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    Visit our EBAY AUCTIONS I posted 4 new auctions on ebay: AS ALL DIE Guns, Grenades and Genocide CD-R (Blade Records)
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2007
      Visit our EBAY AUCTIONS
      I posted 4 new auctions on ebay:

      AS ALL DIE "Guns, Grenades and Genocide" CD-R (Blade Records)

      BAAL "Opticaldelusion" CD-R (Rape Art Productions)

      BOB MARINELLI / GOVT. ALPHA split tape (Distorted Vision Records)

      KAPOTTE MUZIEK "Toy Guitar" tape (Betley Welcome Careful Drivers)

      ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI "Rituale Romanun" CD
      Rose Rovine e Amanti is the solo project of Damiano Mercuri from Roma. Italian neo-folk with a neoclassical touch. Christianity and old European cabaret sin, Love and Hate. 'Rituale Romanum' features guest appearances from Josef K (Von Thronstahl), Belborn and Pamela Gargiuto. RR&A began in 2002, releasing two previous CDRs and an MCD. [Cold Spring]

      NEKYA "Slowmotion Downhells" CD
      Latest NEKYIA album, the new incarnation in dark ambient sounds with some rythmics. "Slowmotion Downhells" is the forth album presenting alchemistic- ritual face of the project. 52 minutes of material will take you to underworld filled with dark sounds.
      Unconventional edition/normal edition/ : A piece of parchment folded to A5 envelope, two inner inserts in A5 format, all is waxed and foiled. [Beast Of Prey]

      PARANOIA INDUCTA "Gloria Laus" CD
      “Gloria Laus” is the first prat of LUX MUNDI trilogy. Trilogy is a tribute to all those people who died, were killed, deceived, humiliated or stalked by the Catholic Church. It's homage for all those victims, to whom, instead of love, hope and brotherhood, blood, tortures and death was brought...
      50-minutes-long album, where Anthony A. Destroyer (PARANOIA INDUCTA) invited eLL (SUI GENERIS UMBRA) and Robert Marciniak (RUKKANOR) to guest appearance.
      The cd is unusualy released - purple cover with 12-page booklet filled with graphics marching every track. The booklet is inside specially designed cross-shaped envelope and sealed . In front of the cover we find sign along the purpule seal. All together is wrapped in a foil and hand-made marked with serial number in limited edition of 444 pieces. [Beast Of Prey]
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