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Michel Chion - new CD and concert in Paris

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  • g_montel
    Hello, Sorry for the ad but I think it may interest some of you... Michel Chion is one of the most famous French musique concrète composer, among Pierre
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 28, 2006

      Sorry for the ad but I think it may interest some of you...

      Michel Chion is one of the most famous French musique concrète
      composer, among Pierre Henry, Bernard Parmegiani or Luc Ferrari to
      name a few.

      Brocoli is proud to release his concrete melodrama "Tu", based both on
      the spoken scenes of Mozart's "The Magic Flute" and on verses from
      French poet Robert Desnos. Composed in 1977 and reworked in 1996, it
      is now available for the first time on record for Mozart Year 2006!

      The CD comes with a beautiful packaging on cardboard, which includes
      the full libretto on tracing paper.

      Release date is october 9th (distribution : Cod&S (Belgium, France),
      Metamkine (Europe), Ear/Rational (US)).

      You can preorder it now from Brocoli's webstore, and receive it on
      your mailbox on the day of its release:
      - preorder the CD for 15€ postage included;
      - preorder the digital edition for 10€ : you'll get the complete album
      in pristine CD quality (AAC LOSSLESS, FLAC or MP3 320kbs formats, just
      ask) as a file archive the day of its release
      Go there :

      For those of you who speak French, there's a teaser available on
      brocoli's website
      and a very interesting interview of Michel Chion who talks about the
      making of "Tu"

      Furthermore, Michel Chion will be in concert on October 5th, 8pm for
      the Brocoli festival, at the following venue in Paris : l'OPA, 5 rue
      Biscornet, Paris 12ème (metro station: Bastille). Entrance is free.
      Other fellow musicians will play : Rainier Lericolais, Minizza, David
      Fenech, Pierre-Yves Macé, Daniel Palomo Vinuesa and Pascal Dalmasso,

      More info at http://www.brocoli.org and http://www.michelchion.com

      All the best,

      Geoffroy for Brocoli
    • kris_abplanalp
      out now through the usual distros: SAPAT TONGUE-TIED & STAID 7 Imagine if the Edgar Broughton Band spent their formative years in a crack house on the
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 4, 2006
        out now through the usual distros:

        "TONGUE-TIED & STAID" 7"
        Imagine if the Edgar Broughton Band spent their formative years in a
        crack house on the bayou swamping out the rock in desperate need of a
        shot of penicillin. Now exit that doorpass and enter again: peak to
        peak of Mainliner, Psychosexual RnB, Eric Dolphy-Gagaku, William S.
        Burroughs ghost writing a straight line diatribe for a vertiginous
        Howlin Wolf and Tony Joe White's wah bleaching on the beach with a
        Sassquatch. While Sapat's forthcoming LP/CD on Siltbreeze is a bong
        shot of dusty sunlight vitamin C enveloper rays, this 7" single is a
        quarantined crater of wasabi soup strainer knock your dick in the
        dirt dixie raunch. Spins at 33rpm and clocks in at nearly 15
        minutes! Features members of various Kentucky head units: Valley of
        Ashes, Virgin Eye Blood Brothers, Kark, Phantom Family Halo, Crappy
        Nightmareville, The Web, Son of Earth, etc.

        JACKWACKER LP "...things from inside the body"
        release date: November 1st

        Fucking Hoosiers. We brought you Jim Jones, Michael Jackson, Axel
        Rose, David Lee Roth, Rahsaan Roland Kirk's hot-shot of dope,
        America's widest spread infestation of the Ku Klux Klan and a bunch
        of flat land covered with republicans, bibles, corn and soy beans.
        Though even in shithole towns exceptions abound and often the bubbles
        amongst the bleakest territories are the most potent. We could
        jabber on about exiles like Phill Niblock, jump way back to Gennett
        Records, cull the vineyards for the lost White Noise recordings of
        the late 70's, cross-examine Xenakis' various teaching assistants at
        I.U., draw a family tree connecting MX-80 Sound and John Cougar
        Mellencamp to the same branch or suss out the collective Hoosier
        psychic-retribution following the night both DNA and William S.
        Burroughs shared stages in Bloomington... but the wax winged frisbee
        from the dead that we have HERE is the last nail in the wheezing
        coffin of INDIANA PUNK ROCK.

