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Delire Musical / Delire Actuel Radio Shows -May 1, 2007

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  • François Couture
    Delire Musical and Delire Actuel are broadcasted one after another, every Tuesday night starting at 8 pm (1 hour for DM, 2 for DA), on CFLX 95.5 FM in
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      Delire Musical and Delire Actuel are broadcasted one after another, every
      Tuesday night starting at 8 pm (1 hour for DM, 2 for DA), on CFLX 95.5 FM in
      Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada). Delire Musical is a radio show devoted to music
      discovery through eclecticism. We tear down the walls between styles and
      genres. Its playlist is improvised on the spot from pre-selected stacks of
      albums. It¹s a seriously mad show. On the other hand, Delire Actuel is a
      madly serious show devoted to all kinds of avant-garde music, studied and
      explained through new topics every week. Delire Actuel is produced and
      hosted by Francois Couture. Delire Musical is produced and hosted by
      François Couture and Daniel Ouellette.

      If you would like to receive a notice each week with the download links for
      that week¹s show, let us know. In any case, we will send you this message
      whenever your music gets featured on the show.

      And please let us know what you think!

      Download Links

      Download the Delire Musical show aired May 1, 2007:

      Download the Delire Actuel show aired May 1, 2007:
      First Hour
      Second Hour

      All shows are broadcasted in FRENCH


      1er MAI 2007
      May 1, 2007

      DÉLIRE MUSICAL, 20 H / 8 PM

      KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF / Palimpsest (6:27) - Jinx (Staubgold
      <http://www.staubgold.de> , dist.: Forced Exposure <http://www.fe.org> )
      JAGA JAZZIST / Oslo Skyline (5:32) - What we Must (Ninja Tune)
      LANDING / Scenes upon the Trees (4:15) - Gravitational IV (Equation
      <http://www.chronoglide.com/equation> )

      KING CRIMSON / Three of a Perfect Pair (4:13) - Three of a Perfect Pair
      (Discipline Global Mobile)
      [pause commerciale / commercial break]
      FOREVER EINSTEIN / How Come the Wrong People Are Always in Charge? (3:26) -
      Racket Science (Cuneiform <http://www.cuneiformrecords.com> )

      PETER HAMMILL / Event Horizon (6:03) - Singularity (Fie!
      <http://www.sofasound.com> )
      TAKESHI NISHIMOTO / Memory 4AM (2:57) - Monologue (Büro
      <http://www.city-centre-offices.de> , dist. Forced Exposure
      <http://www.fe.org> )
      MARK FRY / The Witch (6:43) - Dreaming with Alice (Sunbeam
      <http://www.sunbeamrecords.com> , dist. Forced Exposure <http://www.fe.org>

      MAGMA / Flöë Ëssi ŒLa fille de la mer¹ (2:58) - Flöë Ëssi / Ëktah (Seventh
      <http://www.seventhrecords.com> )

      DÉLIRE ACTUEL, 21 H / 9 PM

      FIMAV 2007, 2e de 3 émissions : Comme à chaque année, Délire actuel
      présentera trois émissions consacrées à la programmation du Festival
      international de musique actuelle de Victoriaville <http://www.fimav.qc.ca>
      , qui se tiendra du 17 au 21 mai 2007. Ce soir: la programmation du samedi
      19 et du dimanche 20 mai (afternoon). Le menu musical consiste en
      illustrations sonores des artistes en présence.

      FIMAV 2007, 2nd of 3 shows: As usual, Delire Actuel will be airing three
      shows entirely devoted to the line-up of the Festival international de
      musique actuelle de Victoriaville <http://www.fimav.qc.ca> . Tonight: the
      line-ups for Saturday the 19 and Sunday the 20 (afternoon). The music
      selections are meant to illustrate the artists performing this year.

      JASON KAHN / Timelines (extrait/excerpt: 20:00) - Timelines (Cut
      <http://www.cut.fm> )
      FRANCISCO LÓPEZ / Untitled #188 [excerpt] (7:24) - Montréal matière sonore /
      Montreal Sound Matter (Pogus <http://www.pogus.com> )
      [pause commerciale/commercial break]
      CARLA BOZULICH / Evangelista I (9:22) - Evangelista (Constellation)

      GONG / The Unkilling of Octave Docteur DA 4J (9:15) -
      AcidMothersGongLiveTokyo (Voiceprint <http://www.voiceprint.co.uk> )
      [pause commerciale/commercial break]
      GONG / Avehoot Klaxon Diamond Language Ritual (4:52)
      / Rituel: Ombrage Demon Stirfry & Its Upcum (3:19) -
      AcidMothersGongLiveTokyo (Voiceprint <http://www.voiceprint.co.uk> )

      MAGIK MARKERS / Infinite Regress (5:37) - For Sada Jane (Textile)

      QUASAR & JULIEN ROY / In and Out (6:26) - [demo]

      [pause commerciale/commercial break]
      (extrait/excerpt: 16:50) - 4 Copositions (Ulrichsberg) 2005 (Leo
      <http://www.leorecords.com> )

      HANS TAMMEN / Grenoble, Le102 (extrait/excerpt: 7:00) - Endangered Guitar
      Processing (NurNichtNur <http://www.nurnichtnur.com> )

      François Couture
      Producer of Delire Actuel and Delire Musical, CFLX.

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