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Wreck: Mishmash Weird Splash

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    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: 370 [967*]: Mishmash Weird Splash PTP in the ether: 88.3FM Where purity
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2007
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: 370 [967*]: Mishmash Weird Splash
      PTP in the ether: 88.3FM
      Where purity & puerility are synonymous
      streaming via internet:

      9 April 2007 // 17.00-19.00

      "I noticed (Tinky Winky) has a lady's purse, but I didn't realize
      he's a boy. At first I thought the purse would be a burden for this
      Teletubby ... Later I learned that this may have a homosexual
      o Ewa Sowinska, Poland's children's rights watchdog [dog is right]

      Though I believe it is sinful to be queer; it has at least saved me
      from becoming a pillar of the establishment, and it might not even
      have done that if I hadn't bolted to America."
      o W.H. Auden

      Refrain > Deadline
      Russian Roulette > Shelley Hirsch
      Lullaby for a Locomotive > Chris Hinze Combination [1]
      Endless Railway > DJ Krush vs Ahmir Thompson
      21st Century Perspiration > Radio Thailand [2]
      Orbital Hora > OMFO
      Step to Giulia Part 1 > Chris Hinze Combination [1]
      Cu-cu-rru-cu-cu Paloma > Los Paraguayos
      Wicky Wacky Down in Waikiki > Sophie Tucker
      Step to Giulia Part 2 > Chris Hinze Combination [1]
      Malhaya 2 Fuego y Metal > Von Magnet
      Picture Disk Big Mag > Goodiepal vs Jessica Ryan
      Phone Pranks > Jerky Boys
      Folk DJs Armed with Technology > Radio Thailand [2]
      Picture Disk Big Mag > Goodiepal vs Jessica Ryan
      Midnight Film Freaking > John Schnall
      Gitanear > Von Magnet
      Dance Like a Rock > Bümdoser
      Krung Thep Marketing > Radio Thailand [2]
      Surface > Chris Hinze Combination [1]
      Springtime > Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers
      Eywat Setenfegagn > the Ex & Getatchew Mekuria
      Six [Venus] > Chris Hinze Combination [1]
      Phone Pranks > Jerky Boys
      Giuseppe Givola / Hotel Mammoth Ui's Suite > Willem Breuker Kollektief [3]
      La Suite de Campagne de Dogsborough / Arturo Ui > Willem Breuker Kollektief [3]
      Dogborough's Country House / La Suite de Maison de Dogsborough >
      Willem Breuker Kollektief [3]
      Het Kapitaal > 't Asoosjale Orkest
      Blow Dried Pop Collage > Radio Thailand [2]
      Azerbaijan / Tequila Gang Bang > OMFO
      Jodeling Song > Edith Sitwell

      [1] "Who Can See the Shadow of the Sun" on CBS vinyl. Weirdly totally
      unknown dutch hippie jazz from the early 1970s. Very multi-talented
      guy in Dutch circles. Incorporated jazz, pop, reggae, and new age
      [yikes - I guess anything ambient and calming and vaguely mystical
      oriented can be categorized as new age] and took all of those things
      his own way - what a radical hippie! Who grew up in Dutch East Indies
      and seriously studied classical flute - oh, here we go, prog-rock!
      Played with Dutch legend Boy Edgar and in the 60s was in a white [I
      guess] soul group called Stax. Studied serious music at the Berkley
      school in Boston and in 1970 formed the eponymous Chris Hinze
      Combination, a jazz rock combo that got to play Montreaux early on
      performing his jazzy interpretations of classical themes - oh, no ELP
      fever coming on. But actually luckily went for Burt Bacharach rather
      than Bach. Still considered one of NL's best jazz
      musicians/flautists. I spoke too soon. In 1974, he produced his
      biggest success "Sketeches On Bach", after which he turned to more
      and more styles beyond "klassiek", jazz and pop to incorporate the
      sounds of latin and reggae. Hinze recorded an album in Kingston,
      Jamaica called Word, Sound, and Power which included vocals by Peter
      Tosh. From there he goes further afield and starts to turn to world
      music, traveling to Bhutan, Tibet, Thailand, China and Japan. Heads
      toward Dalai Lama and mystical world music [a treacherous piece of
      terrain] and does an album with the Tibetan Gyuto Monks. He's pretty
      interesting. He put out a CD called Luisterrijk Eten En Dubbel
      Genieten [Splendid Eating and Double Pleasure] he lets top chefs
      speak as he provides background music [1997]. In 1998 he puts out Zen
      & The Art Of Dance & Meditation some of which is remixed by Junkie XL
      as dance numbers plus vocal by UK blues singer Dave Jeffs. More later
      when I find more recent stuff on this guy.