        13 years after the fact, JACKWACKER's recorded remains have finally
        been excavated for your ears and I'll be damned if they are not as
        vital as ever, proving to be the final chapter of the story told by
        MX-80 Sound, Dancing Cigarettes, The Gizmo's, Dow Jones & the
        Industrials, Panics, the Red Snerts comp and of course, the Belgian
        Waffles! What we also have here is one of very few early 90's groups
        that could keep their blowtorch ablaze between the shitstorm of their
        contemporaries HARRY PUSSY and MONOSHOCK. If Harry Pussy stoned the
        blues and Monoshock winged the Hawk with a hiss, then Jackwacker lit
        up a diesel-doused NO-WAVE with a couple hits of speed a la throned &
        one arm left gropin for some shit tickets danglin on a wire hanger in
        a drafty busted out skyroof like a wabber-jawed fish out of water
        with an under-bite, flapp-flossin the gills of it's tail betwixt the
        holes in your head. They strapped on Nikola Telsa ear goggles and
        ropped some towers while everyone gawked at the planes.

        Jackwacker crawled out of the bleak bubble of early 90's Bloomington
        followed by a short lived relocation to Madison, Wisconsin, where
        they soon dissolved. Thriving briefly as outsiders of the Midwest No-
        Wave hula bahloo, they shared bills amongst folks like Couch,
        Duotron, the Scissor Girls, The Flying Luttenbachers, To Live and
        Shave in L.A., Zerobot and Lake of Dracula. This scene often relied
        on theatrics and the lion's share of its sound artifacts are not up
        to snuff but thankfully Jackwacker ain't like that. Elijah Prichett
        sang and played a guitar strung with 3 bass strings and 3 guitar
        strings. Rob Stockwell played drums. Both grew up as musicians with
        serious chops honed in the classical and jazz world. This physical
        endurance/precision/memory can't be hidden with JACKWACKER but they
        both had the HEAD, HEART and BALLS to stear clear of flacid
        progressive rock virtuoso noodling or incidental rote-ranting
        bullshit and INSTEAD created the perfect juxtaposition of fryin' an
        egg on your g-spot primal ID and know-how intention/control; plainly
        speaking they just fucking rock. Of the handful of people that cared
        about the Harry Pussy sound sphere back in the day, there is now a
        bus load of handfuls aping their sound into a retrograde orbit.
        Let's correct the mis-readings, go back to the source, tap the well
        and realign, post-haste.

        press on the Sapat single:

        "My god, what skronk! These Louisville freaks twist a frightening
        romp of free jazz, Beefheart, Texas weird punk, Hendrix guitar squall
        and funkadelia. The sum of all those words is some brain rattling
        noise which will slick down your hair and send you twitching with joy.
        Cued my pal The Flower Vato on to this lil bundle of joy and he went
        all soft on me, begging for another taste. If there was such a thing
        as sideshow music, Sapat would be writing its rules."
        --Scott Soriano/S-S Records www.s-srecords.com

        "This collective of Kentucky cornballs are part of the next wave of
        Siltbreeze Records signees, and to my ears they fit in perfectly –
        which is to say nowhere else. Imagine the 1978 CHILD MOLESTERS with
        access to shorted-out & far-gone primitive keyboards, during a little
        extracurricular jammin' in the practice space whilst shrooming – at
        least that's the vision I get during the three tracks. "Krackhaus
        Blooze" starts out like a psychedelic road hog with exploding guitar
        everywhere, then gets a little jazzbo and Beefheartian from there.
        The rest of the record then goes more "free" from that point, in the
        sense that the ascending heaven-climbing clatter of the STOOGES' "LA
        Blues" was "free". A creepy dirty-uncle vocalist sort of weighs in
        from time to time, but you're never really sure what he's going on
        about. I like it, I just don't wanna marry it yet."
        ---Agony Shorthand (Jay Hinman of Superdope Magazine)

