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UTECH RECORDS James Plotkin "Kurtlanmak/Damascus"

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  • Keith Utech
    September Transmission Available: JAMES PLOTKIN Kurtlanmak/Damascus UTECH RECORDS [URCD001] $14 USD Contact:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2006
      September Transmission <http://www.utechrecords.com>


      JAMES PLOTKIN "Kurtlanmak/Damascus" UTECH RECORDS [URCD001] $14 USD
      Contact: utechrecords@... / www.utechrecords.com

      James Plotkin began his musical career as the guitarist for metal band OLD
      with vocalist Alan Dubin. The two would cross paths again under the guise of
      Khanate. In the interim Plotkin would become involved in projects ranging
      from guitar bent soundscape and grind to free improvisation. His body of
      work spans format and label, recording for Avant, Hydra Head, Asphodel,
      Earache, Southern Lord and Archive among others. Whether writing,
      performing, or producing, his output has been invariably unique and extreme.

      ³Kurtlanmak/Damascus² is no exception. Recorded live in New York and Buenos
      Aires respectively the tracks show a side of Plotkin rarely seen. That of
      the solo artist. Plotkin
      utilizes two distinct setups for each performance
      and channels the sound of acoustic instrumentation through the hum of
      electronic sorcery. Originally released on Utech [UR-022] to overwhelming
      acclaim, ³Kurtlanmak² landed squarely on WIRE magazine¹s best Outer Limits
      release list last year. The music has been remastered for this edition and
      the packaging
      expanded. ³Damascus² is added here as a bonus track and is
      previously unreleased.
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