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New release on Infraction Records from Milieu - Beyond the Sea Lies the Stars

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    Milieu - Beyond the Sea Lies the Stars CD (Infraction Records) Mining a provenance of sounds from a distant & disbanded orchestra Milieu reassembles then
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2006
      Milieu - Beyond the Sea Lies the Stars CD (Infraction Records)

      Mining a provenance of sounds from a distant & disbanded orchestra Milieu
      reassembles then quietly broadcasts the collected notes into a wide expanse. It
      is his first full ambient offering to be heard from a library of many hours of
      sound experimentation in drone, ambient and lush found sound litanies.
      Beyond the Sea is shrouded in distant fog…there are lights that seem to appear
      briefly and then are calmly eclipsed. There is a fascination in this nebulous
      balance of sonorous melodies from decades ago, almost hopeful, yet an
      undercurrent of a somber theme that is draped over the entire composition…

      This is Milieu’s first proper release – following two limited edition
      releases for the Belgian label U-Cover. Influences include The Caretaker’s ‘Haunted
      Ballroom’ and from William Basinski’s ‘Disintegration Loops’ series.

      Further info :

      MP3 samples :


      Purchasing info :


      Reviews :

      “solitary glimmering synth tones ever-looping in a vast wind tunnel, finding
      communion with kindred synth-spirits, spiralling around each other in elegiac
      meditation on loss, absence, memory. And gorgeous in its unadornment. “Vibrant
      Shores, Horizons” is suggestive of the celebratory pealing of churchbells and
      atavistic horn/pipe drones whilst being completely sonically other.” – e|i

      ”The rather profoundly titled 'Beyond The Sea Lies The Stars' from Milieu.
      This sounds well cinematic and is absolute chilled, floaty, spacey ambient
      bliss. This will make you feel like your floating in embryonic fluid and is
      absolutley gorgeous. This is produced by Brian Grainger and is on Infraction Records.
      This is my release of the week and if you don't buy it then you must be a bit
      chicken oriental. Stunning.” Norman records

      Thanks for looking,


      The below information is about http://www.infractionrecords.com/ and is a
      promotional signature containing some info. you may find at
      http://www.infractionrecords.com/. Proceed further knowing fully that you will read about releases
      on Infraction Records.

      Infraction Records


      Beautumn - White Coffee CD (INFX 011)

      Kiln - Thermals: Sonic-carousels, tonesheets, loopstrata and slow-wave
      microsymphonies 1993-2000 CD (INFX 017)

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      150 copies will include a bonus CDR (Beyond the Stars... INFX 019)"

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      Overdue reissue of an absolute ambient classic.

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