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UTECH RECORDS: March Transmission

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  • Keith Utech
    MARCH TRANSMISSION NEWS: Beginning in March, Utech Records will implement a new kraft-finish, matchbook-style sleeve. The sleeve folds
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2006
      MARCH TRANSMISSION <www.utechrecords.com>

      Beginning in March, Utech Records will implement a new kraft-finish,
      matchbook-style sleeve. The sleeve folds up from a flat sheet to measure
      square and slightly smaller than a jewel case. No glue is used to assemble
      the pack. They are completely recyclable and use post-consumer paper. Labels
      will be printed on a recycled, off-white sheet referred to as "butcher"
      paper. The sheet has a beautiful, galvanized finish the works incredibly
      well with the black ink and organic look of the sleeve.

      Making a switch like this involves a considerable amount of time and effort.
      I feel you will see an end result that is in line with the Utech aesthetic.
      If you would like a visual, you can check out some pictures on the site.

      Here are the UTECH updates:

      STEVE BACZKOWSKI / RAVI PADMANAHBA "Tongue Rust & Lead Moth" [030] $11
      If you've not heard these gentlemen, I would say it is high time. Eight
      tracks of east coast bombast and free jazz like it was meant to be played.
      Spirit, fire and truth. Mark my words, Steve Baczkowski will become a legend
      in his own time. Recording taken from the aborted double duo tour with
      Flaherty/Corsano. Single duo of baritone sax and percussion. Hand-assembled
      and numbered edition of 200 cdr.

      MATANA ROBERTS QUARTET "The Calling" [030] $11
      From the AACM site: "Matana Roberts is a dynamic saxophonist, composer and
      improviser, who tries to expose in her music the mystical roots and
      spiritual traditions of African American creative expression while at the
      same time reflecting on the struggles and challenges one must battle in
      order to be a creative woman of color in the 21st century."
      While not playing in Burnt Sugar or around NYC, Chicago native Roberts leads
      a quartet comprised of Taylor Ho Bynum (coronet), Thomson Kneeland (bass)
      and Tomas Fujiwara (drums,percussion.) Recording includes original
      compostition as well as Ms. Roberts's unique arrangement of a few choice
      covers via Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and Sun Ra. Hand-assembled and
      numbered edition of 200 cdr.

      FESSENDEN "Inside the Ice Factory" [032] $11
      Joshua Convey (bass), Stephen Fiehn (guitar, cd players, click wheel),
      Steven Hess (drums, vibraphone.) Spectacular, one-track release recorded in
      Chicago last year. Like drifting Arctic waters in an atomic sub, slowly
      diving, headset plugged directly into the hull. Hand-assembled and numbered
      edition of 200 cdr.

      SILO [033] $11
      Nate Wooley, Audrey Chen, Leonel Kaplan and James Webster perform on an
      amalgam of trumpets, cello, voice and traditional maori instruments. Lengthy
      pieces drift in hollow space punctuated with cries, percussive strikes and
      broken instrumentation. Quite stunning. All of the music was performed and
      recorded in a silo in Columbia County, NY as part of the Music Omi
      International Musicians Residency. See <www.artomi.org> for more info on the
      Fields Sculpture Park and other programs. Hand-assembled and numbered
      edition of 200 cdr.

      New to the STORE:

      SKULL DEFEKTS "Open The Gates of Mimer" AA Records CD; 2006 [AA-04] $16
      Limited edition (500) live document from this summer's Norberg Festival
      (Sweden) entitled with Henrik Rylander, Joachim Nordwall, Thomas Ekelund and
      Lasse Marhaug. This is best described as a 55+ minute performance piece
      which comes in hand-printed and numbered covers made by Jeff Mueller at
      Dexterity Press in Chicago. Look for a Skull Defekts release on Utech this

      MIKE PRIDE "Scrambler" Not Two CD, Import; 2005 [MW-766] $20
      Recorded at the Knitting Factory Old Office, NYC, February 11, 2002.
      Mike Pride (drums, percussion), Tony Malaby (tenor sax), Charlie Looker
      (guitar) and William Parker (bass)
      1.A Cry For Unity 11:19, 2.Sometimes It Just Goes To Show 25:57, 3.A Prayer
      For Peace 13:54, 4.You Never Can Be Sure 27:04
      Two post-Coltrane improv masters meet two of the new breed. No holds barred
      communion pressed in a beautiful, heavy LP-style jacket. Import.

      Circulasione Totale CD; 2006 [CT-8] $13
      Alto sax, clarinets, acoustic bass, drums. First recording from the trio in
      over four years. These guys repeatedly show everyone else how it's done.
      Comes in a full-color, paperboard sleeve.

      Circulasione Totale CD; 2005 [CT-7] $13
      Alto sax, clarinets, electric guitar, drums, acoustic bass and live
      electronics. Comes in a full-color, paperboard sleeve.


      RAS MOSHE "INTO THE OPENNESS" Music Now Productions CD; 2002 $10
      NASH KONTROLL "Your Left Hand Just Exploded" CD [iDEAL027] $14
      MATS GUSTAFSSON/FRED LONBERG-HOLM "But a Cry Of Pain Rolls Up a Mountain" 7"
      [iDEAL028/KNING003] $9
      MATS GUSTAFSSON/LUCA TOMASSO MAI "While the Wind Mixes the Playing Cards of
      Polite Faces" 7" [iDEAL031/KNING004] $9
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