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TODAY | Noise Cape festival '05 | Part 1 - Forbidden Fruits | DEN HAAG

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  • Peter Taylor
    TODAY!!! Noise Cape 2005 www.noisecape.nl Saturday 15 oct from 20.00 to 24.00 Prinsegracht 8 Den Haag Ticket: 5 euro Noise Cape s sluice gates open on Saturday
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2005

      Noise Cape 2005


      Saturday 15 oct from 20.00 to 24.00

      Prinsegracht 8 Den Haag

      Ticket: 5 euro

      Noise Cape's sluice gates open on Saturday October 15
      for 2005's liberation theology of old testament
      styled, torah proportioned revelations in performance
      and sound.

      Part One: The Forbidden Fruit

      Costes (Fr)


      Costes' nouvelle vague of french-fried fecal filth and
      immorality will dump his sweet stinking naturist opera
      onto the unrepentant Noise Cape believers. For Costes
      though, it's just another day at the orifice - a man
      on the run he's banned from performing in his home
      country, Pilgrim Costes, we welcome you!

      Kunt (Auz)

      Although Den Haag's generous excess of Nederlands
      Kunst can maintain the steady gaze of both casual
      visitor and hardcore scenster alike, we're defiantly
      confident that audiences just won't have the restraint
      necessary to stop themselves from joyously coming from
      all over; mountain high to valley low, swinging round
      for what promises to be a wholesomely singular 2005
      Kunt appearance.

      Come and enjoy it while you still can, Noise Cape
      being this year's one and only opportunity to see Kunt
      in the Netherlands. They're two sparky Australians,
      sisters doing it for themselves, power tooling their
      way towards a veritable climax in sensation, innuendo
      and teasingly seductive sound performance.


      Rocco (Mx)

      Mr Chente Rodriguez Lima. a Chihuahua biting at the
      Xoloitzquintloid nuevos ricos' limpid heels, shall
      perform his d.i.y. or die, high nrg, rocco mulleted
      pop pestilence, tapping it out and wheeling it in for
      the noisecape bretheren.

      Julie Mittens (Nl)


      Carsten Vollmer unfortunately cancelled his show!
      In his place Julie Mittens, who will give a highly
      explosive and improvised jazz noise testimonium in the
      spirit of John Coltrane's 'Olatunji Concert'.

      Children of Israel, wander no more!


      Noise Cape's rebel gospel shall continue on Friday 9
      December '05.


      Noise Cape is an annual festival for new music,
      performance and sound related art.

      Organisational partners: edition '05: De Garage/ Den
      Haag Ruist/ Little Memo/ Helbaard

      With support of Fonds 1818, Prins Bernhard Fonds and
      city council of Den Haag

      See: www.noisecape.nl

      Flyer: www.zeloot.nl
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