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Wrecking Poesie + Froth

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: 345 [942*]: Poesie + Froth = Temporary High PTP in the ether: 88.3FM
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2007
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: 345 [942*]: Poesie + Froth =
      Temporary High

      PTP in the ether: 88.3FM
      Where purity & puerility are synonymous
      streaming via internet:

      4 September 2006

      "Your native zone is silence."
      o Kenneth Patchen

      "Suddenly I realize / That if I stepped out of my body I would break
      / Into blossom"
      o James Wright

      Slow and Easy > Ruben Leon & His Orchestra [Thinking Man's ChaChaCha
      / Craftsmen]
      + America > Walt Whitman! [1]
      Estado de Mi > Ruben Leon & His Orchestra [Thinking Man's ChaChaCha /
      + The Lake Isle of Innisfree > William Butler Yeats [1]
      + The Song of the Old Mother > William Butler Yeats [1]
      Down By the Salley Gardens [Yeats] > Greetje Bijma [Winterlud / www.bvhaast.nl]
      Who's a Patient > Dietrich Schoenemann [Ambient Systems II / Instinct]
      + The Road Not Taken > Robert Frost [1]
      + Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening > Robert Frost [1]
      + The People, Yes > Carl Sandburg [1]
      Nano > Drum Komputer [Ambient Systems II / Instinct]
      + From thou Shalt Not Kill [K. Rexroth] > William Marsh [2]
      Recount > Andrew Duke [Consumer vs. User / Phthalo]
      + Journey of the Magi > T.S. Eliot [1]
      Nano > Drum Komputer [Ambient Systems II / Instinct]
      + Recuerdo > Edna St. Vincent Millay [1]
      + Love Is Not All > Edna St. Vincent Millay [1]
      + The Ballad of Orange and Grape > Muriel Rukeyser [1]
      + To Be A Jew in the Twentieth Century > Muriel Rukeyser [1]
      Electric Earth > Pitchblack [Electronomicon / Kog]
      + #23 (The Lay of Ike) > John Berryman [1]
      + #36 (The high ones die) > John Berryman [1]
      Greenwich Village of My Dreams > Tuli Kupferberg [2]
      Frosting > Andrew Duke [Consumer vs. User / Phthalo]
      + I killed a fly > David Ignatow [1]
      + What about dying > David Ignatow [1]
      Bruits: Children's Corner > Yves Daoust [Bruits / www.electrocd.com]
      + The Mother > Gwendolyn Brooks [1]
      + We Real Cool > Gwendolyn Brooks [1]
      + And Death Shall Have No Dominion > Dylan Thomas [1]
      + The Tombstone Told When She Died > Dylan Thomas [1]
      Entourloupe > rx:tx [Drosophiles et Doryphores / www.rx-tx.org]
      + The Secret of My Endurance > Charles Bukowksi [1]
      + Ray > Hayden Carruth [1]
      A Bit Nervous [Mengelberg] > Trio Derome Guilbeault Tanguay [The
      Feeling of Jazz / www.electrocd.com]
      + Love Calls Us To The things Of This World > Richard Wilbur [1]
      American Haikus > Jack Kerouac with Al Cohn and Zoot Sims [1]
      Charybde et Scylla > rx:tx [Drosophiles et Doryphores / www.rx-tx.org]
      + America > Allen Ginsberg [1]
      In A Little Spanish Town > Lester Young [3]
      Fantasy: The Early History of Bop > Jack Kerouac [3]
      Mazeltov Merengue > Irving Field Trio [Bagels and Bongos / Decca]
      My Little Boat > Songs from the Underworld [Songs from the Underworld
      / mathijs@...]
      + After Making Love We hear Footsteps > Galway Kinnell [1]
      + Last Gods > Galway Kinnell [1]
      So What [M. Davis] > Flanger [Midnight Sound / Ntone]
      + Lovesong > Ted Hughes [1]
      + Omeros > Derek Wolcott [1]
      Reptile Room > Pitchblack [Electronomicon / Kog]
      + The Song of the Taste > Gary Snyder [1]
      + Why I Take Good Care of MY MacIntosh Computer > Gary Snyder [1]
      + Daddy > Sylvia Plath [1]
      Le Souffle C'est La Vie > D'Iberville [Bip-Hop Generation v.5 / www.bip-hp.com]
      + Bang Bang Outishly > Amiri Baraka [1]
      + Rhythim Blues > Amiri Baraka [1]
      Bruit Venu D'Ailleurs > D'Iberville [Bip-Hop Generation v.5 / www.bip-hp.com]
      + Shazam Doowah > Amiri Baraka [1]
      Rumba Quinto, Havana Cuba > Chris Brown [talking Drum / www.pogus.com]
      + Dahomey > Audre Lourde [1]
      + Right to Life > Marge Piercy [1]
      Paint it Red (and Black) > Tuli Kupferberg [2]
      Schnap's bonus > Edelweiss [A Sound Attack Straight from the Alps / GiG]

