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    CROUTON NEWS: OCTOBER 2006 - Daniel Menche CD - Robert Hampson + Steven Hess CD - Crouton at Brainwaves - Forthcoming Editions _______________________________
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2006
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      - Daniel Menche CD
      - Robert Hampson + Steven Hess CD
      - Crouton at Brainwaves
      - Forthcoming Editions




      Despite what the title might suggest, "Creatures of Cadence" is not about endings, completion, or finality. Instead we find Menche inviting a slew of new mediators into his cathartic miasma. The medium now extends beyond the rich and unfathomable depths of somatic sound. His ongoing dialogue between body and mind has found sympathetic resonators in a myriad of instruments (percussion, cello, horns, and zither) that have proven through the ages of being capable of channeling both our most ecstatic joy and profoundest grief.

      "Creatures of Cadence" finds Menche in full exploratory mode; excavating well-concealed networks of sonorous information through a systematic deconstruction of drone and pulse. In the process, he further erases any perceived division between hearing / feeling and performer / instrument. The result, if consumed at the appropriate amplitude, is nothing less than a sixty minute journey through a voluptuous and pristine mania.

      "Creatures of Cadence" is a work commissioned by Crouton and Longbox Recordings and published in conjunction with Menche's first Midwest U.S. concerts: in Chicago and Milwaukee, September 29 and 30, 2006. Released in an edition of 500, including three full color inserts and overwrap with images of detailed bird drawings peppered with a whisper of the disturbing by Eric Stotik. It is our sincere hope the listener will find the packaging for this release a fitting visual analogue to the vehement beauty of the aural.

      Limited edition posters (designed by Keith Utech) from the two midwest concerts that coincided with this release are also available.

      "Creatures of Cadence" is an impressive, well-varied and imaginatively structured new release...pulsating like a power plant on the verge of blowing."
      - Brian Olewnick, Bagatellen, USA

      "Creatures of Cadence...Absolutely pleasantly surprising music from someone who is always keen to set new standards."
      - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly, Netherlands

      Purchase online directly from us here:

      CD: http://www.croutonmusic.com/cr32.htm
      Poster: http://www.croutonmusic.com/cr32poster.htm




      A sensible combination, brought to light by a chance contact resulting in a fairly lengthy process of recording, listening, and mixing. Robert Hampson, is, of course, the visionary behind sound behemoths LOOP and MAIN, and even served a highly productive position within GODFLESH, ORGANUM, and also collaborated with JIM O' ROURKE. Steven Hess is a percussionist who provides comfortably obscure rhythms and textures for PAN AMERICAN, FESSENDEN, ON, and HAPTIC.

      Together, Hampson and Hess create a delightful peephole into the space where resonance from various percussions exist. These are the indirect moments that are just as real as those obvious times when a drummer nails the snare drum in 4/4 time. This is the stuff that for without, the attack, the beat, the percussion itself, would be lifeless pricks of meaningless sound. These recordings are filled with the active and excited ghost of interaction with material; highly unreal at times, and undeniably human at others. For those familiar with their previous endeavors, this is certain to please. For others, you are about to hear the collaboration of two people who know exactly what they are doing, and have created an even more powerful joined effort. Clearly tasty.

      Released in an edition of 500, packaged in mulitple layers of clear material. See?

      "The four pieces, which might be enjoyed as one piece actually as well, form a vivid web of sounds, a highly dynamic force. Great electro-acoustic music. More more more, please."
      - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly (NL)

      Purchase online directly from us at: http://www.croutonmusic.com/cr31.htm



      On November 17, 18, and 19, Brainwashed.com is celebrating their 10 year anniversary with three days of live music in Boston, MA. For the last decade, Brainwashed.com has hosted some of our favorite artist sites, two of which, The Hafler Trio and Aranos, have released recordings with Crouton. So, we will be in attendence with a variety of merchandise to offer, both Crouton related and not. And there's rumor of an impromptu collaboration with Aranos during his performance. Stop by our table and say hello!

      Info on the Brainwaves schedule, tickets and venue can be found here: http://brainwashed.com/10/



      Hal Rammel: "Like Water Tightly Wound" 10"
      RLW/RM74: "Pirouetten" CD
      The Hafler Trio + Robert Haigh: CD


      Limited quantities in stock:

      crou026: Jon Mueller: What's Lost Is Something Important. What's Found Is
      Something Not Revealed. CD
      crou025: Die Enttauschung: S/T LP
      crou024: Richard Chartier: Archival1991 CD
      crou023: Mueller/Rainey/Schoenecker: S/T CD
      crou022: Jason Kahn/Jon Mueller: Papercuts CD
      crou021: irr.app.(ext.): Dust Pincher Appliances CD
      crou018: Jon Mueller/Kaveh Soofi: Endings book


      Thank you for your help in supporting our work. Our releases are available directly from us, or via:

      Forced Exposure (www.forcedexposure.com)
      CTD, Ltd. (www.carrottoprecords.com/ctd)
      Metamkine (www.metamkine.com)
      a-musik (www.a-musik.com)
      Soleilmoon (www.soleilmoon.com)
      Erstwhile distribution (http://erstwhilerecords.com/distro.html)
      Beta-Lactam Ring (www.blrrecords.com)
      Sound 323 (www.sound323.co.uk)
      Smallfish (www.smallfish.co.uk)

      Thanks again,

      PO Box 070352
      Milwaukee, WI 53207

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