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WRECK: Dub Collateral & Brain Damage

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    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: 307: Dub Collateral & Brain Damage PTP in the ether: 88.3FM Where purity
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2005
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: 307: Dub Collateral & Brain Damage

      PTP in the ether: 88.3FM
      Where purity & puerility are synonymous
      streaming via internet:

      10 Oktober 2005 / 17.00-19.00

      "Dub music for me is a beautiful example of mutation."
      o Brain Damage

      Ph neutre > Brain Damage vs Lab [1]
      Sabradub > Hybrid Sound System [2]
      Goma 2 Echo > Fedayi Pacha [3]
      Let Me Be Dub > Brain Damage vs Learoy Green [4]
      Diaspora > Fedayi Pacha [3]
      Sarangui > Hybrid Sound System [2]
      El Firat > Fedayi Pacha [3]
      My Father Dub > Brain Damage vs Learoy Green [4]
      Evil Empire > Dubbelstandart [5]
      Night of the Living Dead Samples
      Heavy Heavy Monster Dub > Dubbelstandart vs Manasseh [5]
      Cunjamal > Urban Dub vs Fairshare Unity Sound [6]
      Hey Ho > Dub Syndicate [7]
      EFT > Constricted Bandwidth [8]
      Night of the Living Dead Samples
      Vibronics Spirituational Remix > Vibronics vs Brain Damage [9]
      Dub Is What We Need > Twilight Circus Dub vs Big Youth [6]
      Hostile Borders > Datarapist [8]
      Dear Superfan > Super Stoned [10]
      Beer Mystic's Last Day on the Planet > Wreck This Mess vs Brain Damage [11]
      Dub the Tanx > Mossman [9]
      Lactose Vigilante > Champions of Super Winning [8]
      Severe Beating > Fedayi Pacha vs Brain Damage [9]
      Ten Thousand Cycles > Space Patrol [11]
      The Balance of the Cube > > Brain Damage vs Black Sifichi [4]
      9 Bass Channels > High Tone [12]


      [1] "Crooklyn Dub Outernational Presents Certified Dope, vol. 4:
      Babylon is Burning" on Word Sound <www.wordsound.com>. Perfectly
      captures the dystopic feel of New York, there is the grungy
      ever-present hum that you can't tell whether it is psycho-acoustic
      [literally] or whether it is just environmental gone mental Š In any
      case, our surroundings lead to paranoia, vigilance, jadedness and
      some of the darkest dub in the world. This was one of 2004's best.
      WordSound = RIP.

      [2] "SYNCHRONE" on Sound Arounds. Hypnotic dub-techno-jungle at its
      most dynamic and subtle. Hybrid Sound System out of Lyon is further
      proof of how rich and deep the French enthusiasm has become. The
      continual renewal and revamping of dub in France knows no boundsŠ
      Thanx to Black Sifichi for this one.

      [3] Dub Works (in mysterious waves) Hammerbass <www.hammerbass.fr>,
      2005. Ex-member of Another Sound System Experience produces a very
      nice extension of the exploration into oriental musics [middle and
      far east, south asia] and their application to dub. Lo-fi ambience
      and hi-fi execution .I hear elements of Seven Sages of Mesopotamia,
      Ayisha Kandisha Jarring Effects, Laswell, some Wordsound but with a
      cheerier beat. Even some Augustus Pablo. Recommended.

      [4] "Ashes to Ashes - Dub to Dub" on Hammerbass <www.hammerbass.fr>.
      More great dub from France. As noted months/years earlier, there is
      something fluid and natural about French dub, something to do with
      the way that the language falls right in among the deep breathtaking
      bass beats. This is one of the best of the year and not just because
      BS interprets an excerpt from our scurrilous co-written short story
      "Wet Dreams of the Pope" [also found in Wiggling Wishbone: Stories of
      Pata-Sexual Speculation" Autonomedia, 1995]. Stay tuned for
      interesting collaboration of spoken word and dub forthcoming. Read
      interview with Bangarang/Martin/Brain Damage below.

      [5] "Heavy Heavy Monster Dub" on Echo Beach <www.echobeach.de>. One
      of the best dub projects out of Germany. Voice Zasksy once did live
      toasting on WTM when we were still in Kalenderpanden. His voice comes
      straight from the DNA scraped from the throat of Prince Far I.

      [6] "Shake the Nations! On Dubhead. Top 25 of 2004. Up there with
      vol. 1 of Echo Beach's "French Dub Connection" as one of the best
      intros to 21st-century dub in France.

      [7] "Strike the Balance: on On-U Sound vinyl, 1989. Still one of my
      faves. They are great live as well. My intrepid concert hopper of the
      mid-90s once fainted at a DS concert, the bass vibes were so heavy
      they worked like hypnotic knock-out pillsŠ

      [8] "The Ottoman Empire" on CouchFort <www.couch-fort.com>.
      Distressed beats, claustrophobic rhythms, nervous and noisy,
      impatient and dynamic, intrepid and snotty. Sonic warfare.

