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Wreck: Yodeling Cliff Carlisle vs Carolina Cotton

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    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: 320: Battle of the CCs: Carolina Cotton vs Cliff Carlisle PTP in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2006
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: 320:
      Battle of the CCs: Carolina Cotton vs Cliff Carlisle

      PTP in the ether: 88.3FM
      Where purity & puerility are synonymous
      streaming via internet:

      9 Januari 2006 / 17.00-19.00

      "I love to yodel / all the songs of romance in the spring / I
      serenade a pony / but it won't mean matrimony /
      Cuz he can't buy a golden wedding ringŠ"
      o Carolina Cotton

      "She said I could sow my seed any time inside her ashcan"
      o Cliff Carlisle


      Yodel Mountain > Carolina Cotton [1]
      Why Did I Fall For Abner > Carolina Cotton [1]
      Three Miles South of Cash (In Arkansas) > Carolina Cotton [2]
      I Love to Yodel > Carolina Cotton [2]
      What's The Matter With You > Carolina Cotton [2]
      I'd Love to Be A Cowgirl (But I'm A-Scared of Cows) > Carolina Cotton [1]
      Cause I'm in Love > Carolina Cotton [1]
      Lovin' Ducky Daddy > Carolina Cotton [1]
      Mockingbird Yodel > Carolina Cotton [2]
      Mama Yo Quiero > Carolina Cotton [2]
      Betcha I Getcha > Carolina Cotton [1]
      You Got Me Wrapped Around Your Finger > Carolina Cotton [1]
      A Wild Cat Woman and a Tom Cat Man > Cliff Carlisle [3]
      Memphis Yodel > Cliff Carlisle [3]
      Cowboy Johnny's Last Ride > Cliff Carlisle [3]
      Get Her By The Tail on a Downhill Grade > Cliff Carlisle [3]
      My Travellin' Night > Cliff Carlisle [3]
      Seven Years with the Wrong Woman > Cliff Carlisle [3]
      Gamblin' Man > Cliff Carlisle [3]
      Hobo Blues > Cliff Carlisle [3]
      I Want a Good Woman > Cliff Carlisle [3]
      Tennessee Saturday Night > Carolina Cotton [2]
      Cattle Call > Carolina Cotton [2]
      You Always Keep Me in Hot Water > Carolina Cotton [2]
      You're Getting a Good Girl > Carolina Cotton [2]
      Rancho Grande > Carolina Cotton [2]
      Yodel, Yodel, Yodel > Carolina Cotton [1]
      I'm Gonna Round Up My Blues > Carolina Cotton [2]
      Boo Hoo Blues > Carolina Cotton [1]
      Nola > Carolina Cotton [2]
      Crime Will Never Pay > Carolina Cotton [1]
      Sal's Got a Meatskin > Cliff Carlisle [3]
      Gonna Raise a Ruckus Tonight > Cliff Carlisle [3]
      Onion Eating Mama > Cliff Carlisle [3]
      Memories That Haunt Me > Cliff Carlisle [3]
      Shanghai Rooster Yodel > Cliff Carlisle [3]
      Carolina Cotton Calls > Carolina Cotton [2]
      Wigglin' Mama > Cliff Carlisle [3]
      Tater Pie > Carolina Cotton [2]

      [1] "Yodel, Yodel, Yodel" <www.dagmar-anita-binge.de>. Dagmar Binge
      and her Cattle and Binge labels have done a great service to yodeling
      and obscure roots music that has been forgotten or over-shadowed by
      too much attention being paid to the already-too-well-known. She digs
      up material where people did not even know music existed. What could
      be better than an entire CD of yodeling by one of the greats? They
      love it so much they had to name this CD 3 times. Binge actually met
      Cotton a number of times before she died in 1997. Nice liner notes
      with information as well as personal insight. Cotton wrote a lot
      about her humble beginnings on a farm in Cash, Arkansas but the
      non-woe-is-me humor of her upbeat songs and yodels is what really
      affects me. She has depth without all the wallowing gloom. Cotton
      really made me see the value in happy songs, songs that can
      rejuvenate and even heal. Cotton was born Helen Hägström, daughter of
      an American mom and a Swedish farmer father in 1925. Her family moved
      around a lot in search of well-being. Eventually settling outside San
      Francisco. Carolina became a dancer at age 12 and by 1940 when she
      was only 15 she began yodeling with Dude Martin's Swing Band on radio
      KYA. She caught the eyes and ears of troubled genius Spade Cooley who
      hired her as his vocalist. In 1944, she debuted in a Hollywood movie
      via her friendship with Johnny Murvin, friend of silver screen
      yodeler, Gene Autry. She appeared in Sing, Neighbor, Sing with legend
      Roy Acuff. More film appearances in films that are only interesting
      for their musical interludes and their kitschy wooden b-movie
      qualities [that exude a charm all their own]. Many of these 'oaters'
      were enhanced only by her on-screen or soundtrack yodeling. She wrote
      some very catchy yodel songs which were used countless times in many
      filmsŠ she began her recording career after she entered the film
      world, sang with the great Hank Penny, cut a record in 1946 with very
      short-term husband Deuce Spriggens. She released 2 solo singles in
      1946 under her new name Carolina Cotton. In 1949, she toured with the
      incredible Sons of the Pioneers, famous for their mellifluous 3-part
      harmony yodels. She was the only daughter of the Pioneers. She sadly
      stopped recording in 1952 and did USO tours to serenade troops in
      Korea and elsewhere with her yodels. Carolina had 2 kids by a second
      marriage and later tired entirely of show biz and became a school

