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WRECK emerges from a shallow hole

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: 331-334 PTP in the ether: 88.3FM Available live via internet:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2006
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: 331-334
      PTP in the ether: 88.3FM
      Available live via internet:

      10 April through 1 May 2006 / 17.00-19.00

      "Make my bed outa Wonder Bread"
      o James Taylor, "Chili Dog"

      Joey Fatale, the 4-foot singer with MiniKiss, a dwarf KISS tribute band,
      supposedly sneaked into the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas to
      challenge his rival "Little" Tim Loomisc, the former
      drummer in MiniKiss for ripping off his band idea.
      Loomisc is the brains behind Tiny Kiss,
      another diminutive Kiss tribute band
      of a dwarfly nature.

      331: 10 April 2006
      Mad Truth > Mark Stewart vs Brain Damage
      Ochre Land, Blue Blue Skies [exc.] > Crawling With Tarts
      Toot Sweet Boogie Woogie > Jacknife Lee
      Rulers Did Not Visit > Phil Hargreaves & Lee Noyes
      Ochre Land, Blue Blue Skies [exc.] > Crawling With Tarts
      Fog on the Hudson (427 West 57th St.) > Moondog
      A Saab & A Gun > Beem
      Milk Bottle Symphony > St. Etienne
      Wir Leben Wie Gespenster > Rocket / Freudental
      Ochre Land, Blue Blue Skies [exc.] > Crawling With Tarts
      Grand Surface Noise Opera #7: Decadent Opera (Rococo) > Crawling With Tarts
      Hush > Neil B. Rolnick

      --> Bathtub Shitter vs James Taylor
      Re-Shit > Bathtub Shitter
      Emboli > Kimmo Phjonen
      Back on the Street Again > James Taylor
      Everybody Has the Wet > Bathtub Shitter
      Mescalito > James Taylor [12]
      Shit Drop Instro > Bathtub Shitter
      Chili Dog > James Taylor
      PS from BS > Bathtub Shitter
      Knockin' Round the Zoo > James Taylor & the Original Flying Machine
      Stihs Latem > Bathtub Shitter

      Boul. Curé-Labelle > Michel F. Coté
      Grand Surface Noise Opera #7: Decadent Opera (Rococo) > Crawling With Tarts
      Smoke & Dust Dub > Yohimbe Brothers
      Incendies > Michel F. Coté
      The Approach > Lady's Man
      Grand Surface Noise Opera #7: Decadent Opera (Rococo) > Crawling With Tarts
      Sarangui > Hybrid Sound System
      Sexual Fiction > Radiq

      April seems like a lifetime ago. Since then I have just spent many
      weeks packing, 10 weeks renovating our new place, and a couple of
      weeks moving and unpacking. The effort was worth it on many fronts.
      In our old place we had stupid neighbors from hell on 3 sides. Our
      new place has room, an office, a view of the sky, sunsets, cool
      Mondriaan homes, and our own WTC, new southern Amsterdam hub. It was
      a period of just prior to starting in on the renovations of our new
      place. Modern [in a 1950s manner] and roomy [nice simple big rooms:
      wood floors, white walls]. Near the center of amsterdam but also near
      the amsterdamse bos [forest], vondel & beatrix parks, lots of bike
      paths and walk/wander/drift space. Plus we got rid of stupid
      neighbors next, above, and under us.

      o that is our big news: renovation and then move. Not an easy thing.
      Along the way, while packing, you come across an explosion of
      memorabilia, remembrances, junk, decisions [toss or save], nostalgia,
      disgust about all the STUFF you save. Paloma is a packrat [on the way
      to becoming a recycling-artist?] and her larger room barely holds all
      her stuff.

      o There is a conundrum of physics and philosophy somehow buried here:
      we moved from a place of 62 m2 to a place of 110+ m2 and still it
      barely fits. The place is full. Law of physics: your possessions
      expand at a rate equivalent to the space increase.

      o the world has changed amazingly in the 12 weeks I was renovating /
      agonizing / enjoying not sitting behind a computer. Concentrating on
      physical labor combined with a kind of meditation that involves
      hammering, sawing and solving problems, which uses a part of the
      brain adjacent to the area devoted to meditation [albeit I had my
      I-pod - another frightening detail = it took me a full 8 days to
      listen to the material saved on the I-pod [and I have yet to organize
      and make a big effort to getting material off vinyl and cassette and
      into digital! The accumulation of files [audio, visual, data] is

      o The changes in the world are even more dramatic and tragic - it has
      left me intensely [dare I say] misanthropic / nihilistic because it
      seems the best of intentions are NOT enough to change the course of
      human self-destruction. No amount of data access and info downloading
      and religious indoctrination has helped make people any more aware
      than they were of there position and purpose in this life.