      [9] "Combat Dub 2" on Hammerbass <www.hammerbass.fr> is a mixed bag
      of remixes by Brain Damage. The remixes are only as good as the
      original dub compositions but overall a rousing bunch of bass
      fragmenters. Music on the edge of warfare. Bearing flowers with
      thorns. Recommended.

      [10] "Superman/Superfan" on Jarring Effects
      <www.jarringeffects.free.fr>. Out of the dental cavity of Manchester,
      the anal cavity of the Velvet Underground, the ruminal cavity of Sig
      Sigue Sputnik comes this shambles of what genius used to look like in
      the time of Tiny Tim and T. Rex. See also Norscq & Black Sifichi.
      Just when you thought it was safe to walk Laurie Anderson's dog in
      the nude...

      [11] My own version of a track that is about to happen - Beer Mystic
      vs. Brain Damage. Psycho-tropic terror. Spoken Dub. Look for it in

      [12] "Wave Digger" on Jarring Effects 2005
      <http://jarringeffects.free.fr>. This is one of the most propulsive
      and dynamic bands currently operating in France - and there are
      plenty of top-notch band to compete with. They manage to forge this
      Mad Max amalgam of mangled steel, of massive dub, machine gun drum n
      bass, Rip hop and warped jungle, techno, ethnic musics and trance and
      ingenious old style sampling of dying cultural remnants. They are
      live, loud and yet every bit as virtual as well. They lean towards
      popular and then end up circular sawing it into kindling. Their
      experimentation never leaves you on the outside, we are part of the
      dialect, we are in the dialogue shaking our heads yes. High Tone
      always ends up in my end-of-the-year top records. They never leave
      traces of their roots - Lee Perry and King Tubby and early On-U Sound
      - far behind as they seek to reinvent dub for the crumbling glories
      of the 21st century.


      Interview with Martin of Brain Damage / Bangarang <bangarang@...>:

      WTM: What are your inspirational sources? Old King Tubby / Prince Far
      I / Mad Professor and Adrian Sherwood? or early Wordsound / Laswell
      axiom dub? How did you get started on the road to dub? were you an
      early/young fan of dub?

      BD: First thing: I discovered dub before reggae! Thanks to my brother
      (6 years older), I was only 10 years old when I began to like On-u
      sound's first releases: Dub Syndicate, Mark Stewart, Creation Rebel,
      New Age Steppers etc... and also a lot of punk rock bands like The
      Clash, The Ruts, or the Bad Brains... Later, I fall as well in love
      with what was done in Jamaica during the 60s/70s - Lee Perry more
      than Tubby, Prince Far I of course, Burning Spear, Studio 1, and so
      on ... I kept following what dub was becoming outside Jamaica during
      the 80s/90s: On-u sound of course, and then this UK new roots wave
      (Alpha & Omega, Disciples, Zion Train, Iration Steppas...), but also
      Wordsound in Brooklyn, New York, not even early productions, but
      until the end of the label (RIP!)... Laswell as well and more
      recently, Rhythm and Sounds, and couple of things from Berlin.

      WTM: Similar to me. I saw the on-u sound gigs in NY. It changed my
      ears and life and the way I listen to music. Everything thereafter
      suddenly sounded so flat!

      BD: Something different: I always liked very much Pink Floyd's early
      recordings (please check this "live in Pompei" reissue in DVD!), and
      ambient German stuff like Tangerine Dream (early stuff as well!),
      which may be curious as in the same time as i said, i liked punk rock
      so much... Weird combination as punk rock was born against those
      hippies stuff!

      WTM: Funny! Secretly I believe a lot of interesting [cool?] musicians
      probably like some perceived nerdier things

      BD: You have to know that I have always been a HUGE fan of: Neil
      Young, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie and Leonard Cohen....

      WTM: I just saw the great Dylan BBC Scorcese special. Dylan was VERY
      punk - treading on the mushy tundra of repressive trad. musician land
      - and had first REAL rap single/video [subterranean homesick blues].
      I have seen Dylan 3 times Neil Young 2 [albeit both more than 20
      years ago!]. I also REALLY like the angrier later Leonard Cohen stuff
      and his no-nonsense poesie. I actually love Gainsbourg more than all
      of these 'bad'-singing voices, however. especially the recent reissue
      dub stuff but also the jazz stuff. When and why did you decide to
      make your own dub?

      BD: Not so long ago! Brain Damage and Bangarang are my very first dub
      projects, born in 1999. I have released 2 EPs, 3 compilations, and 2
      Brain Damage albums. The third one is on its way... next release is
      April 2006. A lot of collaborations via remixes: Spectre/Wordsound,
      Scorn/Mick Harris, Zion Train, Alpha & Omega, Vibronics, Jah Warrior,
      The Disciples, Alter Echo/BSI, Tena Stelin, Learoy Green, Black
      Sifichi... And a lot of artists from this amazing new French dub

      WTM: What does dub mean to you beyond just a great [alternative state
      of consciousness] sound?

      BD: Dub music for me is a beautiful example of mutation. Mutation,
      that is the most important thing for me for keeping something alive!
      Born in Jamaica, the dub became something else when it came to the
      UK, then to the US, or Germany, or Japan, and more recently France.
      Dub music will never die as it stays in an everlasting mutation
      state! Thanks to the different cultures involved, and the evolution
      of technology as well...

