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    NEW! We have posted 4 new auctions from: DEADWOOD, MOURMANSK150, THE NIHILIST SPASM BAND & REYNOLS CD S and STALAGGH DVD. If you re interested just click on
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      We have posted 4 new auctions from: DEADWOOD, MOURMANSK150, THE NIHILIST SPASM BAND & REYNOLS CD'S and STALAGGH DVD. If you're interested just click on the link http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZj.riera-navas

      KARNA "Diabolic (Soundtrack For My Nightmares)" CD
      On this new CD KARNA performs brilliant Satanic Cold Black Ambient with cold night feelings spreading the Darkness. Soundtrack that gives birth to the ghostly visions calling into the bottomless Abyss ... Total Time: 41 min. [View Product]
      Tracks list:

      VELEHENTOR "Sak-Yelga" CD
      A project by 121 (ex-Satt)one of the famous band VALHALLA & Closing The Eternity from Ekaterinburg. This album is limited to only 333 copies and is designed in a unique way – in a DVD-box with an 8-page booklet. Postapocalyptic Dark Wave/Power industrial with radical anti-life position.
      VELEHENTOR is still trying to find “Black Pearls” in the planet’s past and future. This time the “treasure” is hidden in the river Sak-Yelga, one of the dirtiest rivers on Earth, where the concentration of copper exceeds the permissible maximum 800 times – and the city of Karabash, situated on its banks. This settlement, full of slag with some lead and arsenic and surrounded by the remains of the forests burnt by sulphur is located at a dead-end siding of the South Ural railway. It has a second name – Pirit, which in Russian is an anagram of the word “yperite”. It fully reflects what people living and born there have to experience - central nervous system and glands deseases, cancer and mental disorder. Total time : 40 min. [View Product]
      Sak Yelga

      KARNA "Voron / Raven" CD
      As the lead transforms alchemically into gold, the gloomy dark Cold Wave of the older Karna has transformed into the unique Blackened Ambient Metal. It's a symbolic hymn to Solitude, Emptiness and Total Dark. The monotonous and hypnotic guitar passages react with the cold Ambient fragments. 7 dead coal-black raven feathers reflecting the dark mentality of one more soul which disappeared in the Dark. In the first 7+7+7 CDs you will find a real raven feather in each one. Total time : 50:40min. [View Product]
      Wings Are Cutting Air
      The Oblivion
      Fanny Batter is a collaboration album betweem two experimental noise acts from United Kingdom. 4 tracks, 46 minutes.[View Product]
      Tracks list:
      01. Appeasing The Great Porn God
      02. Symphony In Labia Minor I
      03. Symphony In Labia Minor II
      04. Symphony In Labia Minor III
      K2 "Metal Dysplasia" CD
      K2 is an old japanese noise musician active since early 80's. Metal Dysplassia CD has 3 tracks with processed metals, electronics, and voice. [View Product]
      Tracks list:
      01. Part I
      02. Part II
      03. Part III
      ONOMATOPOEIA "A Marble Holder From Andover" CD
      Great material from this project of UK noise artist Steve Fricker (Cheeses Intl). One 20-minute piece building from minimalistic ambience to solid experimental sound collage, utilising various instruments and found objects, resulting in their best material so far. [View Product]
      LONSAI MAIKOV "From The Fountain" CD
      Lonsai Maikov is a french neo-folk artist. From the fountain CD was produced in 1993. Comes packaged in a sleeve folder. [View Product]
      Tracks list:
      01. Childrens Hate
      02. Sacred Trees
      03. The thoughtfull Renunciation
      04. I met an alien
      05. Here on the Shore
      06. Six burning swords
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