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Painted Sky... and more

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  • jon attwood
    hi people... quite a long message but lots to tell... (all the necessary links are at the bottom of the page) first up... PAINTED SKY is the new Yellow6 album
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2007
      hi people... quite a long message but lots to tell... (all the necessary
      links are at the bottom of the page)

      first up...
      PAINTED SKY is the new Yellow6 album and it is released to the world on 02
      April 2007, courtesy of the Resonant Label.

      you privileged people can get a copy now direct from yellow6.com or resonant
      for £8.99 (UK) 9.99 (Europe) 10.99 (ROW) (including postage)

      here's some words:
      A debut on Resonant from a man with a wealth of back catalogue on labels
      such as Enraptured, Darla, Bearos, Ochre, Awkward Silence and many, many
      more, spanning almost a decade.

      Yellow 6 is the solo project of Jon Attwood, a guitarist based in
      Leicestershire (the first UK-based artist to release an album on Resonant!)
      who has released six full length albums, five live albums and one remix
      album, on top of several mini-albums and EPs, singles and contributions to
      numerous compilations.

      "Painted Sky" was recorded between 2004 and 2006, and strips away many of
      the layers of previous outings, resulting in a collection of melodic,
      organic guitar and piano soundscapes backed with subtle percussion.

      More ambient than post rock, "Painted Sky" draws comparisons to Labradford,
      Cocteau Twins, Durutti Column, Slowdive, Windy & Carl and Erik Satie, as
      opposed to the quiet/loud exponents; this is quiet/quiet, with an overall
      air of wistful melancholy.

      so what are you waiting for....


      second up...

      cbr-026, vert: resultat, Yellow6 vs Boreal out on march 13th!!!

      from Pascal at Chat Blanc:

      hello dear friends, our new baby, cbr-026 is the third part of our color
      series, and this time for the color green. It's called vert: resultat and
      this is a split between UK's most productive man Yellow6 and Montreal's best
      kept secret Boreal. The result is a wonderful ambient guitar based cd. As
      usual, money orders, well hidden cash and paypal are accepted to order this
      limited 111 copies release.

      for this release, i have produced about 11 mins of new exclusive music
      (recorded between christmas and new year 2006) in the shape of 2 tracks:

      contact Chat Blanc via MySpace to order (and check out their other fine
      releases while you're there)


      third up...

      the last in the Series 52 instant record collection from Unlabel will be
      Yellow6 cdr titled 'ion-e' This is a 40 minute track recorded in a 5 hour
      session in Jan 2007 (with an overdub or 2 a few days later). This will be
      limited to 100 numbered copies available from Unlabel and a further 50
      un-numbered available from Yellow6... release is imminent priced at about
      £5. check the unlabel or Y6 websites for news


      if you would like a promo of Painted Sky, please address requests to

      there are currently no Y6 gigs booked, but if you're a promoter and want to
      put Y6 on - get in contact

      thanks for reading



      <http://www.resonantlabel.com/> http://www.resonantlabel.com


      <http://www.unlabel.net/> http://www.unlabel.net

      <http://www.myspace.com/unlabel> http://www.myspace.com/unlabel



      - y e l l o w 6 -
      <http://www.yellow6.com/> www.yellow6.com

      - make mine music -
      www.makeminemusic.co.uk <http://www.makeminemusic.co.uk/>

      - MySpace -

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