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UTECH RECORDS: May Transmission

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  • Keith Utech
    MAY TRANSMISSION NEWS: - All Roads Lead to Wisconsin- The Utech Records Special. KFJC, 89.7 FM, Los Altos Hills, CA.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2006
      MAY TRANSMISSION <http://www.utechrecords.com>


      - All Roads Lead to Wisconsin- The Utech Records Special. KFJC, 89.7 FM, Los
      Altos Hills, CA. Broadcast/live feed is Saturday, May 27 at 6 p.m. Look for
      interviews with Lasse Marhaug, Jesse Quattro, Tim Daisy and Steve Hubback as
      well as music spanning the entire Utech Records catalog.

      - Summer 06 will see the reissue of James Plotkin's "Kurtlanmak" [UR-022].
      This new release will be a factory pressed cd of 500. In addition to the
      original material there will be a solo performance from Argentina included
      as a bonus track. The final details are still to be worked out, however the
      project should start taking shape sooner than later.

      - Utech Records is happy to present some of the first confirmed dates for
      Tetuzi Akiyama's Nort American Tour. Additional cities/venues will be added
      in the coming weeks.
      Look for an official tour poster for sale at shows starting in San Antonio
      and at the Utech Records store in June. The edition is of 100. Can't say how
      long they will last.

      NORTH AMERICA 2006
      Confirmed Dates
      6 SAN ANTONIO; solo and duo w/Alan Licht, Salon Mijangos
      8 AUSTIN; solo and duo w/Kurt Newman, Little City Downtown
      12 PHILADELPHIA; Tequila Sunrise Records
      14 NYC; solo and duo w/Loren Connors, Tonic
      15 BROOKLYN; + Jaime Fennelly/Chris Forsyth/Shawn Edward Hansen,
      Free103point9 Project Space
      17 MONTREAL; The Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival, La Sala Rossa
      20 SAN DIEGO; venue tba
      24 LOS ANGELES; Schindler House
      25 LOS ANGELES; Eagle Rock Cultural Center
      29 SAN FRANCISCO; venue tba
      TOUR W/JEFFREY ALLPORT (6/30-7/5)
      30 SEATTLE; Gallery 1412
      1 VANCOUVER; Western Front
      3 VICTORIA; Open Space
      5 PORTLAND; venue tba
      6 CHICAGO; Empty Bottle
      8 MILWAUKEE; Hotcakes Gallery
      11 BOSTON; venue tba
      TOUR W/HARRIS NEWMAN (7/14-7/19)
      14 MONTREAL; Casa del Popolo
      15 OTTAWA; venue tba
      17 LONDON; Dissent
      18 TORONTO; Tranzac Club
      21 JACKSON; venue tba
      22 NEW ORLEANS; solo, duo and trio w/Donald Miller and Rob Cambre, The Big

      Here are the UTECH releases:

      BJERGA/IVERSEN "Most Things are Made of Water" [038] $11
      Drones crawl on hands and knees. Crackles pierce and solidify. Sound melts
      slowly away, pools, electrifying the void. Hand-assembled and numbered
      edition of 200 cdr.

      BROTTHAEST/PANY EP [039] $9
      Angular and arresting, the debut offering from Simon Schultz, Lars Myrvoll
      and Martin Larsen weaves gentle, organic instrumentation in and out of lush
      melody. Each piece skitters along always one step off leaving an ethereal
      haze in its wake. Hand-assembled and numbered edition of 200 cdr.

      ULTRALYD "Throb and Provision" EP [040] $9
      Kjetil Brandsdal (bass), Anders Hana (guitar), Kjetil Moster (sax) and
      Morten Olsen (drums) lay down a gut-wrenching caterwaul that burns and
      burns. The first feel-good record of the year! Hand-assembled and numbered
      edition of 200 cdr.

      MOEBIUS/MUELLER/SCHOENECKER "Amalgam" [041] $11
      Werner Moebius (computer, devices), Jon Mueller (percussion), Jim
      Schoenecker (synthesizer, shortwave radio) Electro acoustic slow motion
      interjected with rasp, scratch and feedback. Hand-assembled and numbered
      edition of 200 cdr.

      New to the STORE:

      JAMES PLOTKIN/TIM WYSKIDA "Eight Improvisations" aRCHIVE CD; 2006
      [archive19] $16
      Seventy+ min recording of eight wandering improvisations for guitar and
      drums tracked over the course of two days. Content ranges from ambient sound
      scapes to almost electric jazz. Probably differs a bit from others releases
      of this nature as both players have backgrounds in the fine art of heavy
      musik. Comes in blue and red cover. Single pressing of 1000 copies.