      o Oustanding NEW CDs: Rocket/Freudental [Trikont], Michel F. Coté
      [Dame] / inspired wake-up segment of oil-vs-water pitted James Taylor
      [a long-term guilty pleasure] and Bathtub Shitter [Japanese


      332: 17 April 2006
      Guns of Brixton > Nouvelle Vague
      Sweet Music > Mocky
      Lucre > Filastine
      Last Redoubt > Filastine
      Ring of fire > Wall of Voodoo
      Palmeres > Filastine
      The Approach > Ladysman
      Understand This > Up, Bustle & Out
      Steady Pulse > Angel Alanis
      Ascending Sun > Up, Bustle & Out
      Le Trente-Huit Cunegonde > Firesign Theatre
      + Message from Space Mountain > RothKamm
      Ladna Celadna > Iva Bittova vs The Bang on the Can All Stars
      Independent Benoulli Trials > RothKamm
      Dirty Static > Angel Alanis
      + Independent Benoulli Trials 2 > RothKamm

      o While situations in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to worsen, we now
      have the invasion of Lebanon by Israel. It takes 2 to tango and one
      can see that people who are so manipulated by not only their
      governments, their environments, their emotions, their prejudices,
      historically infected racial hatreds, but by the EASIness and linear
      comfort that these simple black-white attitudes arise. There is just
      NO way out of racial / cultural suspicion/distrust/hatred at this
      point. The only way out I see is art/music and internationalism. This
      combination that unites and pulverizes irrationally artificial
      difference while maintaining the REAL distinction/uniqueness of
      humans is thru the arts and culture and the universal language of joy
      and appreciation for beauty that these offer. I note that for the
      most part that my friends in the audio/visual/scrivenerly arts seldom
      speak in terms of racial division, of distinctions based on looks or
      nationality or other dangerous pseudo-Identification. Altho hope has
      flown the coop that was already blown to smithereens I still feel a
      hovering sliver, a gliding few scattered feathers of whatever dove
      had once been airborne floating up above.

      o show highlights: most of the technology did NOT betray me altho
      finding levels of an acceptable listenability are near impossible and
      you realize that a pirate station makes you [your mind] flexible,
      open to improv, problem solving and the acceptability or almost
      yearnbing for happenstance as a wild card integer that throws a
      routine radio program into the realm of inspiration.

      o sound highlights some of Rothkamm, DJ samplodeliscist Filastine and
      continued Up Bustle & Out [Echo Beach], and rediscovery of Angel
      Alanis [techno from Brooklyn Music Ltd - defunct]Š

      o During the renovations of our house: I came into contact with
      ancient reveries, unresolved conundrums from my past, revelations
      regarding my father's death, all while learning how the human mind
      interacts with problems involving building and fixing up. it was a
      curative period.

      o I resolved not to watch the World Cup. This was fairly easy I thot
      until I started wtaching. Not caring but still being involved.
      Especially as France moved into the semi-finals and finals and Italy
      as well. It was good to see every expert and pundit have to be
      vaguely humble by the fact that NONE of them EVER thought Italy would
      be playing France in the final. I admire some of the french players
      including Henry [like Marvin Gaye kicking a ball] and Lilian Thuram
      [leftist intellectual footballer who looks like a bouncer in cheap
      hoodlum disco], and Zidane [who as one of the world's most famous
      human beings had an impossible task - remain demi-god like] Somehow I
      got sucked into the whole melodrama [Materazzi's history of dirty
      playing, Zidane's blown fuses in the past, his remarkable playing and
      in general cool almost meditative head despite almost constant
      provocations from up to 3 players for entire matches] and that he
      took the action that he did losing his head to use his head was of
      such high operatic drama - the fall from grace of the demi-god to a
      mere mortal state and then his resurrection by this very
      fact/incident especially when it became clear that he had done
      dishonor as he tried to act on a higher level of honorŠ Anyway - when
      you are exhausted from moving, and physical labor there was nothing
      better than chilling out to either abstract football or the mortal
      almost alien Fight Club where men bludgeoned one another to the near
      death. Yikes.