      [2] "Radio Thailand" on SF. Is a series of radio sounds, broadcasts
      and weird cultural transmissions by the Sun City girls, Alan Bishop
      and Mark Gergis. This was material they collected over a period of 15
      years. Apparently these guys were so immersed that they came back
      with hundreds of hours of material and purchased thousands of records
      while they were there. It presents an amazingly weird look at this
      Asian country. THANX Rene van Peer for this one!!!

      [3] "Drums in the Night / The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui" on
      BVHaast <www.bvhaast.nl>. On the reissue series is an imminently
      interesting CD. It was recorded in 1975/1983 as part of 2 live
      productions in Amsterdam of these lesser-known-seen Brecht pieces.

      * This big total is the TOTAL number of ca. Shows I have done since
      the beginning of time or 20 years ago at WFMU [NY], Radio Libertaire
      [Paris], and Radio 100 & Radio Patapoe [Amsterdam].

      ** In an attempt to catch up I will take some shortcuts here.

      *** Next week [meaning June 11] I will do a show somewhat focused on
      my [dead] father.

      o Poland's reactionary government, which has upset many people
      including human rights groups, libertarians, leftists, free thinkers
      and Teletubbies fans, took aim at homosexual infiltration -
      subliminal lifestyle coercion] by taking some loaded shot at Tinky
      Winky and the other Teletubbies. Ewa Sowinska, Polish children's
      rights watchdog is concerned the popular BBC Teletubbies pushes
      homosexual lifestyles. Her comments are suspiciously similar to
      comments made by another rabid dog the now dead U.S. evangelist Jerry
      Falwell. Fanaticism knows no boundaries to absurdity and humor

      Meanwhile Poland's Minister of Education, Roman Giertych, wants to
      pass a law that allows teachers to be fired for promoteing a
      "homosexual lifestyle". And we wonder why kids all over the world are
      so screwed upŠ

      o one Sunday New York Times contains more information than people in
      the 17th century would acquire in an entire lifetime. Alotta good
      that has done usŠ

      o In the US, attractive [relative term] men and women earn 5% more
      than ugly people although they probably spend that much on goops,
      diets, personal hygiene, exercise equipment, gymsŠ Fat women earn 20%
      less and fat men 26% less than their skinnier colleagues. Tall men
      earn more than shorter men. Tell that to Hollywood where many of the
      male superstars are just above midget size.

      o the avg. American works 47 years, sleeps 23 years and watches TV
      for 9Š How about eating and trying to lose weight?

      o Did you ever notice that every week there is another authoritative
      study on breast cancer - yet another food item or lifestyle choice
      leads to breast cancer. Six months later there will be a counter
      study that disputes all of the claims in the original
      fear-stimulating and lifestyle changing article. Same goes for
      drinking coffee. Coffee is bad, good, doesn't matter. Lately it seems
      studies are showing that drinking 3 cups a day may cut the risk of
      getting Alzheimer's disease - but where did I read that. If I drink
      another cup maybe I will remember. Retired people who drank coffee
      showed a slower rate of getting Alzheimer's than those who did not
      drink coffee. 3 cuppers showed half the mental decline of those who
      did not drink. Same things can be said about wine - good, healthy,
      detrimental, disastrousŠ

      o the Dutch minister of Youth and Family, leader of the Christian
      Union party and part of the new coalition govt, Andre Rouvoet, used
      to smash LPS suspected of holding secret Satanic messages in his
      youth. He destroyed a Queen record that supposedly said "It's fun to
      smoke marihuana." I actually have that backmasked recording and it
      indeed does say exactly that! And yet, I have not once thought of
      smoking a jointŠ

      o Doesn't the water drinking craze drive you up a bathroom wall?
      Everybody is carrying around little or not so little bottles of water
      [part of it has to do with hydration being good for skin and another
      has to do with diet - fill up on water and you won't fill up on fat]
      but now the reassessment studies are starting to come out that it all
      just a bit of a hype because what we confuse with needing to drink a
      couple of liters of water we interpret as drinking bottles of water
      but juice is 99% water and fruit is like 90% water and so forthŠ All
      drinkable products serve as a part of that necessary 2 liters of
      water. Drinking lots of water is suddenly NOW not such an incredibly
      extra healthy thing to do.

