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NET RELEASE: trans005 Bill Thompson | Untitled (McAlpine)

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    Bill Thompson | Untitled (McAlpine) TRANS005 Net Release Date - August 2005 Codecs: .flac, .mp3, .ogg Physical in 2006 Edition 50
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2005
      Bill Thompson | Untitled (McAlpine)
      Net Release Date - August 2005
      Codecs: .flac, .mp3, .ogg
      Physical in 2006
      Edition 50


      "Chance favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur
      This work of stunning beauty presents itself more like a masterwork of compositional restraint and focused exploration of timbre than the enhanced field recording it is. Thompson's prepared mind allowed him to capture one of the most moving pieces of sound you are likely to experience this year. It must be heard to be believed…

      Artist Statement
      This piece uses sounds drawn from a field recording made only a few meters from my home off the north sea in the small Scottish fishing village of Footdee. Wind blowing through the unfinished structure of the new harbor tower created an aeolian harp that resonated across the village. Isolating these sounds from the gusts of wind and sea, I tried to create a piece that flowed as pure and natural as the original recording. hints of wind and sea are still evident, but now with a slightly removed, alien timbre. Extreme noise reduction and equalization were used on the sounds, but otherwise no additional processing was employed.

      Bill Thompson is a sound artist living in the north east of Scotland. Formerly of Texas where he was active in the Austin experimental music scene, he now spends his time recording buildings, boats and clay pots while hoping this will somehow count towards his pending PhD. He has written for acoustic, electro-acoustic, live-electronic, tape, and digital media, including several installations. as a performer, he uses an assortment of equipment ranging from prepared guitar, digital cd mixers, laptop, radio, and digital/analogue synthesizers, as well as found objects and diy circuit bent devices. Regardless of media, an attention to sound and presence is always foremost in his approach. More info can be found at www.billthompson.org


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