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Labyrinth - A New Experiment with Graphics and Sound

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  • JC
    Labyrinth - 11/2006 An experiment in graphics and sound. Click here: www.allhaildiscordia.com/Labyr...06.htm (Give it some time to download. It s a fairly
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 5, 2006
      Labyrinth - 11/2006
      An experiment in graphics and sound.

      Click here:


      (Give it some time to download. It's a fairly large flash object.)

      Graphics by Kyron
      based on photos by Kyriel
      Sound by Etanna and Kyron
      Programming by Kyron

      Feel free to pass on the link to anyone that might be interested.

      JC Mendizabal
      Black Note Music
      -- Energized Sound Creations --

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    • marcelo aguirre
      Z EV HATI SAM ASHLEY MARCELO AGUIRRE + collab Z EV/HATI Z EV/AGUIRRE www.hati.info www.rhythmajik.com www.myspace.com/marceloaguirre Zentrale Randlage e.V.
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 5, 2006
        SAM ASHLEY



        Zentrale Randlage e.V.
        Schönhauser Allee 172
        10435 Berlin
        U2 Senefelderplatz

        doors 9pm

        Z’EV was born in 1951 in Los Angeles. Acclaimed as one of the world’s best
        and most original percussionists. Since the 1970’s he worked in a variety of
        media and was one of the founders of the cultural movement now known as
        ‘industrial’. He studied EWE (Ghana) Drumming, Balinese Gamelan and Indian
        Tala. Z’EV is a text-sound artist who is perhaps best known for his work as
        percussionist with self-crafted instruments formed from materials such as
        stainless steel, titanium or PVC. He has had many releases in all forms of
        media from books to cassette tapes to flexi-discs to CDs. He performed in
        over 100 cities in America, Europe and Japan.

        HATI (Rafal Iwanski & Dariusz Wojtas) is a musical project from Poland
        based on acoustic instruments sounding. HATI uses ethnic and hand-made
        instruments and found objects. They reach for electronic equipment to
        modulate acoustic sound as well. HATI connects a personal interest in modern
        acoustic and electronic music with ritual and meditation music. Iwanski and
        Wojtas have formed many musical projects since the beginning of the 90’. In
        2001 they decided to accomplish their research on psychodelic rock and
        electronic experiments and started a new project called HATI. From that time
        they have performed many concerts and festivals. All HATI albums received
        very good reviews, their unusual magic sound and power was emphasized. HATI
        = electro.acoustic.trance.gong.drone.musick.

        SAM ASHLEY is a modern day "witch doctor" who has devoted his life to the
        development of an experimental, non-traditional approach to mysticism. Sam's
        music is about luck, coincidence and hallucination. Most of it features
        either spirit possession or some other sort of trance. He hopes to create
        simple windows onto events that occur in-between the "real world" and
        whatever transcends it. Sam has presented work over some 30 years or so,
        alone or in collaboration, around the USA and Canada, Western and Eastern
        Europe, in several Japanese cities, in Indonesia and in Cuba. He will
        perform his piece "'Technology' is just an infatuation with mechanical
        things and there's no such thing as 'chance' (ideas about the universe are
        not the universe)"

        MARCELO AGUIRRE is a self-taught percussionist and vocalist. His experiments
        with continuous sound merge textural and guttural forms as means to achieve
        internal resonance. Revolving around chaos and unpredictability, his pieces
        develop with slow, relentless intensity. He's been collaborating with
        radically differentiated artists in recent years, and persuing solo

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