        "Great new fuzz freak ep from this Kentucky band who mix
        Beefheartian vocals, bleated sax meander 'n' skronk, with a very
        heavy, ear grabbing wall of guitar noise and fuzz. Inspired, and as
        original as new rock gets in 2006."
        --Karl Ikola (Anopholese Records)

        "For the sake of tryin to spike this morning w/a dose of vinegar, I
        gotta admit my wonderment as to why the horns 'n hardwires from the
        Louisville collective (sometimes) known as the Black Velvet Fuckere
        seem so distant. On the surface they possess all the killer b's
        (beards, ballcaps, banjos) to step onto the tarmac for a New Weird
        America space launch, but yet somehow-thankfully-they have not bought
        into the illusion/delusion of folding into space that seems
        predominate with niche bands & bozo's whose zipcodes begin with 0, 1
        or 9. Also, they don't seem to reap the perks of the heavy petting &
        finger-banging from the virtual Shaddam Corrino's or Guild
        Navigator's so prevalent on the (coastal) hipster "scene". Landlocked
        & Midwestern, they have a smattering of homemade money (i.e. tapes,
        cdr's) in circulation, but it pales in comparison to most of their
        less disciplined, unfocused contemporaries. Rightly or wrongly, I
        think these BVF folks have to actually work for a living, you know,
        hold down jobs, punch a clock, live off a paycheck. Sure, it kills
        the Sunday late night jams & makes tourin virtually impossible, but I
        can think of worse things (livin on the street for one). However, the
        upside is havin the cash to plonk down for "real" product, like the
        Valley of The Ashes triple lp, the Uncle Jim & Phantom Family Halo
        album's & this new 7" from Sapat.
        Now when I seen Sapat sometime last yr, they was playin in the sauna
        room of a converted gymnasium in Maysville, KY for a KTGA benefit
        (Kentucky Tobacco Growers Association). Like I said, the "part" look
        they had down (part Hatfield, part McCoy) & the lineup was as an
        octet-just like some of them outfits hailin outta MA or NYC-& when
        they commenced to playin it was focused & intense. Never did the
        action "peak" so's one of'em could destroy a set of drums'n then
        dance in a fit of spontaneous"free interpretation", nor were there
        any members crawlin outta the audience to caterwaul into a mike like
        a raccoon w/a yeast infection. They harnessed some serious kosmiche
        energy w/o any noticable trace of irony or aspiration for inner
        circle acceptance. It was simply what they did & they hammered it
        like John Henry. And now here comes this 7" & it too features the
        octet lineup but it don't evoke the same fresh water Can flavor that
        I recall from suddenly last summer. Rather, this seems more like what
        I imagine a jammy time at Indica Gallery might've sounded like when
        Zapple artist's congregated for a meet 'n greet. Hint's of Elephant's
        Memory, Plastic Ono & Brute Force abound. The waft of patchouli,
        incense & hashish is palpable. Barry Miles might not agree, but fuck
        him, Hippie ain't no real way to go through life. It is artifice, an
        embodiment of the modern instinct which is basically a license to
        glut & suck. Rousseau said something like "it is difficult to think
        nobly when one thinks only of earning a living." Ya hear me? Sapat,
        however, are in the throes of Arcadian splendor; their scene
        unspoiled, their music-golden. I know....anything is possible & if I
        ever see a hoglist bearin their name, full've bogus homebake swag ala
        Acid Mother's Temple (among others) I'll know they packed it in, but
        right now, they are nestled firmly in the hand of the creator. And
        since I'm all about the here & now, that suits me to a T.
        --"Law Is The Ultimate Science".....Tom Lax
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