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  • Industria Masoquista
    Hello! We added new items to our shop. - ANENZEPHALIA / INADE / OPERATION CLEANSWEEP CD BACK IN STOCK - ATRAX MORGUE Woundfucker CD - BAAL The Last New
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 6, 2006

      We added new items to our shop.

      - ATRAX MORGUE "Woundfucker" CD
      - BAAL "The Last New Gospel" CD-R
      - BAAL Remixes EMIL BEAULIEAU: Fortean Times CD-R
      - CONCEPTION: The Dark Evolution Of Electronics vol.1 CD
      - EXSANGUINATE / [l-i-t-d-n-a] - "Allegory of Death" split CD
      - MAURIZIO BIANCHI "M.I. Nheem Alysm" CD
      - MOURMANSK150 "Catharsism Of A Trigger"
      - OMEI " When All Your Ghosts Are Tired" CD

      You can find our complete catalog directly from http://www.rapeartprods.com

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    • Industria Masoquista
      Visit our EBAY AUCTIONS NEW! ARRIVES TO OUR SHOP: STEEL HOOK PROTHESES Wounds Bathed In Piss Water CD-R Power- crime-electronics as it`s best. Powerful as
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 26, 2007
        Visit our EBAY AUCTIONS
        STEEL HOOK PROTHESES "Wounds Bathed In Piss Water" CD-R
        Power- crime-electronics as it`s best. Powerful as ever on the newest album from Steel Hook Protheses, but at this time more ambient instead noise. A must! CDR comes in cardboard, limited to 100 copies.[View Product]
        Tracks list:
        01. Mengele
        02. Genital Abrasion
        03. Iodine
        04. Graft
        05. Schizophrenia
        06. Lacerations
        07. Ether Dreams
        08. Shit Sifter
        09. Skin Welder
        10. Unit 731
        11. Drifting Towards The Light

        TELEPHERIQUE "Musique Montage" CD-R
        The newest release these well known artist. Another album with rhythmic and danceable but a little more experimental tracks, too. CDR comes in cardboard, limited to 200 copies. [View Product]
        Tracks list:
        01. Product 1
        02. Product 2
        03. Product 3
        04. Product 4
        05. Product 5
        06. Product 6
        07. Product 7
        08. Product 8
        09. Product 9