      JAZKAMER "Metal Music Machine" Asspiss LP; 2006 [AP01] $23
      With Metal Music Machine, Jazkamer has made the album that Lou Reed did not
      make, they have taken Lou on the word and made metal machine music in the
      right meaning of the words. Part of the Jazkamer team on this album are:
      Jørgen ³Dupermann² Træen of Toy, Ivar Bjørnson of Norwegian black metal
      legends Enslaved as well as Iver Sandøy and Olav Kristiseter of metalband
      Manngard. Artwork by the legendary English illustrator Savage Pencil.
      Beautiful edition on heavy vinyl. Import. Not available on cd until June.

      FRANK ROSALY "Solo" Molk Records cd-r; 2006 [MK-01] $9
      Frank Rosaly (Rempis Percussion Quartet, Mandarin Movie) delivers a
      brilliant solo recording of drums, percussion and electronics. Comes in a
      beautiful, stitched cover, complete with hand-stamped typography and an
      acetate insert. A labor of love to be sure. Promised edition of 100. Last I
      heard only 40 have been produced so far. In case Frank gets tired of making
      these pick one up now.

      HAL RAMMEL "Lost Data" Penumbra 7"; 2006 [Penumbra 45-01] $7
      Milwaukee photographer/writer/instrument builder/visual artist/musician Hal
      Rammel (Audiotrope, I-Beam) has pressed the first in a series of three 7"
      recordings of amplified palette. Mr. Rammel has realized an instrument of
      his own invention and plays with matchless skill. Edition of 150.

      BLACK TO COMM "Rückwärts Backwards" DEKORDER CD; 2006 [dekorder14] $16
      Debut full-length album recorded in Hamburg and the Black Forest located in
      the south of Germany. The album was created from scratchy shellac and vinyl
      loops merged with ambient field recordings and some voice manipulations
      and kitchen gamelan thrown in for good measure. The warm hiss of analogue
      recording techniques are combined with the antique sounds of vintage organs,
      acoustic & electric guitars, pianos, glockenspiel and mbira. The layered,
      hypnotic repetition of short loops extracted from old psychedelia, free
      jazz, vaudeville and traditional records reveal a haunting melodic quality
      sometimes indistinguishable within the original source material, evoking a
      hovering feeling of bittersweet melancholy with an
      omnipresent, slightly disturbing atmosphere hidden beneath the surface.

      JOHN HEGRE/MAJA RATKJE "Ballads" DEKORDER CD; 2006 [dekorder15] $16
      The first collaborative album by two key figures of the Norwegian
      noise/improv scene. Anyone expecting a rackety wall of distorted
      feedback guitars and voices will be surprised by the sparse and intimate
      sketches to be found on this wonderful record. Songs are stripped down to
      their most essential elements, revealing the soul behind the sound. The
      album culminates in "Hammock Moods", a quietly mesmerizing epic with Ratkje
      humming a beautiful melody over Hegre's gorgeous, psychedelic guitar.

      GAPING MAW "Two Improvisations" aRCHIVE CD; 2006 [archive20] $13
      Kurt Johnson may be most notable for his stint as the bassist in
      Chicago-based Flying Luttenbachers as well as this infernal racket. Sounds
      like the whole damn band being kicked down a flight of stairs over and over.
      Expectations of some light noodling or polite improv will meet with
      disappointment. With Kurt¹s background you should have known better. A low
      end, thundering monster of a release.
      Kurt Johnson- bass guitar, double bass, electronics
      Kyle Bruckmann- minimoog, electronics, suona
      Tatsuya Nakatani- drums percussion

      RYFYLKE "Boknafjord" Roggbif CD; 2005 [RR007] $12
      Flat white digipack with very faint images of a tree printed in a clear
      gloss overlay. Named after a region deep in the fjords of southwest Norway,
      Ryfylke is dedicated to creating slow erosions of sound, the gradual scaping
      away of a solid landscape by wind and rain, ice and seawater. Sten Ove Toft
      collects sounds, dirtying them up on old cassette machines and processing
      equipment, while Stian Skagen breaks them down into scintillating digital
      forms. Hailed as one of the strongest debuts to come out of the Norwegian
      noise scene. "Boknafjord" is a true phenomenon of pure, crystallized sound

      V/A "We Would Be Happy- A Noise Opera" Sunship CD; 2005 $7
      Features contributions from heavyweight noise maesters and distasters. Cock
      E.S.P., Costes, Lasse Marhaug, K.K. Null, Richard Ramirez and Smell & Quim.
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