      WTM: Much of the dub I listen to seems to have a number of messages
      that seem to run contrary to most of the trends in pop music - slow /
      deep / gloomy [often] / like a sabot or counter-friction in the
      hyper-speed world...

      BD: I just told you about the fact that I love punk rock as much as
      ambiant stuff. For me, dub music can contains both feelings!
      Consciousness / Poetry and Ambience / Energy. Please, hear these
      Brain Damage albums, and then go to see us live: the albums are
      studio projects, very quiet and ambient, as the live performances are
      so much based on pure energy!

      WTM: Why is dub becoming such a respected sound in France and why are
      there so many interesting deep dub outfits in France these days? [I
      mean, in comparison to other lands]

      BD: During the 80's, in France, we had a huge punk rock scene, pure
      energy, revendications and french lyrics, that we will never forget:
      Berurier noir, OTH, Les Thugs etc... This is that very scene who
      turned itself into this amazing french dub scene during the end of
      the 90s. You will find a lot of very good live dub bands here: High
      Tone, Zenzile, Improvisator's Dub, Kaly live Dub etc... You can ask
      all these people about where they come from: same result: punk
      rock/hard core.

      WTM: Yes, that is true especially Treponem Pal! i saw the Berurier
      Noir as well. very similar to clash, ruts, PiL [and many other]
      coming to dub.

      BD: So, I guess it happens here in France the same thing that
      happened in the uk during the 80s: The meeting between punk rock and
      reggae! It just happened later because hey! This is France, and not
      the uk! We needed more time i guess, and you have to consider as well
      that we do had not this historical past the uk have with Jamaica, so
      the dub and the reggae has to come in the uk first, before its
      arrival here in France. The difference is how the French people are
      currently explaining their dub, which is not the same as in the UK
      over the last few years. Especially during live performances.

      WTM: you seem to be fascinated [ashes to ashes] with the
      possibilities of spoken word + dub as a small sub-genre... how did
      this arise?

      BD: I have always loved spoken word. Beginning many years ago, when I
      discovered what Dylan and Woody Guthrie have done! Of course, I could
      tell you about Prince far I and LKJ as well. And then I met Black
      Sifichi! The next Brain Damage album will take spoken word as a main

      WTM: I am also a fan of woody guthrie and i just wrote an article
      about his contemporary, yodeler jimmie rodgers for the rock and roll
      museum in cleveland. i notice that a lot of good young punky or noisy
      types end up going deep into ROOTS music - like the mekons among

      BD: It's funny to see how much taste we have in common! It certainly
      is logical in some ways I guess... I like Gainsbourg too, mostly the
      2 reggae albums of course (spoken dub again!), and early stuff as

      Notes on other Patapoe audionauts & nuts:

      o Jonges v/d Vlakte [Boys from the Plains]: "De cottonpickin' Jongens
      van de cottonpickin' Vlakte" play a piquant, illuminating, and
      playfully irritating mix of faulty music, of near-misses, of obscure
      failures, of world music that is not from this world 19.00-20.30
      [Dutch time, subtract 1 hr for UK, subtract 6 hrs for US East Coast]
      Mondays @ PTP

      o Dr. Doo Wop is one of the most eccentric and stimulating radio
      shows anywhere. Sartre, DeSade, Doo Wop and music from the gonads.
      Now on Radio Patapoe on Sunday 17.00-18.00 Amsterdam time

      o Radio Antarctica is in temporary exile in the UK. Expect periodic
      patriotic broadcasts to rouse the troops on the mainland.

      o Rara Runnynose: "wonky-tonk, flop'n'roll, kids musique and
      infomercials live in a haunted house. tech? NO!" 17.00-19.00 Tuesdays

      o POLYPHAKE PLAPPERLAPAPP: "polyphone audioerosion featuring
      occasional beatweirdniks in an plaperlappap assemblage hosted by
      F.Fiasko 22:30-?? Wednesdays

      o Radio Worm: Rotterdam-based radio collective presents inventive
      programming to baffle all preconceptions. Midnight Sundays and in
      autopilot rotation.

      o HET PROGRAMMA: industrial lounge for collapsing people. Tuesdays 21:00
      * new home of Amsterdam's Radio Vrije Keyser: 89.6 FM
      * Radio Tonka, The Hague's 10-year-old free radio <www.radiotonka.nl/>
      * Radio Wanklank 90.9 FM, free radio in Wageningen <www.wanklank.nl>
      * Radio Libertaire, Paris 89.3 <http://dune2.info:5000/radiolib.m3u>
      * Black Sifichi / Audiometric is broadcast on :
      Aligre FM / 93.1 Paris (sat 22.30 - sun 7:00) http://www.aligrefm.org
      Eko Des Garrigues 88.5 FM Montpellier ( 19h - 22h)
      RTF 95.4 FM Limoges (wed 21h-23h) http://www.rtflimoges.com)

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      o Old playlists archived at <http://www.wfmu.org/~bart/
      o Selected Playlists at http://www.romanapoli.com/black/wreckthismess.html
      o Someday: <http://wreckthismess.com/>
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