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Freeburning Records Event July 4th in LA!

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    Freeburning Wednesdays! Freeburning Record Shop 7361 1/2 Melrose, Ste. 203 Hollywood, CA 90046 (323) 653-0032 Thank you to everyone who participated in our
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2006
      Freeburning Wednesdays!

      Freeburning Record Shop
      7361 1/2 Melrose, Ste. 203
      Hollywood, CA 90046
      (323) 653-0032

      Thank you to everyone who participated in our Myspace
      discount promotion, many of you took advantage of the
      special offer! To those who missed out, be sure to add
      us to your Myspace friends list to get in on the next

      This week's newly picked Freeburning Buyer's Challenge
      For every purchase of $20 or more we'll throw in a
      copy of DJ Traverse's "Fuck It" jungle mix. Featuring
      Big Cat, N2O and other hardcore jungle tunes, this cd
      will keep ya head noddin and speakers bumpin!

      Every $35 order will get you the cd by Counterstrike
      "From Beyond the Grave" cd. A heavy mashed up new tech
      style drum and bass cd for the ride. It's a rare cd
      valued at $22.99 come get yours. If you still want the
      N2O poster, just let Metal Mike know you want that

      And for every order of $60 or more you'll get and
      exclusive pick from the OG VHS porn X-files tapes from
      beyond! This will take ya back to the days when you
      were thirteen hiding out in the bedroom from your mom
      and pops with a box of tissues!

      Check the update at www.enterthedojo.com or if you
      want first dibs, call up 1-323-653-0032 and we'll play
      them for you on the phone like we do old school style.
      Freeburning ahead of the whole game!

      Freeburning Instore - July 4th!

      Next Tuesday come visit us for the "Home of the
      Freeburning Sound of the Brave" 4th of July instore
      event! Those in attendance will get an exclusive
      preview of Starscream's album, "The New Leader" on N2O
      Records available August 28th!

      Everyone will also be entered in a drawing to win a
      Starscream prize pack, & get a FREE record with every

      Also, don't miss out on the "FULL METAL SCRATCH- OFF"
      featuring the top local DJ's battling it out with
      Starscream's Full Metal Scratch-It!
      - CM3 & more TBA

      High Times Magazine and Freeburning Roots alliance

      We are pleased to announce the official roots-reggae
      alliance with High Times Magazine and the Freeburning
      Records Roots section. In our quest to further the
      music, art and graphics we always provide our
      customers with credible and authoritative products and
      music including High Times magazine approved roots and
      dub records that you will be seeing in the pages of
      High Times and hearing in upcoming compilations. In
      addition to our media promotions, you will see our
      record shop appearing in High Times featured in DJ
      Shiro's 12 Ounce Vandals and Pot Heads manga series.
      Thanks to all the staff that made this possible and
      look for the upcoming write ups about our artists.

      Be on the lookout for our "Lee Scratch Perry
      Essentials" feature at www.enterthedojo.com . Also
      check out our new "Dub" catalog section at the online

      Digital Bombing roll call

      Hey all you Digital Bombers, the DB Board is now
      reopened! Come back and catch up with all the homies -
      this aint ova wit!

      Melrose Soundsystem!

      If you're in the Los Angeles area be sure to stop by
      and check out our new Melrose sound system. The
      Melrose hotties can't resist the Freeburning sounds,
      come get you're game on!

      Freeburning is now stocking the largest inventory of
      dub-step and new skool ragga on the West Coast! Pick
      up the latest joints and hottest hotties at the dojo!

      Reach Out to Us and add us to your myspace:

      You can place orders now via our online store at
      www.enterthedojo.com or You can visit our Store on
      Melrose Avenue in the Hollwood area. Give us a holler
      to let us know you are dropping through. FREEBURNING
      RECORD STORE - Where all the LA models and porn stars
      shop.... 7361 1/2 Melrose Ave. 2nd Floor-Suite 203 Los
      Angeles CA (upstairs in the famous pink rock building)
      Home of the Freeburning, Sound of the Brave. Come thru
      to the shop and dig thru all the deep collection of
      records, including rare, exclusive hard to find vinyl,
      Dancehall/Reggae 45's, HipHop/Skratch battle records
      and so much more, while having some imported loose
      leaf teas at the new Dojo tea room, served up by cute
      punk rock chicks. Also check out the DJ Starscream fat
      chopper bike on display on our cammo floor!

      Check in to the sites:
      http:// www.enterthedojo.com
      http:// www.myspace.com/dojomonks

      Our sister companies and homies:
      http:// www.myspace.com/n2orecords
      http:// www.myspace.com/thefinaltakeover
      http:// www.myspace.com/raggapartymashup
      http:// www.myspace.com/digitalbombing

      Ordering Info and sales:
      Record phone orders 1-323-653-0032
      Email orders: freeburningrecords@...
      AOL / AIM orders: freeburnorders

      Contact Information
      mailing list email: freeburning@...
      Phone: 323-653-0032
      Website: http://www.enterthedojo.com

      PHONE ORDERS: 1(323)653-0032

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