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Playlist & Archive : L'etranger, Radio Panik, Brussels, 02/05..NOTPUNKJUNK!!

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  • drkoper
    L etranger, Radio Panik, .47, 02/05, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! Radio Panik 105.4FM, Brussels, Belgium Broadcasting over terrestrial airwaves of Brussels every Tuesday
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3 9:02 AM
      L'etranger, Radio Panik, .47, 02/05, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!

      Radio Panik 105.4FM, Brussels, Belgium

      Broadcasting over terrestrial airwaves of Brussels every Tuesday


      Presented by Kosten Koper, the show that brings you weird and
      shambolic sounds made by boys and girls

      Show ..47, Tuesday 2nd May 2006

      The archived version is now here to be held and fed with your ears.

      Download, subscribe or listen to the podcast :


      Playlist :

      1. "Seasons of Sickness" by Analtribe (feat.Tim Berresheim)
      from Mousse Party CD-R (New Amerika, Germany) 2006
      2. "All the Children Born Up Dead On The Heaving" by Lovely Little Girls
      from Panicsville / Lovely Little Girls split 7" (Nihilist, USA) 2005
      3. "Dazzling Solitude" by Kazuki Tomokawa
      from Yume Wa Hibi Genki Ni Shinde Yuku CD (PSF, Japan) 1999
      4. "Def Scriptorium" by Buffle
      from web site mp3, 2006
      5. "Funhouse" by Sibyl Vane
      from web site mp3, 2006
      6. "I Took My Broadband..." by Talibam
      from web site mp3, 2006
      7. "Kontrol" by De Brassers
      from Bloodstains Across Belgium ..2 LP (Atomium, Belgium) 1998
      8. "Rem" by Ohta Yohei + Sakagami Yuusuke + Hishiyama Kaori
      from SoloDuoTrio CD-R (No Label, Japan) 2004
      9. "Skull Aperture" by Brothers Of the Occult Sisterhood
      from Skull Aperture CS (Banner Elk, USA) 2005
      10. "The Misanthrope" by Xentos Jones
      from Resonance Vol.7 Number1 CD (Resonance, UK) 2002
      11. "Untitled" by Vodka Soap (Spencer Clark)
      from Reactionary Meditations Within The Chandelier Of Our Head CD-R
      (Wabana Ore Limited, USA) 2005
      12. "When Will" by Nonhorse
      from web site mp3, 2006
      13. "Why Can't We Sing About Something Nice" by Antidote
      from One Does Not Sell the Earth Upon Which the People Walk 7" (Agit
      Pap, UK) 1986

      Overlays :

      "Gunter Meets Doric On The Night Bus" by Gunter Saxenhammer (between
      tracks 1-7)
      from Naked And Alone CD (Diskono, UK) 2001
      "Auctioneers" by Shanghai Sound Unit (over track 9)
      from China, The Sonic Avant-Garde CD (Post Concrete, USA) 2003
      "Psychosomatique" by Etat Brut
      from 4 in 1 CS (Grafika Airlines, Belgium) 1980

      ALSO!! BONUS CUP!!

      Check the massive swelling archive of shows from 7th March with music
      from Magic Is Kuntmaster, The American Devices, First Nation, The
      Meatmen, The Joyous Cosmology Featuring Ludo Mich , Baboon Torture
      Division, Bam, Gastric Female Reflex, Paavoharju, Glen Olden, GOP,
      Badgerlore, Mechanique Vegetale, Felik Kubin, Hockyfrilla, Knit Witch,
      Comus, Pfefftiffuff, Holger Hiller & Thomas Fehlmann, Wounded Knee,
      Pink Section, Tenouti Yomezou, Richard Youngs, Supreme Dicks, Space
      Negros, Heavy Winged, Amos & Sara, Hildegard, Wolfmangler, Milk From
      Cheltenham, Gay Beast, Black Fag, Asi Mina, Abe Vigoda, Pansy
      Division, Jim Goad, DeSalvo, Panther Skull, Alejandra & Aeron, Dame
      Darcy, Pre, Drugs Are Nice, Sexual Dance, STNNNG, Uncle Homunculus,
      Current 93, The Weirdos, Warmer Milks, Les Enfants D'Chiennes, Violent
      Ramp, Whores Of Leith, Lexie Mountain, Japanther, Monno, LSD-March,
      Liedertafel Margot Honecker, Etron Fou Leloublan, Suishou No Fune,
      Dawson, Lisa Suckdog, Gastric Female Reflex, Don The Tiger, Laundry
      Room Squelchers, Bam, Country Teasers, Artex Monkey, Heather Leigh,
      Pinky Midland, The Bummer Road, Gaseneta, Junkie Brewster, Angel
      Corpus Christi, Au, Anticonceptivas, Um, Charlie McAlister, Flipper,
      Grey Daturas, Bruce Lose, Family Underground, The Sticks, Sun City
      Girls, Applied Asturias, The Good Anna, Mon Cousin Belge, Building A
      Building, Sonny Tufts, Half Japanese, Van Oehlen, Death To The Pigs,
      Club Moral, K.K. Rampage, Tropics Of Cancer, Le Sport, Avant
      Gardeners, Death Sentence: PANDA!, Hunter S Thompson,The Work,
      Frumpies, Lenin I Shumov, Made In Mexico, Hot Pants Romance, DJ
      Pussyturd, Bing Selfish, Les Aus, Icecreamchoppsticks, Yukhonic,
      Whitehouse, Dead Girls, DNSR TRN, Baktybek Shatenov, Ashtray
      Navigations, Foot Village, WW cat, Nackt Insecten, Jonathan Altfeld,
      Augst / Carl / Korn
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