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Freenoise Mk.II

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  • stratoskye
    You ve heard this before, but let s recap. Look out for the brand new website any day now. Exciting..?! 8-) Freenoise launched from the ground in Sheffield UK
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2006
      You've heard this before, but let's recap.
      Look out for the brand new website any day now. Exciting..?! 8-)

      Freenoise launched from the ground in Sheffield UK in mid-2005 as a
      webzine, events and label outfit. 17 artists were showcased on the
      (now sold) out 'Fusion' CD and the launch night was featured by Martin
      Lilleker in Wire magazine (March 06). We have released a number of
      limited edition CD-Rs and a vinyl LP, further releases are planned to
      accomodate a growing network of talented artists. A unique feature is
      the filming of local free music events and placing clips on the site
      for all to watch. We now use the Google Video service due to the
      amount of bandwidth required. Artists (and promoters) are always given
      a DVD copy of the full show and a review on the website.

      We are not hosting any concerts this year and will continue to bring
      more films of local (and not so local) gigs and news, features,
      reviews and releases. In our first year we hosted visiting acts such
      as Psychic TV, Whitehouse, Smegma, Hair Police, Damo Suzuki and many
      great local ones. We covered the Gong Family Unconvention in Amsterdam
      as well as the ATP 'Nightmare Before Christmas' in Somerset.

      'Noise' and free music is a huge refreshing change, more than a
      reaction against shit music, tv, the web, city noise and the inner
      monologue; making extreme noise with whatever's at hand is not stuck
      at art or music either. Good, soulfelt noise reveals the excitement
      and immediacy of this being human, beyond culture and taste; we aim to
      engage with more immediate, urgent and freer sounds.

      Freenoise is run on a voluntary basis by two people (Moodi Drury and
      Bel Hinson) and is not currently accepting any advertising. There are
      costs of course which are mostly met by sales of our releases.

      We are currently looking for content in any related areas: reviewers
      of (recently released) recorded and live music, music books and films.
      Photographers, videographers, commentators, interviewers and letter
      writers are also most welcome to submit material. If you are unsure of
      our tastes and inclinations of the unusual 'free noise' universe,
      please look through the site (the new one will be up in a day or two)
      or ask.

      If you have any questions comments, suggestions, or are interested in
      contributing to Freenoise please feel free to e-mail us at:

      info AT freenoise.co.uk

      Please post your music for review to:

      PO Box 3979
      S8 2BZ

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