      333: 24 April 2006
      Voix de la Ville > Henri Pousseur
      The Purple People of the Future Earth > Sensational vs Kouhei
      Cat Canon > Kyoko Kobeyashi
      Forges > Henri Pousseur
      Barbie's Phone Canon > Ross Craig
      Skrippin' > Sensational vs Kouhei
      Tee Say Malee > Slim Gaillard
      L'Air et L'Eau > Henri Pousseur
      Mari*Time 1 > John Oswald
      Cinco Centavos Mas Pobre > Ear Zumba
      Sensachre10 Mix > Sensational vs Kouhei vs Autechre
      Divide and Fragment Remix > Knifehandchop
      Pizzicato Canon > Masaki Kubo
      Ordeal by Ice > Phrizzm
      Espejo Amplificador > Ear Zumba
      Ringtone Canon > Stefan Tomic
      Ringtones Scattered 1-25 > Touch Various Artists
      Florece Escondido > Ear Zumba
      Khen - Musique de Funerailles > The Hmong
      Nada Que Nos Lastime > Ear Zumba
      THEY OWN EVERYTHING > Copernicus
      The Truncated Life of a Modern Industrialised Chicken > Matthew Herbert
      Song of the Hoe > David Thomas & the Pedestrians
      Burning Hell > John Lee Hooker vs Canned Heat
      Luth - Musique de Cour d'Amour > The Hmong
      Quarter to Twelve > Red Devils
      Nils Juhan > Johan Anders Baer
      Chant d'Amour Luth > The Hmong
      Mary Businesscard-Foot is Back > Bradbury & the Church of Bing

      o I must thank a number of people for their help on the renovations.
      Altho I found myself working alone and enjoying for most of the time,
      there were significant contributions from master
      musician-photographer and funniest man to never make it in the Monty
      Python troupe, Brad Lay who managed to travel up from the middle of
      France [during a period of non-ployment] to help with essential
      construction and mad-cappedness for 10 days. Also soul singer Audrey,
      chauffeur Elycia, bluesman Michel, Saint Marieke,
      babysitter-motorcyclist and do-gooder Ineke, squat
      electrician-plumber and recuperation artist Davide, wordsmith and
      post-sufi Pieter, visual artist Ben, as well as Esther, Liz, Laura,
      Anke, Suzanne, Karin, Nina and others for their help.

      o strange hallucinations carved out of intense concentration,
      physical expenditure and exhaustion.

      o Daughter Paloma is now 125 cm tall and is in her period where she
      believes she can do everything herself. Each phase is an interesting
      one for her - and me. Now children start dealing with concepts and
      bigger vaguer issues outside their own bodies and minds like fears
      and doubts and human generalities. Also becoming aware of style, what
      fits in her aesthetic scheme of things.

      o Moving puts you in touch with strange neglected corners of your
      record collection. You are confronted with the amazing amount of
      product we all have. I dare not count my CDsŠ

      o New and recurring delights: Henri Pousseur, Sensational's almost
      reinvention of street talk beyond every gangsta poseur to the point
      where he is easily portrayed as a dangerous alien: Slim Gaillard +
      Moondg + Sun Ra + a man with psychic access to tongues not yet


      334: 1 May 2006: Revolution & Birds
      "You can jail a revolutionary but you can't jail the revolution."
      o Bobby Seale

      "The caged bird sings / with a fearful trill / of things unknown / but longed
      for still and his tune is heard / on the distant hill
      for the caged bird sings of freedom."
      * Maya Angelou

      I Wanna Freakize 'Em > John Sinclair
      Prison Interview > Bobby Seale
      + Money Jungle > Charles Mingus & Duke Ellington
      Stop the Confusion > Keith LeBlanc & Tim Simenon
      Revolution Inc. > Freq Nasty
      Work Song Workout 1 > Luc Houtkamp POW3
      Blessed Are Those Who Struggle > Mark Stewart & the Maffia
      Work Song Workout 2 > Luc Houtkamp POW3
      The Revolution Will Be Televised > Black Sifichi & Negative Stencil
      Work Song Workout 2 > Luc Houtkamp POW3
      As The Veneer of Democracy Begins to Fade > Mark Stewart & the Maffia
      What We All Want > Gang of Four
      Active Resistance > Phil Minton vs Veryan Weston
      Working Class Hero > John Lennon
      Another Version of the Anarchy Poem > Phil Minton vs Veryan Weston
      Kill for Peace > Fugs

      Morgeluft [Birds in meadow] > Cyrill Schlaepfer
      Track 16 Birds > Blevin Blectum
      Morgeluft [Birds in meadow] > Cyrill Schlaepfer
      Blackbird / Song Thrush / Mistle Thrush / Oriole / Robin > Hans
      Traber Collection
      Nachtigall > Alfons Bauer & Pepi Reichl
      Garden Warbler / Wood Warbler & other Warbler's > Hans Traber Collection
      Kuckucksjodler > Alfons Zitz & the Bergsteiger Chor & Inntaler Musikanten
      Morgeluft [Birds in meadow] > Cyrill Schlaepfer
      Owls > Leo Kottke
      Tawny Owl / Little Owl & other Owls > Hans Traber Collection
      Pawnee [bird and cricket heavy] > Scott Marshall
      Hedge Sparrow and other Sparrows > Hans Traber Collection
      The Great Tit / Preewit > Ben Schot
      Op de Akker > Vogelzang

