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sean meehan solo release

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  • soseditions
    A few years ago, I played a solo set on a rooftop in New York. Sean also played that night. Being an outdoor event and party atmosphere I had to rethink my
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2005
      "A few years ago, I played a solo set on a rooftop in New York. Sean also played that night.
      Being an outdoor event and "party atmosphere" I had to rethink my approach and play in
      some way that would be 1. audible and 2. get people's attention so they'd actually listen. I
      asked if I could use the PA there, but was told I'd have to use my own mic, which I didn't
      have. So what could I do? I blasted and shrieked as much sound as I could get out of the
      instrument, I leaned out over the edge of the roof and used the building next door as an
      echoplex, I stood on top of a rickety bench that threatened to fall over, and generally
      physically and mentally exhausted myself trying to create some "music" that would "work"
      in the "context". Afterwards, I'd felt like I failed.

      Sean went up soon after and sat in the corner with his snare drum, pressed a small cymbal
      onto the head with his thumb and hit the cymbal with a mallet creating waves of sound
      that filled the rooftop and floated off towards the city limits. A drone filled the air, pitches
      diving and drifting off, fluctuations caused by the pressure of Sean's thumb. It was a
      stunning set. And as usual, Sean made it seem like exactly the right thing to do and, like
      a true master, made it seem easy. At the end of the night, Sean told me how much he
      enjoyed my set and asked me what I was thinking while I was playing. I said, "Probably the
      same thing you were thinking during your set." Sean replied, "My thumb hurts?"

      Moving forward: Here we have Sean's first solo CD since 1992 - so why not make it a
      double? And of course, it's exquisitely packaged in handmade paper - take it from
      someone who's fluffed out his discography with unlistenable objects ("to be played in the
      mind") in lieu of any kind of solo audio document in the last 13 years to know that the
      packaging is rather important - otherwise it's just 2 CDs of snare drum! But lucklily it's
      the best snare drum in the world. And at 500 copies, you'll want to get it while it's hot.
      Don't spend the next 13 years with sore thumbs at missing out."

      Greg Kelley
      September 2005

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