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best '05 writing/world journalism/Laurie Anderson, Caribou, Jandek articles

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  • Jason Gross - Perfect Sound Forever
    Greetings, Two things I wanted to ask about and share with this group. - Best Scribing of Year- I m compiling a listing of best music journalism of the year
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2005

      Two things I wanted to ask about and share with this group.

      - Best Scribing of Year- I'm compiling a listing of best music journalism
      of the year for rockcritics.com again. If you'd like to nominate anyone
      (including yourself!), please let me know.

      - World Journalism Project- I'm working to put together an anthology of the
      best music writers/criticism around the world, specifically outside America
      and England as these two places are over-represented. I've already been in
      touch with a number of writers from South America, Europe, Africa and
      Asia. I'm still in the early research phase of this project but if you'd
      like to recommend any writer (including yourself) or have any ideas about
      this, please let me know.

      And by the way... in the latest issue of Perfect Sound Forever online music
      magazine <http://www.perfectsoundforever.com>, you'll find (among other

      LAURIE ANDERSON- How avant is she really?
      "Society's imp matron, fairydust queen of the bourgeoisie, the bankable
      peripheral artiste, Anderson was so placed due to a lack of any threatening
      degree of talent which might upset ongoing accommodations to the demands of
      the disaffected nouveau semi-riche. She's the apotheosis of what some
      critics have long known: most of the reputedly esoteric art-fringe world is
      crammed to the gills with quasi-clever dilettantes who've been able to sink
      their canines into various frayed borders of the mode, knowing that
      practically no one really understands any of it and, thus, they're safe in
      their pretensions."

      CARIBOU INTERVIEW- Secrets of folktronica
      "Dan Snaith is one happy camper. Touring the world on the back of his third
      album The Milk of Human Kindness, the multi-instrumentalist, electronic
      musician/mathematician is rocking with a three-piece band. Their powerful
      pulsing concoction of Neu-wave metronomic grooves and unearthly radiophonic
      tones meshes with dueling drums, sequenced electronica and synchronised
      visuals (by Irish animators Delicious 9, whose Marino DVD collection of
      Caribou videos has just dropped!)"

      JANDEK- Tributes, reviews, live antics
      After crafting a mysterious persona for over 25 years, having no contact
      with the entertainment world other than his myriad of releases, the J man
      decided that it was time to interact with his legion of fans: did we ever
      think we'd actually be talking about a 'Jandek tour'??? All of this plus a
      recent documentary (Jandek on Corwood). To celebrate these momentous
      occasions, we have a lengthy overview of his entire recording career,
      reviews of the New York and Austin shows and an interview with intrepid
      guitarist Loren Mazzacane Connors, who accompanied J for one of his NYC shows.

      We're always looking for good writers and/or ideas so let us know if you
      have anything to share.

      See you online,

      Perfect Sound Forever- online music magazine since 1993- now new and
      Yei Wei Blog aka Wild Taste: <http://yeweiblog.blogspot.com/>
      Crazed by the Music blog: <http://blogs.popmatters.com/crazedbythemusic/>
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