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Re: [thewire] UTECH RECORDS: February Transmission

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  • Keira Sinclair
    Hi Keith I am Head of Music at Fresh Air (Edinburgh student radio) and was wondering if you would consider sending me some of the Utech output. I ll put what I
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 14, 2006
      Hi Keith
      I am Head of Music at Fresh Air (Edinburgh student radio) and was wondering
      if you would consider sending me some of the Utech output. I'll put what I
      can on the playlist but it will most likely also get played on my show -
      experimental/improv/ambient type show called For Wild Music.
      If you need some more info then let me know

      On 2/14/06, Keith Utech <keithutech@...> wrote:
      > FEBRUARY TRANSMISSION <www.utechrecords.com>
      > NEWS:
      > Thanks to Derek Taylor at Bagatellen for writing a fantastic piece on the
      > label, the music and what it's all about
      > <http://www.bagatellen.com/archives/reviews/001169.html>
      > The UTECH updates:
      > TETUZI AKIYAMA "Striking Another Match" [027] $11
      > Tetuzi Akiyama has been liberating live recordings from his personal
      > archive
      > and this recording represents the second such release to hit this year -
      > the
      > first being the exceptional "Terrifying Street Trees" on Esquilo. Taken
      > directly from analog cassette, "Striking Another Match" showcases Tetuzi's
      > desolate and splintered blues guitar improvisation. As this is an
      > "official
      > bootleg", a decision was made by the artist and label to keep the sound as
      > true as possible to what was captured on the source tape. Yes, this is a
      > nice way of saying that there are rough spots, low levels and tape hiss.
      > Some will find this endearing and some will not. Please listen to the
      > sample
      > on the website if you are unsure. This is the acoustic set from a
      > performance in Tokyo at Loopline, 4/16/05. The electric set from this date
      > is still in the vaults. Hand assembled and numbered edition of 200 cdr.
      > Look
      > for a US tour to start on the west coast this summer.
      > SINISTRI "Timing the 183k Pulse" [028] $11
      > The title refers to the basic direction Sinistri (and friends) were
      > following during a
      > spontaneous performance recorded 8/21/05. In their words,
      > it was a
      > search for a nonmetric way to improvise around a given sampled
      > bass
      > vamp (183.000 digital samples in a buffer,
      > hence 183K) continously
      > re-segmented while played live. Sinistri's nonmetric music is a style of
      > music in which context the notion of a beat is replaced with that of pulse
      > and music development becomes an art of shape-shifting. Hand assembled and
      > numbered edition of 200 cdr.
      > TRIAGE "Stagger" [031-A/031-B] $16
      > Dave Rempis, Jason Ajemian and Tim Daisy. A beautiful double release
      > documenting the Chicago trio's 2004 tour of the east coast. Recorded in
      > Syracuse, NY, 9/5/04. These sets highlight songs from "American Mythology"
      > and "Twenty Minute Cliff" among others. It may be a while before we hear
      > anything new from Triage, so don't hesitate to pick this up. Hand
      > assembled
      > and numbered edition of 200 cdr. A big thank you to Michael Hentz
      > from New Thing Productions who organized the performance and kickstarted
      > the
      > release.
      > New to the STORE:
      > MOHA! "Raus Aus Stavanger" Rune Grammofon CD; 2006 [RCD-2049] $16
      > Duo of guitarist Anders Hana (23) and longtime friend and musical
      > collaborator, drummer Morten J. Olsen (24). Anders is also a member of
      > Jaga,
      > Noxagt, Ultralyd and Ingebrigt Flaten Quintet while Morten is a member of
      > Ultralyd and have played with a number of improvisers, including Axel
      > Dörner, Fred Frith and the late Steve Lacy. As a duo they have also
      > released
      > two very limited cdrs. "Raus Aus Stavanger" was recorded in the analogue
      > heaven of Athletic Sound, home of great sounding releases from Supersilent
      > and Scorch Trio. "Raus Aus Stavanger" was recorded live in the studio with
      > no overdubs, showing two young musicians at a very high level of control,
      > communication and creative powers, the music being a powerful mix of high
      > energy improv, slowburning drone riffing and detailed electronics.
      > IZITITIZ " With Our With Jazz" Conduit Creations/Sound@one Records LP;
      > 2002
      > [CC-2/S@1 59] $18
      > The vinyl debut of IZITITIZ, a collective of extrememly active, but
      > largely
      > off the map NYC improvisers. Initially organized by Matt Heyner of TEST
      > and
      > No-neck Blues Band, the group has been active on the roofs, in the
      > clubs/theaters and on the boats in and around the city since the early
      > 21st
      > century. High energy ecstatic ascensions, peaceful floating melodies and
      > unique oddities not easily described. Recorded at ABC NO RIO and the
      > Hinthouse. Ras Moshe, Matt Heyner,Carter Thornton, Jessie Wallace, James
      > Duncan. Released 6/15/02. Limited to a pressing of 500. Vinyl only.
      > Beautiful silk screened cover. I have a few available.
      > RAS MOSHE "INTO THE OPENNESS" Music Now Productions CD; 2003 $10
      > If you're looking to hear some pre-Utech sounds from Ras Moshe/Music Now
      > Unit this is it. Includes performances by Ras Moshe, Matt Lavelle, Matt
      > Heyner, Todd Nicholson and Jackson Krall.
      > Back in STOCK:
      > THE SKULL DEFEKTS "Rotating Feedback & Save the Skulls" CD [iDEAL036/AA05]
      > $16
      > Represented here by Henrik Rylander & Joachim Nordwall. Intense noise and
      > rhythmical hypnotic sounds with heavy drones. "Rotating Feedback & Save
      > The
      > Skulls" is a 40+ minute drone straight out of the dark depths. This is
      > monotonous math rock and advanced noise experiments at its best. Recorded
      > at
      > Studio Dental, Gothenburg, in autumn 2005. Limited edition of 200
      > hand-numbered copies and presented in a georgeous folder.
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