        VESTIGIAL "Aeon" 3"CD-R
        3"-CDR from this new dark-ambient project form Italy. The cdr comes in handmade package and is limited to 99 copies and contains 4 tracks. Dark-ambient at it`s best, mastered by Andreas Wahnmann at SecretLab of Turbund Sturmwerk/First Law/Loki Foundation fame. Highly recommended!. [View Product]
        Tracks list:
        01. Last Extinction Prayer
        02. The Grey Constellation
        03. Dagda Rising
        04. Celebrating The New Sun
        MARK SPYBEY & MICK HARRIS "Bad Roads, Young Drivers " CD
        This disc is the second instalment in the Hushush Threesome three CD’s series that will see Mark Spybey, Mick Harris, and Ambre (Imminent, Axiome, Xingu Hill etc) collaborate successively together. Mark Spybey has recorded this disc, from tapes provided to him by Mick Harris, at the Klaverland, Netherlands nearby the Rhine River. The two got help on this disc from Niels Van Hoorn (Legendary Pink Dots) for Saxes.
        In fact, this album is incorporating material from many different sources and is certainly a shift in what Mark Spybey and Mick Harris did in the past. Usually in a collaborative release, you can expect to recognize the parties’ different styles. But here on this very rhythmic release, Mark Spybey and Mick Harris managed to successfully blend and transcend the differences in sounds and in music conception into a very achieved result. From its noisy moments to its drum’n’bass experiments, from its ambient atmospheres to its weird sound treatments, this album is leading you through a journey into a warm wall of sound and beats. The two of them are delivering us eleven tracks for a total of more than one hour of dirty sonic experiments and distorted killer beats. This is certainly one of the most unexpected result from the Threesome Series although we thought we were prepared to everything. It’s a very good surprise for which artists were given total freedom of creation.
        Freedom they certainly made themselves for the pleasure of us all. [Hushush] [View Product]
        Tracks list:
        01. Good Way to Start a Bad Day
        02. Institute Good Motoring on Bad I Mean Bad Roads
        03. Bad Way to Start a Good Day
        04. Mister Bod
        05. Muffel
        06. Dschungel B-216
        07. Aeper
        08. Der Regen
        09. Bad Honey
        10. Misery Gote
        11. Waaal
        SZKIEVE "Des Ryhthmes De Passage" CD
        Des rythmes de passage (DRDP), literally Rhythms of passage, is Szkieve’s second long-playing CD for Disques Hushush. Almost three years after debuting with Des germes de quelque chose, Szkieve has gained critical reputation worldwide. His truly distinctive sound is constituted of both suiting chords and strings and high-pitched synthetic sounds. DRDP is in continuity with Szkieve’s precedent releases, however, this disc incorporates new tones and techniques. Silk Saw’s Rob(u)Rang contribution of ebow guitar sounds and Vromb’s Radiodrome studio facilities’ addition of many analog synthesizers are at the very heart of this lively mix where the calm and the disturbing are reacting in unpredictable ways. "Eleven is a number beautiful by its simplicity. Its figures are like rods raised against the skies, tearing up apart the relentless passage of time" says Szkieve’s Dimitri della Faille. [Hushush] [View Product]
        Tracks list:
        01. Janvier
        02. Février
        03. Mars
        04. Avril
        05. Mai
        06. Juin
        07. Juillet
        08. Août
        09. Septembre
        10. Octobre
        11. Novembre
        We at Disques Hushush are very happy to make this project finally happen. Mentioned several times in interviews, this collaboration between Christina Sealey, Richard Oddie and Mark Spybey was recorded at the end of the 1990’s. SOS had never seen the daylight before this release. Oddie and Sealey active under their project Orphx met Dead Voices on Air’s Mark Spybey and the three decided to work together. The release of the recorded project was aborted when Mark Spybey returned to his native England after having spent almost a decade in Canada. Thanks to a long time friendship with the artists we were able to secure a release for this document in the history of electronic music. After so much time spent since the recording, they all decided to return to the tapes, the best moments chosen; a state of the art mastering has enhanced them. Full of very fine ambiences and drones, SOS is old school organic and abrasive ambient music with trance inducing pulses. Sealey and Oddie
        are giving this release the signature of their more minimal and experimental incarnation, Antiform. Spybey’s contribution to this release consists in his trademarked treated voices and eclectic modified instruments. [Hushush] [View Product]
        Tracks list:
        01. 01
        02. 02
        03. 03
        04. 04
        05. 05
        06. 06
        07. 07
        08. 08
        09. 09
        10. 10
        11. 11
        NIHILIST SPASM BAND & REYNOLDS "No Borders To No Borders" CD
        This is a truly unique release Hushush (Canada) is very proud and excited to make available to the public. Created from various sessions and live sets, this collaboration in between two of the Americas’ most original improvisation acts has a distinctive sound. The Nihilist Spasm Band has existed now for more than 40 years, these forerunners of the current noise and improvisation scenes know no artistic borders and have no boundaries to their imagination. By building their own instruments and by making no compromise on the form of their musical output, this Canadian band has acquired a huge well deserved worldwide reputation. NSB crossed the path of Reynols, an Argentine improvisation trio of globetrotters headed by Miguel Tomasín, a drummer who suffers from the Down’s Syndrome. This equally emancipated combo remixed some of the Nihilist Spasm Band’s sounds, adding their own mojo and giving them new dimensions. With the recent Reynols’ disbanding and NSB’s bass player Hugh
        McIntyre’s death, this disc is due to become a priceless document of the original spirit of border-less improvisation music.[Hushush] [View Product]
        Tracks list:
        01. Acrostics (Infinite version)
        02. Destroy all the borders
        03. No Remix (No Canada, No Argentina) with Joe McPhee (didgeridoo) & Greg Curnoe (drums)
        The challenge of asking two bands evolving in two different sonic universe to collaborate is not quite one, but asking two bands consisting of the same members to collaborate with each other is a real one! When asked by Hushush to confront Kapotte Muziek’s sound - made from instruments consisting of discarded objects, discovered by the trio on locations and played in combination with prerecorded found sounds - with Goem’s pulses and shifting layers of rhythm, the three Dutch minimalists were enthusiastic and dived into the studio, only to discover that trying to combine the two trio’s was near to impossible. So a different course was decided on. A Kapotte Muziek live recording was edited and subsequently used to create Goem tracks, which were then mixed back into the live recording. Complicated you ask? "Well, in a way it is, but the result is definitely worth the trouble!" are saying the three brains from this double trio collaboration. Kapotte Muziek’s sound is an
        electroacoustic experience with many subtleties and almost cinematic qualities. Frans de Waard’s interest in Roel Meelkop’s Student Stimulator, a device discovered in a thrift shop and made audible by Roel led to the creation of Goem. Their minimal sound consist of simple pulses used by Frans to create dense layers to which on Roel’s suggestion they added analog synthesizers and filtering. Goem makes electronic music in its purest form (very dutch, really). The confrontation of both universes bring this release a crispy, dense, well defined and minimal sound. A very "boeiend" experience. Never before you heard Goem nor Kapotte Muziek sound that way! Short and sweet.Comes in a limited edition hand made hand folded cardboard cover. [Hushush] [View Product]
        Tracks list:
        01. KGM
        LONSAI MAIKOV "Fire" CD
        French apocalyptic folk singer. Fire was released in 1996, based around Lonsai Maikov dark apocalyptic inner melodies. Excellent Neo-Folk. Comes in a nice digipack.[View Product]
        Tracks list:
        01. Sacred Hunt
        02. Icy Inner Landscape
        03. Four Wild Stallions
        04. Last Carousel of Strength
        05. Torrent of Flames
        06. UR
        07. Pillars of Thought
        08. Divine Knot
        09. Kudos
        10. At a Gallop to Hel
        11. With Arms Akimbo
        12. The Mask of the Plague
        13. Old Crows of Stone
        14. Chant of the Sun
        15. The Sword and the Torch
        16. Wild Ways
        17. In the Lee of a Spear
        18. The Last Solitary Hunt
        LONSAI MAIKOV "Bardbeddi" CD-R
        Remastered & remixed re-edition of an old & very limited cult CDR with the ad of unreleased songs & sounds ! The end result can be compared to a new full album !!! Awfull sounds for an awfull world, corrupt, corrupting ... The Beauty and Godness of God still lies hidden in this corruption .... Best neo-Pop'n'Folk by the French master ! Limited and on CD label numbered to 180 copies, comes in oversized 8 pannels full-color cover with a beautifull series of evocative photos ....[View Product]
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