedelic and post-rock all under 60 minutes!
      You can download the complete Delire Musical show aired June 12 here:

      DELIRE ACTUEL: The Shape of Song to Come: Amidst the brouhaha of musical
      currents and approaches populating what we have come to call ³demanding
      music,² is songwriting still relevant? Is there still room for the song? My
      answer is a resounding yes, but the question is still worth asking,
      especially when looking at the contents of international experimental music
      magazines and festivals. So, here is two humble hours of songs of all kinds
      (humble despite this show¹s pompous title, that is). The experimental facet
      of these songs is occasionally glaring, more often subtle. As Frank Zappa
      once said: ³There can¹t be progress without deviation from the norm.²
      Featured music by: Sainkho Namchylak, Thilges, Burbuja, Tujiko Noriko, Dan
      Deacon, Hail, The International Nothing, André Minvielle & Didier Petit,
      David Garland, Phil Hargreaves & Glenn Weyant, Alec K. Redfearn & The
      Eyesores, Frank Pahl, Frank Martel & L'Ouest Céleste, Geneviève Letarte,
      Blue Gene Tyranny, and Joanna Newsom. All recent releases or reissues.

      Download the first hour of Delire Actuel aired June 12, 2007:
      Download the second hour of Delire Actuel aired June 12, 2007:

      Unfamiliar with RapidShare? At the bottom of the table (Choose Your
      Download), simply click on Free! No need to register. (But you may have to
      wait two hours after completing a download to start another one.)

      Enjoy and please support the artists!

      Francois Couture
      Writer, journalist (All-Music Guide), translator, proofreader.
      Producer of Delire Actuel and Delire Musical, CFLX.

      400, 9e avenue
      Weedon, Quebec
      J0B 3J0 Canada
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