      o Several years ago a city in southern India hired drummer to pay
      nonstop outside the homes of people who have failed to pay their
      taxes until they pay up.

      o A man in Roma given 12 months to live was told by an Italian court
      to come back in 14 months to hear the outcome of his lawsuit against
      an insurance company.

      o Last year Boy George was ordered to serve a 5 full-work-day work
      sentence for cocaine possession in NYC. During the duration of his
      sentence the media came out in full force preventing him from doing
      his duty. He even offered to do a benefit concert for free for a good
      cause but his suggestion was not accepted.

      o Last year or was it 2 years ago, the Cookie Monster was 'put on
      trial' for promoting bad eating habits. He will no longer be chomping
      down on his beloved chocolate chip cookies whose diet will now be
      forced to change from the 3c snack to other c-foods like cukes,
      celery, cabbage, carrotsŠ

      o The somewhat-American Indian soft-rock band [with some R&B touches]
      Redbone from the 1970s had a series of Eagles/America sounding hits
      and amazingly enough is still touring. Or is it? In any case its hits
      like "Maggie", "The Witch Queen of New Orleans", "Come and Get Your
      Love" and "We Were All Wounded At Wounded Knee" are still being
      covered by an imposter Redbone - apparently. Led by a guy called
      "Denny Freeman" who claims to have been an original member of the
      band [was not] most recently defrauded a county-fair board in Butte,
      Montana because he claimed to be a co-founding member of Redbone.
      Denny Freeman is known as a small-time con-artist who once claimed to
      be a founding member of Seals and Crofts.

      o earlier this year an American guy traveling with his mother had his
      bags checked and when they discovered a penis pump in his carry-on
      luggage he said it was a bomb. He was arrested and has been sentenced
      to 3 years in prison for trying to cover up his embarrassment of
      having a penis pump with an outrageous declaration.

      o Jonges v/d Vlakte [Boys from the Plains]: "De cottonpickin' Jongens
      van de cottonpickin' Vlakte" play a piquant, illuminating, and
      playfully irritating mix of faulty music, of near-misses, of obscure
      failures, of world music that is not from this world 19.00-20.30
      [Dutch time, subtract 1 hr for UK, subtract 6 hrs for US East Coast]
      Mondays @ PTP

      o Dr. Doo Wop is one of the most eccentric and stimulating radio
      shows anywhere. Sartre, DeSade, Doo Wop and music from the gonads.
      Now on Radio Patapoe on Sunday 17.00-18.00 Amsterdam time

      o Solus: Minimal electro techno acid french hiphop / Thursdays 22.00
      o Super Nova is a big potpourri of sounds influences and information
      both local and elsewhere. Can you picture a sound? On Sundays

      o Wildcat Radio: Anarchist organization presents radio as it should
      be - in your ear. Saturdays 18.00-20.00.

      o De Oktoskoop: Kinderen /kid /children /rugrats and other
      visionaries. Sat. 11.30-13.30

      o POLYPHAKE PLAPPERLAPAPP: "polyphone audioerosion featuring
      occasional beatweirdniks in an plaperlappap assemblage hosted by
      F.Fiasko 22:30-?? Wednesdays

      o Radio Worm: Rotterdam-based radio collective presents inventive
      programming to baffle all preconceptions. Midnight Sundays and in
      autopilot rotation.

      o HET PROGRAMMA: industrial lounge for collapsing people. Tuesdays 21:00


      * Wreck This Mess-Paris @ Radio Libertaire, Paris 89.4 hosted by
      Laurent Diouf 1/2 PanouPanou on Tuesdays 12:30-14:30 check
      * Black Sifichi / Audiometric radio check <http://www.blacksifichi.com>

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Dina Appeldoornstraat 11-3
      1076 AX Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      o Check out NEW excerpts from my erotic-dérive novel: Paris Sex Tete
      on Parisiana <http://www.parisiana.com/>


      bart plantenga
      Dina Appeldoornstraat 11-3
      1076 AX Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      tel: +31 20 670 59 65
      mobile: +31 06 14 350 590
      email: ninplant@...

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