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    CROUTON NEWS: MARCH 2007 - Alessandro Bosetti: Her Name CD - Recent editions - NOM TOM tour - Z EV concert - Forthcoming editions
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      - Alessandro Bosetti: Her Name CD
      - Recent editions
      - NOM TOM tour
      - Z'EV concert
      - Forthcoming editions




      "Her Name" is a record founded on meetings and voices. Having toured extensively throughout Europe, China, Japan, and the U.S., Bosetti's performances consisted of some of the music you'll hear within. During the performances he sat, with a computer sitting on a table next to him, his voice at the aural focus, coming from his mouth in the middle of his face, he translated the recorded voices of the people he's met along the way. Those voices appear in this recording. However, many more things also appear: guitar, piano, harmonium, double bass, trumpet, electronics, cello and field recordings combine in small ensembles and reconstructed jazz groups to create songs (yes, really!) that take the listener on an amazing trip around this world and others. Recorded in Amsterdam, Sangha, Berlin, Milano, and Baltimore and featuring a full cast of guest musicians and vocalists such as Ernst Karel, Koen Nutters, Morten J. Olsen, Ana Djangouno Dolo, Ibe, Adachi Tomomi, Mariangela Tinelli, Paul Glazer, Ayako Fukunaga, Chico Mello, Fernanda Farah and Die Maulwerker, "Her Name" is a powerful record about the collective voice, cohesively honed into an amazing listening experience that speaks to everyone. Beautiful recordings craftfully mixed by Alessandro Bosetti and Giuseppe Ielasi and mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.

      "Her Name" is released in an edition of 500, packaged in an oversized die cut wallet and designed by Jim Schoenecker.

      Alessandro Bosetti was born in Milan, Italy in 1973. A composer, saxophonist and sound artist, he works on the musicality of spoken words and unusual aspects of spoken communication and has produced text-sound compositions featured in live performances, radio broadcastings and recordings for labels of experimental music. He works between sound anthropology and composition. Field research and interviews often build the basis for his abstract compositions. As a saxophonist he has developed an original instrumental language that incorporates extended techniques, noises, and a strong influence from electronic music. He has performed in all European countries, USA, and Japan, and his recordings have been released in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, New Zealand, and USA. He currently lives and works in Berlin. More information on his work can be found at www.melgun.net.

      Online ordering available here: http://www.croutonmusic.com/cr35.htm



      Visual artist and musician Hal Rammel has been involved in the creative arts for the past 40 years. "Like Water Tightly Wound" marks Rammel's latest installment of his recorded documentation of solo Sound Palette studies. Beginning with a series of three separate 7" records (titled LOST DATA), released on his own Penumbra Music in early 2006, "Like Water Tightly Wound" captures every nuance of this intriguing instrument. Invented and built by Rammel, these instruments are as curious for their sounds, as they are as artifacts - finely crafted wood and metal devices one would expect to find in an obscure section of a museum. Melodic, yet buzzing with texture, these Sound Palette recordings represent an overview of artistic endeavor, ranging from electro-acoustic theory and practice, to sculpture and craftsmanship.

      “I’ve let the form of the palette be my launching point for opening possibilities and followed the road of possibility. That is the advantage of mixing media, that music might be shaped by a sculptural form rather than the instrument shaped to play any preconceived notion of what should be musical.” - Hal Rammel

      Released in a limited, numbered edition of 300 with an exclusive photographic print by Hal Rammel. Extended liner notes included, housed inside an antique-themed 78 record package.

      There is also a special edition of 20 that includes the triple 7" LOST DATA set. This four piece (10" + 3 x 7") set is available only through Crouton directly.

      About Hal Rammel: His work as a visual artist encompasses drawing, sculpture and collage, cartooning, and, most actively over the past ten years, photography (pinhole and alternative cameraless processes). His photographs have been shown at the Wustum Museum of Fine Art (Racine, WI), Gallery 1926 (Chicago), Woodland Pattern Book Center (Milwaukee), Corbett vs Dempsey (Chicago), and the John Michael Kohler Arts Center (Sheyboygan, WI) and have been reproduced on the covers of compact discs released by Hat Art (Zurich), Penumbra Music (Grafton, WI), and Long Arms (Moscow).

      As a composer and improviser he utilizes musical instruments of his own design and construction, releasing recordings on his own label Penumbra Music. During the 1980s he was an active member of Chicago's experimental and improvised music scene performing frequently with Gene Coleman, Michael Zerang, John Corbett, Terri Kapsalis, Lou Mallozzi, Jim Baker, Don Meckley and others. In the 1990s he performed at numerous music festivals in North America including the Newfoundland Sound Symposium (in 1996 in duo with Johannes Bergmark), the No Music Festival (in 1998 with the Nihilist Spasm Band), and several others. Presently residing in southeastern Wisconsin he performs and records in a variety of projects with Steve Nelson-Raney, Thomas Gaudynski, Jason Wietlispach, Chris Rosenau, and Jon Mueller in various ensembles including Audiotrope, Raccoons, and I-Beam releasing recordings of these ensembles on Crouton Records, Soutrane, Utech Records, and Necessary Arts.

      As an author Hal Rammel has written on musical instrument invention for Experimental Musical Instruments, Rubberneck, and Musical Traditions. His full-length study of surrealism and American folklore Nowhere in America: The Big Rock Candy Mountain and Other Comic Utopias (including discussion of Blind Blake, Bo Diddley, Al Capp and the Shmoo, Jack Benny, and Spike Jones and Red Ingle) was published by University of Illinois Press in 1991. His liner note essays may be found on recordings released by Atavistic Records and CRI. www.halrammel.com
      Online ordering available here: http://www.croutonmusic.com/cr34.htm



      Having moved, fathered multiple children, and with an admirable sense of disorganization, Chris Rosenau recently discovered a small box filled with approximately 50 copies of the second edition of "Rance," his second solo record under the Collections of Colonies of Bees moniker, all in perfect condition.