      * [includes WTM & pre-WTM playlists from WFMU (NY/NJ), Radio
      Libertaire (Paris), Radio Patapoe and Radio 100 (Amsterdam)]

      [1] "Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work, 1888-2006" on Shout
      Factory <shoutfactory.com>. Thanx Nina for the great birthday
      present. Incredibly beautiful seductive package. Some amazing
      recordings. Walt Whitman (maybe!). Beautiful package although the
      editors and compilers stuck pretty much to the straitjacketed canon.

      [2] "Beat Poets" Courtesy of Black Sifichi. Interesting throughout.
      Best or most fascinating are Ian Dury's interpretations of the Beats.
      Seems like a natural affinity somehow. Also with William Marsh, Diane
      Di Prima, Anne Waldman and some great stuff by Tuli Kupferberg. His
      'Paint it Red (and Black)' is an anarcho-syndicalist rewrite of the
      Rolling Stones song.

      [3] "Jazz of the Beat Generation" on Jazzfm <records@...>. EW:
      "Kerouac is here because...well, like most of us, I read a lot of
      Jack and even published his daughter Jan (in Ins & Outs magazine),
      plus knew personally (as well as published) many other Beat-era
      writers, (e.g. Ginsberg, Corso, Huncke, et al)." Kerouac in some ways
      defined the erosion of naivete/innocence of the 1950s. While
      Burroughs captured the paranoia/cynicism of the new awareness that
      there IS an US vs Them, but that this binary system needed to be
      adjusted by a counter-media as championed by political writers and
      Burroughs & Ginsberg. As for Getz & Mulligan...hey, man, it's jazz!
      The Kerouac piece draws me back into my late teens when Kerouac was
      my role model [despite the fact that he'd drunk himself to death by
      age 46 in an easy chair in his mom's place in Florida, I believe] and
      I made life choices based on reading his books and then becoming
      fully-enamored of the supposed socialism-lite ethos of hippies, this
      combined beat-hippie influenced then latched onto punk [which was the
      nihilistic hippie response to post-hopeful times, hippies in reverse]
      and at some point, I had no chance of success, no ins, no job, no
      prospects except the consolation that I had done things "by the
      book." Idealism is always a bit naïve. Anyway, I am not claiming to
      have major regrets but I do wonder what might have happened to me and
      my writing had I not been so devoutly anti-institution,
      anti-grad-school, anti-establishmentŠ


      o 4 of 10 Brits and 4.3 of every 10 Americans never come in the
      neighborhood of a book. They don't buy them, borrow them from
      libraries, lend them or read them. They might however use one as a
      coaster for a beer bottleŠ
      o Volkskrant, Sept. 2006

      o Netherlands Finishes Tied for First in Press Freedom: A recent
      survey by Reporters Without Borders that began some 4 years ago
      posted its rankings of freedom of the press around the world. The
      Dutch finished #1 with Finland, Iceland, and Norway. Canada is #5 and
      the US finishes under most of Western Europe and Slovenia and Costa
      Rica and sits at #17. The worst are North Korea and China. Italy
      finished #40 making it the lowest Western European ranking country.

      o The book 'Goodnight Moon,' has an amazingly simple formula. A
      children's book that tries to put kids to sleep with the story and
      the prose style. It works utilizing enchantingly beautiful simple
      poetic prose. This story by Edward Wyatt [11/05] comes courtesy of
      'Margaret Wise Brown's classic "Goodnight Moon" has been newly
      revised by HarperCollins [which] has digitally altered the photograph
      of Clement Hurd, the illustrator, to remove a cigarette from his
      hand. HarperCollins said it made the change to avoid the appearance
      of encouraging smoking and did so with the permission of the
      illustrator's estate. But Mr. Hurd's son, also a children's book
      illustrator and author, said he felt pressured to allow it. And the
      move has touched off something of a tempest in the nursery, with some
      children's booksellers expressing outrage. One has even mounted a
      campaign to have the original picture restored. The photograph of Mr.
      Hurd cheerily grasping a cigarette between the fingers of his right
      hand has been on the book for at least two decades.

      Kate Jackson, the editor in chief of HarperCollins Children's Books,
      said it only recently came to her attention, at a meeting to discuss
      how to publicize the book's 60th anniversary in 2007Š. The company
      was about to reprint the hardcover and paperback editions, so "as a
      quick fix, we adjusted the photograph" to eliminate it Ms. Jackson
      said. "It is potentially a harmful message to very young kids," Ms.
      Jackson said, "and it doesn't need to be there."

