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End Times Fest - Program Ads & Press Release!

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  • M St-Germain
    Are you interested in taking out an ad in the End Times Festival program? Well are ya? Luv- Matt End Times Festival - Press Release, Festival Program
    Message 1 of 1 , May 23, 2006
      Are you interested in taking out an ad in the End Times Festival program?

      Well are ya?

      Luv- Matt

      End Times Festival - Press Release, Festival Program Advertising
      Availability and Merchandise Table Reservation END TIMES FESTIVAL 2006

      The END TIMES FESTIVAL is an International Underground Music Festival based
      in Minnesota in its fourth year of existence (previously titled
      Destijl/Freedom From - Festival of Music) that focuses on a disparate
      amalgamation of experimental, unconventional, intelligent and most
      importantly entertaining music's. There is no one genre of music represented
      herein; in fact its ethos is an elimination of looking at music in
      restrictive terms. This year's festival represents a wildly diverse
      cross-cultural and generational map. People will be traveling from all over
      the world to attend this event; the allegiance of the followers of these
      sounds is a highly dedicated and immensely community oriented group. That
      is, the music itself is a product of community and you'll find most of the
      performers mingling with many of the audience before one note is even

      The Festival itself is comparatively affordable. $60 for 3 full days of
      music, while a similar event planned in Boston the month prior costs $110
      for a similar amount of acts. Our goal is not maximizing profits, but
      bringing people together for a new and challenging musical experience.
      Every single act is far from the norm and in of itself is an amazing
      creation that transcends people's musical ideas; everyone's prejudices
      towards what music is are expelled and enjoyment becomes paramount. We
      expect an attendance of over 1000-2000 for all the events planned over the
      course of the second to last weekend in June (23, 24 & 25).

      We will be printing a festival program complete with beautiful cover art
      done by contemporary local artist Adam Marks (of Seawhores, Vaz and Arctic
      Universe). The program will be 8.5" x 5.5" and will be given away to all
      Festival attendees as well as extra copies available. The program will
      contain festival and band information, directions and maps as well as
      advertisements from local, national and international companies. For record
      labels, bands, magazines, production companies, mail order businesses, etc.,
      this means thousands of new customers as many of the attendees themselves
      run labels, are in bands or are connected to music and media in numerous
      ways. For local businesses, this means that large amounts people looking for
      areas to eat, drink, shop, rent and stay will seek you out. The festival
      lasts from 2 pm to 2 am with re-entry allowed, meaning many people will be
      hitting the streets looking to spend their money. In its first year of
      existence (2002), the Festival was voted the Best Concert of the Year, by
      the City Pages.


      This year's festival is sure to garner more recognition and notoriety. Major
      stories are planned for the City Pages, Star-Tribune and Pulse and more are
      sure to come. Even publications out of the state are writing about this
      festival, such as the Seattle Stranger, Chicago Reader, Time Out New York,
      Arthur, the Wire and the San Francisco Bay-Guardian as well as major
      independent music magazines. We've been asked to come in and play records
      and talk about the festival on Radio K, WMCN Macalester College and the
      Drive 105 Homegrown Show. As well, the official festival posters are being
      designed by the internationally renowned local design company Aesthetic
      Apparatus http://www.aestheticapparatus.com Point being the coverage on
      this is going to be massive hence the importance of getting your name out
      there in the program. Its effectiveness is quite unquestionable; numerous
      people WILL seek you out. The final addition to this wonderful advertising
      opportunity is the incredible cost-effectiveness of the program; the ads
      themselves are considerably inexpensive comparative to your normal
      advertising budget. Consider that if just 1% of the festival attendees
      purchase a service from you, that that would mean that 20-30 people would
      be purchasing something over the course of the weekend who otherwise would
      not. An opportunity to amazing to decline!

      Those who want more than an advertisement are encouraged to sponsor the
      festival. Your name will be held synonymous with this wonderful experience.
      This option is especially usefull for those who have options besides
      advertisement. Individualized sponsor programs can be set up by emailing

      AD RATES:

      Back OUTSIDE Cover - $500 (TAKEN)
      Front INSIDE Cover $375
      Back INSIDE Cover (next to area map/schedule, lots a looks!) $350
      Full Page (4.5" x 7.5") - $190
      Half Page Horizontal (4.5" x 3.625") - $100 Half Page Vertical (2.125" x
      7.5") - $100 Quarter Page (2.125" x 3.5") - $55 Eighth Page (2.125" x 1.75")
      - $30 Value Ad (1.0625 x 1.75) - $15

      Please contact us further regarding ad rates and sizes if this is beyond
      your budget. We're very flexible and can meet your needs and budget. The
      deadline for ad submissions will be June 14th, 2006. An online form where
      you can reserve and pay for a standard size ad will soon be available at
      http://www.freedom-from.com/endtimes .

      You can email your ads to the following address:

      adamseverdps @ yahoo.com

      in word or pc files, illustrator, quark and photoshop are all compatible.

      Checks are payable to:
      End Times Festival
      1230 Washington St NE
      Minneapolis, MN 55413

      and you can mail your hardcopy ad to the following address:

      Adam Sever
      P.O. Box 2076
      Maple Grove, MN 55311

      However, the email method is preferred and much quicker. If you have any
      questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 612-396-6550 and ask for
      Matthew or you can also email us at endtimesfestival @ gmail.com

      Merchandise Tables will also likely be available for purchase, however, this
      option is still in the logistics phase. Those who do have interest are
      encouraged to email and reserve a table via the gmail.com address, and once
      information becomes pertinent and available, you will be notified of cost,
      etc. To reserve a table, please contact Ryan at captaindiet @ gmail.com.

      Festival Information As Follows:

      ST-PAUL MN
      JUNE 23 24 25



      Burning Star Core
      Cherry Blossoms
      Death Sentence: Panda!
      Flying Luttenbachers
      Magik Markers
      Mayor Daley
      Murder Murder
      Nate Denver's Neck
      Noel Von Harmonson
      Omen Compass (ex-Hale Zukas)
      Rusted Shut
      Scarcity of Tanks (feat. Plastic Crimewave & M. Yonkers) Slums Smegma Steve
      Mackay & Radon Ensemble (of The Stooges) Taiwan Deth Times New Viking
      Total Shutdown
      Yellow Swans
      *Special Secret Unannounced Guest!!!

      Sponsored by Radio K! http://www.radiok.org

      PLUS a "JAMZ" session wherein all participating members of the above bands
      get mixed up and put into new bands randomly with local experimental
      musicians of note!

      Current local performers:

      Paul Metzger
      Tim Glenn
      Freddie Votel (ex-Cows, TVBC)
      Tony Remple

      (website undergoing updates, please check later for full info)

      In need of a ride or a place to stay for the Festival? Go here!
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