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PLAYLIST : L'étranger, Bruxelles, NOUS SOMMES les MEILLEURS! + FREE CD!!

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  • drkoper
    -- L ETRANGER (RADIO) L étranger is an out growth of the now defunkt weekly show on Radio Panik, 105.4FM, Brussels. From January, L étranger will broadcast
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2005
      --> L'ETRANGER (RADIO)

      L'étranger is an out growth of the now defunkt weekly show on Radio Panik, 105.4FM,
      Brussels. From January, L'étranger will broadcast twice a month over the internet at some
      god damn obscure hour (dates, times tbc).

      The web site contains links to all the artists, mp3s and other useless information.

      SHOW #34 Last show on Radio Panik! Broadcast 29th November. Theme : most played in

      PLAYLIST :

      Bit Cousin, Dan Treacy, Country Teasers, Lisa Suckdog, Kites, Lust Ionics, LA Drugs, Better
      Beatles, Impaled Northern Moonforest, Neung Phak, Kuchi Kuchi, Frump! Strumpet! Strife!,
      Foot Village, Plus Tech Squeezebox, Kraldjursanstalten, The Beale, Gerogerigegege,
      Antipixel, Pieter Kock, Experimental Dental School, La Societe Des Timides, Vernon &
      Burns, Axolotl, Martha Colburn, Eddie Noack, Tiny Tim, Jean Luc Aszcek, L Voag, The
      Stretchheads, Raunchy Young Lepers, Agency, Grouper, Anal Cunt, Etron fou Leloublan,
      Bing Selfish & The Ideals

      NEXT SHOW #35, January 2005 (date & time tbc), will include an archived live set from
      Adrian Teenbeat (supporting Frank Sidebottom)

      ARCHIVE :
      Jack The Rapper 'live' May 2005
      Kania Tieffer 'live' July 2005
      Jessica Rylan (Can't) 'live' August 2005


      The CD of 'La Boutique Aux Chansons' with poster by bronze maiden Dennis Tyfus is now
      available exclusively from Le Bonheur Epicerie audiovisuelle, Rue Antoine Dansaert, 196,
      1000 Brussels


      A project by Kosten Koper for Maîs Festival 2005, wherein members of the public sent in
      texts to be made into songs. The CD is a recording of the concert on 20th November 2005
      in PP Café, Brussels.

      Songs by Bing Selfish, Pieter Kock (The Hit Machine), The Retrosexuals, Kosten Koper &
      Quentin Legrand, Véronique Depiesse, The Candy Bitches. Singing the texts of Pascale
      Pollier, Hans Van Campenhout, David Evrard, Boris Bertrand, Edith Dekyndt, Jerome Giller,
      Pyderman, Julie Ortega, Aurore Maillet, Erik Verhaar, Karin Claeys, Jennine Passchier

      Available for a limited period GRATUIT! (that's French for FREE) at Le Bonheur or on
      request from myself.

      project web site --> http://www.inati2004.org/indexla.html
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