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UTECH RECORDS Shawn Greenlee "Nysa"

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  • Keith Utech
    December Transmission For immediate release: SHAWN GREENLEE Nysa Utech Records [URCD003] $14 USD Contact:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2006
      December Transmission <http://www.utechrecords.com>

      For immediate release:

      Utech Records [URCD003] $14 USD
      Contact: utechrecords@...

      Shawn Greenlee is a composer and performer of experimental music in
      Providence, Rhode Island. He is poised at the epicenter of a panicked music
      scene and is best known for his solo electronic music as well as for
      founding the frenetic rock group Landed. Greenlee has recorded for a number
      of labels including Load Records, Vermiform and Hospital Productions.

      Nysa represents a compendium of turbulence and singularities. The sound for
      drunken states on mythic mountains. A studio reshaping of several live
      performances with custom computer programs, gestural input devices, and
      circuit-bent electronics. It was assembled throughout 2006 in Providence and
      mixes human aktions with the performance systems: Needles(s), High, Maenads,
      and Augur. Each system utilizes a physical approach for exploring the hidden
      and creating the esoteric with digital audio. Hands move and draw across
      circuits and codecs. Oscillating cryptographs emerge as sonic divinations,
      interpreted by an ecstatic body. Interference reveals noise beneath noise.
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