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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TELESEEN WAR DEBUT ALBUM NOW AVAILABLE Percepts is proud to announce the release of War , Teleseen s first full length CD. The work
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2006

      Percepts is proud to announce the release of "War", Teleseen's first full
      length CD. The work of Percepts artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist
      Teleseen builds abstract dub soundscapes into complexly layered fields of
      ambience that have their roots as much in post-modern theories of space
      and structure as they do in the works of artists like Sly and Robbie and
      Scientist. Rhythms are woven into densely processed noises and field
      recordings sourced from origins as diverse as shortwave radio
      transmissions, mixer feedback, static and defective studio equipment
      recorded in the US, to the sounds of street corners everywhere from Crown
      Heights to Kampala. The music internalizes the connections between manmade
      modes and patterns of communication, such as rhythm, harmony, melody, and
      language, and those patterns found in nature or created by chance, taking
      reggae, dub and detroit techno as its rhythmic touchstones. Teleseen live
      shows often involve close collaboration with video and multi-media artists
      to create immersive environments and sprawling, yet fractured narrative
      and musical arcs, recent collaborators have included Art Jones and Chris
      "WAR" represents a maturation of the electronic dub sound he can
      be found developing on recent singles and compilation
      appearances. The music further attempts to chart out post-rave
      electronic music as a site of revolution and experimentation,
      songs with overtly political titles such as "Work Will Not Set
      You Free" , an anarchist queering of the famous and fearsome
      axiom that adorned the gates of Auschwitz, mark that the
      abstraction of the music is not mere formal exercise but a
      political act. Tracks like "Native Yard #133345" that look both
      towards roots reggae and minimal techno give the record a
      distinct future-shock, as does the continuous bed of noise and
      ambiance, electronic and otherwise that runs beneath "The Liberty
      Halls"(a title that references both the IRA and Marcus Garvey's
      UNIA). This is the music of the mediated age, of full spectral
      dominance, of the never ending, undeclared war.

      Check out this recent review of "Xion Gate" from pitchforkmedia.com:

      "Teleseen's an electronic M.C. Escher, using unreliable perspectives and
      impossible angles to tessellate a sonic space. His austere grids of
      minimal techno and abstract dub usually opt for the academic over the
      visceral, but in contrast to the pulsating, unevenly stelliform shapes he
      often charts, "Xion Gate" telescopes out with clean, conical elegance. It
      begins at the tapered end as breathy house synths, truncated and beveled,
      stir amid bead-curtain percussion, then widens out with the introduction
      of a muffled kick, a high tremulous smear, and recessed flecks of dubby
      echo. From here on out, it's just a matter of shifting emphases: Click
      tracks ramify, synths coruscate like a fiber-optic filament wave. By the
      time the track decays into an angelic shrill-out, it's as broadly resonant
      as sound pooling in the bell of a horn, with the same unfathomable yet
      indivisible relationship to its tiny aperture of origin."{Brian Howe}

      For interviews, press, radio, and review copies, and booking
      inquiries please write us at contact@....

      Teleseen will be on tour in Europe in November, dates to follow.
      Anyone interested in booking please contact us.

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