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XSN012 - Sascha Mueller - Total Destruction

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    Xynthetic Netlabel is proud to announce the release of Sascha Mueller s Total Destruction EP (XSN012). Xynthetic Netlabel s latest free-to-downloed EP from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2007
      Xynthetic Netlabel is proud to announce the release of Sascha Mueller's
      'Total Destruction' EP (XSN012).

      Xynthetic Netlabel's latest free-to-downloed EP from Sascha Mueller,
      entitled 'Total Destruction' is nearly 20 minutes of down-and-dirty,
      crunched out, lock-groove Techno. The opening track "Nuklearer Winter"
      builds around a subtle bass-driven groove with deceptively simple
      modulations and changes. "Ear Drill" follows with more direct
      'Stockholm' jack, but underpinned with the dirty bass sound to match
      the rest of the EP. The appropriately titled "Deep & Dirty" closes the
      release with distorted, delayed, and damaged rhythms... this is a dirty
      909 workout topped with a corroded acid line. These are compelling,
      dancefloor-ready munitions that any well prepareds Techno DJ should have
      in their arsenal.

      To download the release directly:

      To visit the release page at Xynthetic.com:

      For more info on Xynthetic Netlabel and Xynthetic Music visit:
      http://www.xynthetic.com <http://www.xynthetic.com>

      or write to:
      info@... <mailto:info@...>

      Josh Garrett & Graeme Foote
      Xynthetic Netlabel / Xynthetic Music

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