      o Strange show prompted by fact that I thought I could do my show on
      Mondays despite 75 hrs per week work on renovations. Also was
      prompted to do Revolution because of conditions in the world that
      conventional [G-8 & NGO & consumerist] thought seem to find
      impossible to resolve. Also heard from bookstore own and Destroy All
      Monsters member Cary Loren that John Sinclair [Detroit White Panther
      revolutionary and blues-jazz fanatic] was living temporarily in
      Amsterdam and then heard from blues enthusiast that John Sinclair did
      an impromptu live something with the Black Crowes during their
      performances at Amsterdam's Paradiso. I was supposed to contact him
      but reality and circumstance pretty much wiped out that chance.

      o Birds are a frequent theme in my show but this one was prompted by
      a nice CD document of a Radio 747 Café Sonore radio show devoted to
      bird song [21 march] that I received from Rene van Peer, music
      magazine editor and radiomaker. Male birds make their call to
      establish territory and attract females. I am pretty sure the
      mockingbird can imitate some 100 sounds and has even been known to
      replicate the sound of a lawn mower. You learn from this very
      fascinating program that the urban titmouse has adapted so that it
      varies its call to be able to be heard above the inner city din. He
      or she sings higher and higher as the city's decibel level increases.
      Meanwhile, the impressive blackbird also has a broad repertoire that
      is known to include such sounds as the clip clop of a horse's trot.

      o Meanwhile, from my yodel book: 'The Alpine yodeler often sings
      about the cuckoo, a bird more famous in its laminated wooden form
      than in its living feathered form. The cuckoo, in any case, is the
      subject of many yodel songs: Franzl Lang's "Kuckucksjodler," Sepp
      Mollinger's "Der Kuckuck," Philippe Zani's "Der Kuckucksjodler"
      "Kuckucklied," and Alfons Zitz's "Kuckucksjodler." It's part of the
      standard repertoire of professional Alpine yodelers, is found on many
      records, and is inspired by the cuckoo's call, which some ("cuckoo?")
      musicologists claim is the ultimate source of the yodel. Hmmm!
      England's "Whistling Yodeler," Ronnie Ronalde, often combined his
      expert birdcalls with yodeling. Some ethnomusicologists suggest the
      loon, with its characteristic territorial announcement "yodel"
      serving as a model for some popular American yodels. The Bavarian
      name for kulning, or Scandinavian yodel-like calling, is gallen, or
      the onomatopoeic name for the call of the rooster, or gallna, the
      call of the cuckoo. The Spanish yodel is called papagayo, with
      papagayo meaning parrot.'

      o I am currently looking to expand into wreck website and podcasting.
      I have been offered the generous gratis services of 2 webnauts but
      thus far nothing has happened as M. is drinking Hungarian wine and
      riding horses in the Hungarian countryside while P. is worth a
      comi-tragic novel: P is Polish, lived in Amsterdam shortly after fall
      of the Curtain. Moved on to NY and then California. Here he met a
      woman with whom he had a baby. The relationship went sour. In a fit
      of frustration and spiritual waywardness, P. headed out to Joshua
      Tree to do some soul-searching. Should have brought some provisions
      but whose thinking straight when the grief of love shakes up your
      senses. Anyway, he went delirious from exhaustion and dehydration,
      ended up in a small town [perhaps 23 Palms] where he knocked at a
      private home only to be met by a paranoid vigilante type who met him
      with a gun and urged him to move along or be peppered with lead. He
      did and found help at the next home. Some time later he received a
      warrant for his arrest for various offenses as pressed by homeowner
      #1. If I have it right he stood trial, got sentenced, did his time
      and eventually moved to New York, where for years he lived and
      survived as a madman-genius in the marginal world's of alternative
      lifestyles and art. Until he was recently summoned to appear before a
      judge for breaking his parole in California and in his words, the
      state of California 'forgot' to forward his records to NY and so he
      is now in a Kafka [bigger-than-ever!] like world where he is about to
      be or already has been thrown out of the country for a crime he did
      not commit but did his time for anywayŠ So, as you see in no state to
      help me set up a website etc.

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:

      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Dina Appeldoornstraat 11-3
      1076 AX Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      o Old playlists archived at <http://www.wfmu.org/~bart/
      o Selected Playlists at http://www.romanapoli.com/black/wreckthismess.html
      o Someday: <http://wreckthismess.com/>
      o Check out NEW excerpts from my erotic-dérive novel: Paris Sex Tete
      on Parisiana <http://www.parisiana.com/>


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