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"Celebration, Our Journey, Our Destination"

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  • viziondanz
    Celebration, Our Journey, Our Destination Hi guys check this out here is my most recent creative project: Celebration, Our Journey, Our Destination a one
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2007
      "Celebration, Our Journey, Our Destination"

      Hi guys check this out
      here is my most recent creative project:

      "Celebration, Our Journey, Our Destination"

      a one minute video entered in the BAFTA/Orange Sixty Seconds of Famec

      here @

      please foward this to your contacts and rate the movie if you like it
      and maybe make a comment - not personal though
      voting takes place next week sometime, but a rating and comment now
      can elevate its pronimnence in the competition

      Celebration is Life is Celebration

      "My first real video editing experience ever, using Premier elements -
      It has been an amazing steep learning curve that has taken me  in
      the space of one week from having my nose pressed up against the glass
      wishing I could, to feeling confident to begin my career as a film maker "

      check it out





      "There is nothing wrong with our world,
      we are just having a weird conversation"

      ."Reclaim the conversation"

      "Our New World Order IS Love !"

      Dedicated to the child inside each one of us,
      All the children and
      All the children to come
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