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    CROUTON NEWS: MAY 2007 - Raymond Dijkstra: Maskenstilleben LP - Tim Catlin and Jon Mueller (with visual artist Thomas Kovacich): Plates and Wires CD - Recent
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2007
      CROUTON NEWS: MAY 2007

      - Raymond Dijkstra: Maskenstilleben LP
      - Tim Catlin and Jon Mueller (with visual artist Thomas Kovacich): Plates and Wires CD
      - Recent releases
      - Mouths t-shirts




      We are very pleased to present this special edition LP from sculptor, painter, drawer and composer, Raymond Dijkstra.

      Since 2003, his recorded work has been released in small, handcrafted art editions on the Le Souffleur label, all of which are out of print and not easy to obtain. Those who have, have discovered the odd, yet personal world of Raymond Dijkstra, whose recorded solo output relies heavily on the acoustic side of electro-acoustic music.

      "Maskenstilleben" is released in a limited numbered edition of 100 in a painted wooden box on 200 gm virgin vinyl.

      Full info + online ordering here: http://www.croutonmusic.com/cr36.htm



      TIM CATLIN AND JON MUELLER (with visual artist Thomas Kovacich): "PLATES AND WIRES"
      CD + special edition

      Following Tim Catlin's recent release "Radio Ghosts" on 23five, comes this collaboration between the Australian guitarist and American percussionist Jon Mueller. Catlin and Mueller's approach to their instruments is based on their shared interest in the vibration of material and the changes in sound that result in modifying those vibrations. Over a year in the making, the recording features a series of different situations involving guitars, gongs, snare drums, and bass drum, and their resonant effect upon one another.

      Mastered by James Plotkin and released in an edition of 300 featuring artwork from Thomas Kovacich, with a limited edition of twenty-five including an original one-of-a-kind intaglio print.

      More info soon.




      "Her Name" is a record founded on meetings and voices. Having toured extensively throughout Europe, China, Japan, and the U.S., Bosetti's performances consisted of some of the music you'll hear within. During the performances he sat, with a computer sitting on a table next to him, his voice at the aural focus, coming from his mouth in the middle of his face, he translated the recorded voices of the people he's met along the way. Those voices appear in this recording. However, many more things also appear: guitar, piano, harmonium, double bass, trumpet, electronics, cello and field recordings combine in small ensembles and reconstructed jazz groups to create songs (yes, really!) that take the listener on an amazing trip around this world and others.

      Bosetti discusses the record in an interview with Bobby Tanzillo here: http://www.onmilwaukee.com/music/articles/bosetti.html

      "Once in a while, after listening to a new cd, I find myself exclaiming: 'this one is really absolutely fantastic! Everything is on its place here!' This happened to me while listening to Bosetti's new cd." - Dolf Mulder, Vital Weekly

      "Listening to this album can be compared to two scenarios being inside of a mental asylum, full of unidentified people with strange stories to tell or watching a documentary about nomads. Either way, you're stuck motionless, waiting with baited breath for the next event to occur, until the story finally unravels itself." - Tom Sekowski, Gaz Eta

      Full info + online ordering here: http://www.croutonmusic.com/cr35.htm



      Visual artist and musician Hal Rammel has been involved in the creative arts for the past 40 years. "Like Water Tightly Wound" marks Rammel's latest installment of his recorded documentation of solo Sound Palette studies. Beginning with a series of three separate 7" records (titled LOST DATA), released on his own Penumbra Music in early 2006, "Like Water Tightly Wound" captures every nuance of this intriguing instrument. Invented and built by Rammel, these instruments are as curious for their sounds, as they are as artifacts - finely crafted wood and metal devices one would expect to find in an obscure section of a museum. Melodic, yet buzzing with texture, these Sound Palette recordings represent an overview of artistic endeavor, ranging from electro-acoustic theory and practice, to sculpture and craftsmanship.

      Full article/interview in the April 2007 issue of WIRE Magazine: http://www.thewire.co.uk/current/cross.php

      "If you own a turntable, do yourselves a favor and pick this one up." - Brian Olewnick, Bagatellen
      Full review here: http://www.bagatellen.com/archives/reviews/001604.html

      Full info + online ordering here: http://www.croutonmusic.com/cr34.htm



      A limited amount of MOUTHS (Jon Mueller and Jim Schoenecker) t-shirts are available here: http://www.jonmueller.net/store.html


      Limited quantities in stock:

      crou035: Alessandro Bosetti: Her Name CD
      crou034: Hal Rammel: Like Water Tightly Wound 10"
      crou032: Daniel Menche: Creatures of Cadence CD
      crou031: Robert Hampson/Steven Hess: S/T CD
      crou028: Keith Berry: The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish (second edition) CD
      crou026: Jon Mueller: What's Lost Is Something Important. What's Found Is Something Not Revealed. CD
      crou025: Die Enttauschung: S/T LP
      crou024: Richard Chartier: Archival1991 CD
      crou023: Mueller/Rainey/Schoenecker: S/T CD
      crou022: Jason Kahn/Jon Mueller: Papercuts CD
      crou021: irr.app.(ext.): Dust Pincher Appliances CD
      crou018: Jon Mueller/Kaveh Soofi: Endings book


      Thank you for your help in supporting our work. Our releases are available directly from us, or via:

      Forced Exposure (www.forcedexposure.com)
      CTD, Ltd. (www.carrottoprecords.com/ctd)
      Mimaroglu Music Sales (http://mimaroglumusicsales.com/)

      Metamkine (www.metamkine.com)

      a-musik (www.a-musik.com)

      Sound 323 (www.sound323.co.uk)
      Smallfish (www.smallfish.co.uk)

      HONG KONG:
      White Noise (www.whitenoiserecords.org)

      Thanks for reading,

      PO Box 070352
      Milwaukee, WI 53207

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