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RE: [thewire] Keiji Haino+ Sitaar Tah!/ Gaping Maw

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  • Scott Slimm
    New releases KEIJI HAINO + SITAAR TAH! Double CD and the GAPING MAW CD currently been added to the shop section of the website
    Message 1 of 2 , May 26, 2006
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      New releases KEIJI HAINO + SITAAR TAH! Double CD and the GAPING MAW CD
      currently been added to the shop section of the website
      http://www.archivecd.com/shop.htm along with a sizable MP3 clip for the
      Gaping Maw disc and pics of both releases. Please remember all prices are
      postpaid in the US. All Canadian and Overseas orders please add proper
      postage using the paypal drop down menu based on the instructions at the top
      of the shop area. Any questions drop me an email.

      Release Info:

      -KEIJI HAINO+ SITAAR TAH! Double CD. 100min live recording from a one time
      meeting between my favorite multi-instrumentalist Keiji Haino and a 20-piece
      sitar orchestra. Sitaar Tah! churn a constant undercurrent of harmonics
      which Haino plays overtop of on Hurdy Gurdy, Flute, vocals, electric sruthi
      box, and electric tanbur. Recording also features special guest FUYUKI
      YAMAKAWA on the Igil and throat singing. Wonderful sonic mastering job on
      this double disc from Mr. Plotkin. DESIGN: layout and package by Stephen
      O'Malley features a die cut letterpress cover that was designed to have the
      look of a dustcover for a hardcover book. It comes packed in a plastic
      sleeve which measure 6" X 5". This is a split release with Important records
      and a one-time pressing of 1000 copies. $22 post paid in the US

      -GAPING MAW CD- frenzied trio live recordings for Drums (Tatsuya Nakatani),
      Mini Moog (Kyle Bruckmann), and Bass (Kurt Johnson). Most notable member
      would be fellow Haino'phile Kurt Johnson who spent some time earning his
      stripes in the Chicago improv scene and providing bass power to the FLYING
      LUTTENBACHERS for a few years. This disc more or less is like kicking a band
      down a flight of stairs over and over. Some ebb and flow is mixed in over
      the 40mins disc which is enough to provide some balance, but for the most
      part this disc jumps on you from the get-go and runs hard front to back.
      DESIGN: Adapted paintings by Lisa Mordhorts have been used stretched over my
      standard 2.5 panel sleeve with locking CD hub on the inside. Also comes in a
      plastic sleeve 5" X 6". One time pressing of 500 $11 post paid in the US

      -PLOTKIN/ WYSKIDA I also have some remaining from the orig 1000 CD's we
      pressed that live on the shop page with info and an MP3 for listening
      enjoyment. $13 Post paid in the US


      DISTRO ITEMS: some quantities limited

      -FUSHITSUSHA DVD PSF records

      -GOSLINGS spaceheater/ perfect CD interior crucial blast






      -BARDO POND CD sublimations


      TOUR SECTION: TETZUI AKIYAMA upcoming dates for * Philadelphia show is to be
      held at Tequila Sunrise store and is a free gig!!! Will be playing solo
      electric boogie set on a full stack!! Yahhhooooooo BYOB welcomed.

      6 SAN ANTONIO; solo and duo w/Alan Licht, Salon Mijangos
      8 AUSTIN; solo and duo w/Kurt Newman, Little City Downtown
      12 PHILADELPHIA; Tequila Sunrise Records
      14 NYC; solo and duo w/Loren Connors, Tonic
      15 BROOKLYN; + Jaime Fennelly/Chris Forsyth/Shawn Edward Hansen,
      Free103point9 Project Space
      17 MONTREAL; The Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival, La Sala Rossa
      20 SAN DIEGO; venue tba
      24 LOS ANGELES; Schindler House
      25 LOS ANGELES; Eagle Rock Cultural Center
      29 SAN FRANCISCO; venue tba
      TOUR W/JEFFREY ALLPORT (6/30-7/5)
      30 SEATTLE; Gallery 1412July-
      11 VANCOUVER; Western Front
      3 VICTORIA; Open Space
      5 PORTLAND; venue tba
      6 CHICAGO; Empty Bottle
      8 MILWAUKEE; Hotcakes Gallery
      11 BOSTON; venue tba
      TOUR W/HARRIS NEWMAN (7/14-7/19)
      14 MONTREAL; Casa del Popolo
      15 OTTAWA; venue tba
      17 LONDON; Dissent
      18 TORONTO; Tranzac Club
      21 JACKSON; venue tba
      22 NEW ORLEANS; solo, duo and trio w/Donald Miller and Rob Cambre, The Big


      2006.5.26(Fri) Logan Square Auditorium(Chicago, IL)
      w/ Sunn 0)))

      2006.5.27(Sat) Wexner Center For The Arts (Columbus, OH)
      w/ Sunn 0)))

      2006.5.28(Sun) Emissions Festival (Youngstown, OH)
      w/ Sunn 0)))

      2006.5.30(Tue) Avalon (New York. NY)
      w/ Sunn 0))) & Oren Ambarchi

      2006.5.31(Wed) TBA

      2006.6.1(Thu) Middle East Club
      w/ Growing & Thrones

      2006.6.2(Fri) Wallingford American Legion Hall (CT)
      w/ Growing & Thrones

      2006.6.3(Sat) TBA

      2006.6.4(Sun) Ottobar (Baltimore, MD)
      w/ Growing & Thrones

      2006.6.5(Mon) First Unitarian Church (Philadelphia, PA)
      w/ Growing & Thrones


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      Subject: [thewire] support for Hybrida Space against fascist city goverment

      Centro Europeo di Arti e Comunicazioni Contemporanee "L.Ceschia", Tarcento
      www.hybridaspace.org - info@... - fax 0432 783786

      Dear friends,
      Maybe not everybody knows that in Tarcento the right wing party has recently

      won the elections. At the moment they are leading an outrageous and shameful

      campaign against the European Centre "L. Ceschia", in particular against
      Hybrida and The Green Team Youth Hostel. Several times in the past they
      threatened us that they would sweep us away. Now the moment has arrived with

      these elections! The Green Team Youth Hostel contract hasn't been renewed
      for the next year and ends on the 30th April. As far as reservations are
      concerned, 1300 bookings have already been made and they are expecting five
      hundred more for a total of 3000 per year. This estimate is based on real
      facts and represents a good 30% more compared to previous years. The hostel
      has been an assett for all Hybrida activities. Our question now is,
      considering all the efforts and dedication and the good results obtained,
      why Nazzareno Menis (the owner) has been neglected the right to continue his

      activity? We expect a clear and loud clarification from the local
      administration. Furthermore Nazzareno has been often verbally attacked for
      simpathysing with ArciGay. ArciGay is an Italian association, for those who
      might not know, that is in favour of the gay community. In our opinion,
      Nazzareno's personal views on this subject have penalized his business, in
      particular the hostel. If this be the truth we are definitely facing a moral

      and cultural decadence of the human being. Again, we expect a clear and loud

      clarification from the local administration on this matter. We warmly invite

      you to support and send us an e-mail or leave a comment in our website to


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