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The House of Hannover : An Encounter with Sonic Vegetables

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  • rinus van alebeek
    A grey beard, a hood to cover my head and the sickening illumination on the platform didn t do any good to my appearance: it was too severe. Arne, my host at
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2005
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      A grey beard, a hood to cover my head and the sickening illumination on the
      platform didn't do any good to my appearance: it was too severe. Arne, my
      host at Feinkostlampe, couldn't suppress a slight sense of fear that crawled
      over his face, when he saw me. When I arrived at the club I found out that
      it was not my resemblance to a prophet at the point to lay cities in ashes,
      that had impressed him: I looked exactly like Herr Ferdinand Lampe, the last
      proprietor of the grocery-shop Feinkost Lampe. A photograph on the wall in
      the kitchen was there to proove it. I looked at it in astonishment, and
      realised again that I needed a shave, badly. Then I took a pumpkin from a
      big pile, and tried to explain how west-africans make a ballophone.

      The history of Feinkostlampe, the club, started when Arne, as a child, got
      saved from a future life as a thieve thanks to Ferdinand Lampe. Arne wanted
      to steal an apple, and Ferdinand saw it, ticked on the window and called the
      boy inside. The old man wasn't angry with the boy. He offered him a
      delivery-job on saturdays. Arne stayed for years. His job made it possible
      to finance his study. When time lay his heavy hand on the shoulders of Herr
      Lampe, Arne was offered to take over the shop. It took him a long time to
      decide. He liked the smell of the fresh vegetables, that mingled with that
      of wood and jute sacks filled with potatoes. It was a smell that came from
      the years before he was born, because Herr Lampe had never modernized his
      shop. But the young man didn't see himself selling cabages for the rest of
      his life; he heard music.

      In comes Pahli, his girlfriend. The shop got redesigned: tables and
      christmaslights, easy chairs and chaisse-longues, the counter remained to
      serve as a bar, and also the name stayed the same. It would open every
      thursday. A bottle of beer will cost you one euro, and the programme is open
      to surprises. Pahli and Arne both work for local radio. Moreover Pahli
      belongs to a group of young writers, while Arne has learned to cook from
      Ferdinand's wife, Lotte.

      The evening I performed I had pumpkin soup. And on a table was dough and
      extra sweeties. And the place was full. And they all smoked. Ugh. And the
      ladies were making cookies. And the next day I had breakfast. And the sun
      was out. And when I got back to Wuppertal the town was covered by
      christmassnow. And bells were ringing. And the salvation army was singing.
      And there was peace on earth and bratwurstsmell in the streets.

      merry christmas everybody.

      this story was offerd to you by The no-budget Foundation

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