      Ms. Jackson said the change was made with "the full involvement,
      permission and understanding" of Mr. Hurd's estate, which is managed
      in part by his son, Thacher Hurd. But in an interview, Thacher Hurd
      said he had originally balked at the idea. After several discussions,
      "I reluctantly allowed them to do it," he said. Now, the retouched
      picture, with his father standing with his right arm crooked in front
      of him, two fingers extended with nothing but air between them,
      "looks slightly absurd to me," he added.

      Clement Hurd, who illustrated close to 100 other books for children
      and who also collaborated with Margaret Wise Brown on "The Runaway
      Bunny," died in 1988 at 80. His son said that he had stopped smoking
      sometime in the 1950's, and "he really disliked smoking later in
      life." Still, he said, he thinks that both his father and Margaret
      Wise Brown "would be thoroughly amused by this." Less amused are some
      children's booksellers, including Pete Cowdin, an owner of Reading
      Reptile bookstore in Kansas City, Mo., who has created a Web site in
      protest. The site, goodnightreality.com, encourages visitors to vote
      for or against the cigarette and to send e-mail messages to
      HarperCollins. Mr. Cowdin said the 10,000 responses had been running
      about 50-50 until he discovered thousands of anti-cigarette votes
      being cast by a single user. Once that user was blocked, he said, the
      votes have been 200 to 10 against the altered photo.

      This isn't the first time antismoking forces have done some
      airbrushing. In the mid-1990's, when it created postage stamps based
      on photographs of Robert Johnson, the blues great, and Thornton
      Wilder, the playwright, the United States Postal Service removed
      cigarettes from both men's hands. The French government did the same
      thing when creating a stamp of André Malraux, the philosopher and

      o Monks in Gang Fight: [12/06 Volkskrant/Reuters] Two rival 'gangs'
      of monks battled it out on the peninsula of Athos, Greece recently.
      Athos is apparently a holy ground for Greek Orthodox Christians and
      has some 20 cloisters that do not allow women to enter. The fight
      broke out when Orthodox-Orthodox monks occupied a monastery in
      protest against improving relations with the Roman Catholic Church.
      When some Moderate Orthodox tried to enter their own monastery they
      were attacked by the enraged Double-O monks who attacked the
      moderates with crowbars!!! and sledgehammers!!!! Seven Moderates were
      injured. Three Double-O monks have been banned from Athos. Methodius,
      'gang leader' of the Double-Os said .We were provoked and attacked
      and so we had to react. They should be ashamed of themselves calling
      themselves men of god'.

      Notes on other Patapoe audionauts & nuts:
      o Jonges v/d Vlakte [Boys from the Plains]: "De cottonpickin' Jongens
      van de cottonpickin' Vlakte" play a piquant, illuminating, and
      playfully irritating mix of faulty music, of near-misses, of obscure
      failures, of world music that is not from this world 19.00-20.30
      [Dutch time, subtract 1 hr for UK, subtract 6 hrs for US East Coast]
      Mondays @ PTP

      o Dr. Doo Wop is one of the most eccentric and stimulating radio
      shows anywhere. Sartre, DeSade, Doo Wop and music from the gonads.
      Now on Radio Patapoe on Sunday 17.00-18.00 Amsterdam time

      o Solus: Minimal electro techno acid french hiphop / Thursdays 22.00
      o Super Nova is a big potpourri of sounds influences and information
      both local and elsewhere. Can you picture a sound? On Sundays

      o Wildcat Radio: Anarchist organization presents radio as it should
      be - in your ear. Saturdays 18.00-20.00.

      o De Oktoskoop: Kinderen/kid/children/rugrats and other visionaries.
      Sat. 11.30-13.30

      o POLYPHAKE PLAPPERLAPAPP: "polyphone audioerosion featuring
      occasional beatweirdniks in an plaperlappap assemblage hosted by
      F.Fiasko 22:30-?? Wednesdays

      o Radio Worm: Rotterdam-based radio collective presents inventive
      programming to baffle all preconceptions. Midnight Sundays and in
      autopilot rotation.

      o HET PROGRAMMA: industrial lounge for collapsing people. Tuesdays 21:00


      * Wreck This Mess-Paris @ Radio Libertaire, Paris 89.4 hosted by
      Laurent Diouf 1/2 PanouPanou on Tuesdays 12:30-14:30 check
      * Black Sifichi / Audiometric radio check <http://www.blacksifichi.com>

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Dina Appeldoornstraat 11-3
      1076 AX Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      o Check out NEW excerpts from my erotic-dérive novel: Paris Sex Tete
      on Parisiana <http://www.parisiana.com/>


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