      [2] "Yodeling Blonde Bombshell" on Kit Fox<www.carolinacotton.org>.
      This was my second favorite CD in 2005. One track from this record
      will appear on my forthcoming ROUGH GUIDE TO THE YODEL. There are
      many reasons why. She had a true gift of yodeling, not just
      performing it as an ornament but as part of an infectious joy and
      humor that overwhelms you. She is undeniable, mixing effortless
      yodeling with smart and snappy lyrics that deal with the old
      male-female relational conflicts in a clever way. She was not above
      glibly claiming to be a true find in "You're Getting a Good Girl",
      brave enough to admit she's scared of cows "I'd Love to be a Cowgirl
      (But I'm a Scared of Cows)", the difficulties of relationships sung
      in a film with 3-month husband Deuce Spriggens "What' the Matter with
      You", and her love of yodeling "I Love to Yodel", which was used in
      four B-Westerns. These liner notes, as written by daughter Sharon
      Marie, are wonderful and give personal insights into the life of CC,
      especially the fact that she was such a natural performer and
      infectious yodeler and personality that she managed to coax yodels
      out of singing partners who were well known but not for their
      yodeling. The amazing thing was that by the age of 27 she already
      done enough to satisfy most. She had already had an entire career in
      15 years and then she stopped. She also recorded some [yodel] songs
      with Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. When you hear her yodeling on
      her virtuoso show-off number "Nola" you instantly realize you are
      listening to someone special. Better songwriter and yodeler than both
      Rosalie Allen and Patsy MontanaŠ CC died of ovarian cancer in 1997.

      [3] "Cliff Carlisle: A Country Legacy 1930-1939" on JSP Records is an
      excellent 4-CD Box Set that appeared in my Top of 2005. What I have
      always been interested is the ascendancy of chosen genius at the
      expense of others. Jimmie Rodgers at the expense of others like
      Carlisle. It is as if there is a snowball effect. One calls JR a
      genius and that leads to people showing why and others writing about
      it and soon you have a masters course in JR and CC is all but
      forgotten. Excellent liner notes by Pat Harrison by the way. Carlisle
      is profiled in my YODEL-AY-EE-OOOO [as is Cotton]. Both JR and CC
      were known as 'blue yodelers' but while JR wrote about glorifying
      mythifying yodel numbers, Carlisle could be considered JR heavy or JR
      was CC-Lite. CC's stuff/sound/lyrics were harder, cooler, heavier,
      more sinister, and insinuatingly sexier than JR's. His singing and
      yodeling career began in 1930 and early on he even recorded a number
      or 2 with JR. He often performed in a duo, eventually quite
      successfully with his brother Bill. His pedal steel work is pure
      blues and was inspired by the exotic invasion of Hawaiian music in
      the early 20th c. He inspired the use of the pedal steel in hillbilly
      and country. Born in Kentucky in the 1910s, he made quite a career
      out of combining excellent singing, acutely interesting lyrics, great
      pedal steel and very accomplished yodeling. He was a real connoisseur
      and bought every 78 with pedal steel on it. Like so many other
      musicians in America, he got his first guitar from the Sear-Roebuck
      Co. mail order catalog. He converted this ordinary guitar into a
      Hawaiian sounding one by adding a nut under the guitar strings that
      raised them. He debuted in 1924 as part of the shady tent show scene.
      His bluer period is perhaps his most interesting because it combined
      the blue yodeler format with double entendre sexy lyrics, barnyard
      imagery and double-sided humor. "Mouse Ear's Blues" is about
      defloration and the 'ears' are labia. His only rival in these 'dirty'
      lyrics was Jimmie Davis, later 2-time governor of Louisiana. The
      first stanza of sexual prowess standard "Shanghai Rooster" was
      written by JR and finished off by CC. Carlisle was both influenced by
      blues players and singers and in turn ended up influencing them. "Put
      that needle in the hole" he sing in his yodel standard "Nasty Swing,"
      one that has not lost its noir charm after all these years. He gave
      up the seedy for the religious when he stopped recording in the 1950s
      and turned to the life of a preacher.

      It is certainly gratifying to discover material like this based on
      lots of searching and waiting: my local blues shop ordered a similar
      Carlisle collection from, I think, Document Records, another
      excellent archeo-musicological [Austrian] label devoted to mostly
      North American roots music. But the record just never came in, I just
      kept seeing the shop-owner, a real blues aficionado, when I ran into
      him in the fruit aisle at the super market but for 5 months I waited
      and finally ran across this 4-CD set in the best record store in
      Amsterdam, Concerto. The next day in January, I saw the proprietor
      who told me the record had finally come inŠ The "Yodeling blonde
      Bombshell" comes courtesy of grand dame of western yodeling, Janet
      McBride who helped hook me up with Sharon Marie.

      I have struck up a bit of communication with Carolina Cotton daughter
      Sharon Marie who has done an excellent service for listeners by
      issuing this excellent collection: nice artwork, insightful liner
      notes, good soundŠ none of that feeling that it is an unloved quickie
      pressed out for profit's sake only. All 3 of the records featured
      were made with respect and love.
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