      Considered to be sold out since 2000, this rare find can be ordered directly from us here: http://www.croutonmusic.com/cr05.htm


      NOM TOM
      2007 France Tour

      Carol Genetti: vocals
      Jon Mueller: snare drum
      Jack Wright: saxophone

      April 3
      Es Muss Sein

      April 5
      house concert

      April 6
      house concert

      April 7
      Le Havre
      Pied Nu festival


      FRIDAY, APRIL 20
      10 PM

      Cactus Club
      2496 S. Wentworth


      Crouton is very proud to present Z’EV. Since the 1970's, the currently UK-based text/sound artist Z'EV has been at the forefront of the movement that became known as "industrial". A precursor even to Einsturzende Neubauten, his brand of scrap-metal/found object percussion originates in intense musical training and background. Beginning with his days at the California Institute of the Arts, Z'EV has studied techniques such as Balinese Gamelan, EWE (Ghana), Tala (south India), and Vou Dun (Hati). Incorporating these traditional methods into his distinctly personal musical vision of sound, Z'EV has consistently produced vital examples of his craft for a host of noted labels including Soleilmoon, C.I.P, Touch and Die Stadt and a commissioned piece for John Zorn's "Radical Jewish Music" series on Tzadik. His record "Bust This" was chosen in 1988 by The Wire magazine as one of the greatest 50 percussion albums of all time.

      Z'EV has graced the stage and created installations for an immense variety of venues in Europe, the US and Japan. The list of his collaborators over the years includes such luminaries as Keiji Haino, David Jackman, Francisco Lopez, KK Null, Stephen O'Malley, Charlemagne Palestine, Genesis P 'Orridge and Chris Watson. This appearance will be part of his first state-side performances (excluding NYC and LA) in well over 20 years. The return of Z'EV to the United States is highly anticipated in the wake of his recent activity. A new generation of listeners has come to the realization that much of what they consider to be the original wave of avant garde music owes a huge debt to the creative pathways forged by Z'EV.

      "Who else calls up Gods? Z'EV uses his array of hanging metal objects to invoke moods which are more than just moods: to charge the airspace he's working in with the spirit he's saluting. This is an old idea, maybe the oldest in drum-lore, but almost everyone else has lost sight or sound of it, behind a tradition of art-directed technique. A torrent, a clatter, a tulmult, a vast, endless ringing" – The Wire (UK)

      "Z'EV is a one-man percussion orchestra. Using a battery of industrial discards, Z'EV makes perhaps the only thoroughly literal heavy metal music on earth. By creating 'drums' out of materials like stainless steel, he creates stunningly fresh and emotionally uncategorizable mini-symphonies." – Norman Weinstein, Music Sound Output

      "This isn't trance music. It's like a vise screwed onto your skull. You don't let your mind wander. You have no mind. You're sucked into a very ancient, lightless place where only hunger and power exist." – Greg Burke, LA Weekly

      SIKHARA: The tribal percussion project of Scott Nydegger has performed over 300 concerts in 26 countries. In 2003, Sikhara began a self-imposed exile in Europe and fortified the line-up with French drummer Yann Geoffriaud. During this period Sikhara became a mainstay in the European underground with constant touring, often known to chose extraordinary locales for their performances, such as Istanbul's Taxim district, a 1400 year old Buddhist temple in Japan and deep within the tunnels of a Polish coal mine. http://www.myspace.com/Sikhara

      MOUTHS started as a project between Jon Mueller and Jim Schoenecker using percussion, analogue synthesizer, shortwave radio and human voice. The focus is to combine each element to create a chorus of sorts, culminating in all 'mouths' emitting their voices together without negating the other. The combination of human voice within tones from analogue electronics creates a demanding exercise of sustain against the 'perfection' of machines. Once achieved, the effect is a satisfying and dense manifestation of texture and harmony that's as physical as it is otherworldly.



      Raymond Dijkstra: "Maskenstilleben" LP
      The Hafler Trio + Robert Haigh: CD
      Tim Catlin + Jon Mueller CD


      Limited quantities in stock:

      crou032: Daniel Menche: Creatures of Cadence CD
      crou031: Robert Hampson/Steven Hess: S/T CD
      crou028: Keith Berry: The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish (second edition) CD
      crou026: Jon Mueller: What's Lost Is Something Important. What's Found Is Something Not Revealed. CD
      crou025: Die Enttauschung: S/T LP
      crou024: Richard Chartier: Archival1991 CD
      crou023: Mueller/Rainey/Schoenecker: S/T CD
      crou022: Jason Kahn/Jon Mueller: Papercuts CD
      crou021: irr.app.(ext.): Dust Pincher Appliances CD
      crou018: Jon Mueller/Kaveh Soofi: Endings book
      crou005: Collections of Colonies of Bees: Rance CD


      Thank you for your help in supporting our work. Our releases are available directly from us, or via:

      Forced Exposure (www.forcedexposure.com)
      CTD, Ltd. (www.carrottoprecords.com/ctd)
      Soleilmoon (www.soleilmoon.com)
      Erstwhile distribution (http://erstwhilerecords.com/distro.html)

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      Thanks for reading,

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