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  • Stevo
    some of what I ve been playing over the last week Siouxsie & THe Banshees The Scream The new reissue of the 1st lp, comes with a second cd of Peel SEssions &
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2005
      some of what I've been playing over the last week
      Siouxsie & THe Banshees The Scream
      The new reissue of the 1st lp, comes with a second cd of Peel
      SEssions & 1track by the original guitarist (geezer before McKay)
      mainly pretty angular krautrock derived seeming stuff. Though I would
      guess Carcass' musical antecedents were more r'n'b derived possibly
      from T.Rex?

      Byrds Younger Than Yesterday
      the last lp fully with Crosby aboard (he'd apparently bevcome a horse
      by Notorious). Shows a pretty muscular rhythm section appearing.
      As with the Velvets stuff it's strange that the bands' 80s disciples
      seemed to lose that funky r'n'b type feel

      Jeffrey Lee Pierce Wildweed
      Blonde geezer does urban funk rock influenced record. Want to hear
      some of that live stuff myself. Different band though, represented
      here by the rewrite of Get Away

      Bruce Springsteen Greetings FRom Asbury Park
      The rush of images in the lyricism derive from mid 60s Dylan, there's
      also a somewhat jazzy feel reminiscent of Van though its a bit more
      50s rocky. Was JLP familiar with his early stuff?

      Tim Buckley Greetings FRom LA
      The funk lp from when he was rumoured to be Sly's chauffeur. Was the
      sleeve a send up of the above BRuce 1? The last essential studio lp
      by him anyway. There is later stuff both live and on compi that's
      well worth checking out though.

      Larry Young Lawrence of Newark
      Hyper balletic Space jazz stuff

      John Mclaughlin Devotion
      This was a lot more funky than I remember it. Is there a decent cd
      version of this, this is the celluloid version from the early 90s.
      There's some story about mishaps occurring with the master tapes
      which lead Alan Douglas to try out the filling in production work
      that he desecrated Hendrix with. Good lp anyway.

      Sly & THe Family Stone There's A Riot Going On
      One of his last lps before coke wrecked him totally though Fresh
      still does it for me. Apparently he wore the master tapes thin
      recording potential scores only to wipe them in the morning.

      God Anatomy of Addiction
      (really want to find out what else I need by these)
      Ultra heavy avant funk stuff by London based band I used to know.

      Killing Joke REvelations
      3rd lp by original goths innit? Production's weird like heavy ambient
      though a lot more aggressive. On headphones its like being in the
      womb like interior of a tank rolling through a battleground or

      Blue Oyster Cult Tyrranny & Mutilation
      Rock, yup. Lyricism great, rocking guitars yup
      Must get the 2 cds that bookend it, dunno about later stuff though.

      Grateful DEad Anthem of the Sun
      Box set version of the 2nd lp comes with a great live Alligator.
      23/8/68 one of their greatest live gigs to these ears anyway.

      PFM Storia di Un MInuto
      Italian prog stuff

      Tom WAits Heart of SAtuurday NIght
      still in the beatnik jazz era. Was he an influence on JLP at all?

      Crosby, Stills & Nash s/t
      I'm a big fan of CRosby's 60s & early 70s work.
      Guinevere here is lovely. Seems a bit loose to have an instrumental
      cover, must get that Miles Circle in The Round on cd. Pretty arrogant
      exchange between Cros & Miles over this wasn't there?

      DEvendra Barnhart Cripple CRow
      Well he may be a hippy but this is a great lp. Nice use of rhythm
      even if the lyricism does get twee in places

      Gene Clark No Other
      This is pretty essential. The great Cosmic American MUsic lp
      weird that Sly was in the studio for about half of this.
      Anyway Clarke was a brilliant lyricist & this cd with the bonus
      tracks is a lot better sounding than the Collector's Choice version

      Playn Jayn Friday 13th
      First band I followed turn out to be pretty awesome shocker. Wish
      somebody'd track them down & reissue this and the 5 Good Evils lp on
      a 2fer.
      I'm on the back cover of this live lp :)

      Van Der GRaaf Generator Pawn Hearts
      Prog that works. Listening to the remasters I could finally hear
      their heavy influence on a lot of the early 70s Italian scene.

      Thunderbirds Are Go
      a compi of various 60s&70s tv themes inc loads of Barry Gray

      several other things I can't think of offhand

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