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  • K. Michael Babcock
    Also check out Norbert Moslang s (ex-Voice Crack) Distilled 3 CD, on sale for $4. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/norbert Norbert Moslang was, until recently, one
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 2, 2005
      Also check out Norbert Moslang's (ex-Voice Crack) Distilled 3" CD, on sale
      for $4.


      Norbert Moslang was, until recently, one half of the now defunct Swiss duo
      Voice Crack. 'Distilled' was constructed in the studio, using a live solo
      performance of "cracked everyday electronics" by the composer himself as its
      source material. In the studio, Moslang allowed the computer to "make
      calculations with two pieces" of the original performance. "If I liked it, I
      worked further on it, if I didn't like it I threw it away." The resulting
      composition - a distillation of the orginal recording into something new -
      moves tiny granular packets of sound throughout the audible frequency range
      and the stereo spectrum, drawing the listener into an artificial environment
      where sounds replace light as the dominant sensory input. 'Distilled', a
      remarkable departure from the "known Voice Crack sound", is an engaging and
      rewarding listening experience that, at just twenty minutes, fades away long
      before overstaying its welcome.

      On 8/2/05, K. Michael Babcock <aesova@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > Two years ago, Aesova released Tu m' and the Magical Mystery Orchestra. It
      > has received excellent reviews, but unfortunately, getting good distribution
      > has been next to impossible, with no distributor willing to pick up more
      > than 5-10 copies at a time, and not enough ears have had a chance to hear
      > what we think is a classic album. To encourage more people to hear it, we've
      > reduced the price to $4.99. At that price, we're hoping people will be
      > willing to give it a try. It might just become a favorite.
      > http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tum
      > Label Description:
      > BRILLIANT sonorities & gleaming tones, enchanting melodies, scratchy
      > textures & grainy surfaces - all born from the Magical Mystery Orchestra, a
      > "secret ensemble" of horns, strings, percussion, piano, and other
      > traditional instrumentation. The compositions of Rossano Polidoro (b.1970)
      > and Emiliano Romanelli (b.1979), together known to the world as Tu m',
      > were first played by the Magical Mystery Orchestra, then digitally
      > reprocessed and edited by the composers. This approach is a departure from
      > much of the previous Tu m' music, with the composers typically approaching
      > laptops directly as the point of compostion, here drawing inspiration from
      > the "colors of the acoustic instruments, in their simple and pure sound and
      > in their melodic reiteration in space." Ten uncommonly beautiful
      > electro-acoustic treasures.
      > Reviews:
      > The duo Tu m', with assistance from the Magical Mystery Orchestra, has
      > created a work of aural significance that bridges classical minimalism with
      > contemporary gitch and digital minimalism; reaching into new areas of sonic
      > art, and upholding and expanding their reign as one of the most important
      > composers and instrumentalists (digital or not) in today's living music
      > world. Steven Riech meets Tetsu Inoue. Do not miss out on this important
      > recording of Tu m's compositions, performed by the Orchestra, and
      > manipulated and shaped thereafter by these ground-breaking artists.
      > Reviewer: The Wire
      > THE WIRE (December 2003) On their latest album, the prolific Italian duo
      > of Rossano Polidoro and Emiliano Romanelli cut and layer shimmering loops of
      > their own 'secret orchestra', the music's textural sensuality and panoramic
      > expansiveness setting it apart from the sterility of most post-Oval glitch
      > output. Sounding entranced by the ghosts, shadows and refractions throw up
      > by their laptops, Tu m' fashion a variety of shifting soundscapes over the
      > album's 64 minutes, from the Steve Reichian "Glamour" to the flaking,
      > crumbling pianos of "Bye". Despite the extremity of the duo's processes, the
      > lush sonorities of the 'orchestra' shine through like rays of sunlight
      > reflected in mirror shards.
      > Reviewer: %Array
      > Tu m' - Italian duo Rossano Polidoro and Emiliano Romanelli - have an
      > uncanny ability to sculpt abandoned melodies into new and distinctive
      > shapes, whilst retaining the shimmering qualities of the originals. Like
      > goldsmiths re-working discarded jewellery, they hammer and polish,
      > painstakingly re-working - in the process creating diamond-like musical
      > gems. 'Tu m' and the Magical Mystery Orchestra' elevates their sonic palette
      > considerably, its idiosyncratic melodies insinuating themselves into your
      > consciousness effortlessly. The lush truncated strings of 'Glamour'
      > captivate from the moment it stutters into sparkling life, slowly building
      > to a gently incandescent audio glow. 'Before the Rain' continues in similar
      > fashion, a hesitant melody cycling - soft caresses of delicate melody. Their
      > recent releases have been likened to Fennesz's much acclaimed 'Endless
      > Summer' and its easy to see the comparison, but Tu m' are slowly, but surely
      > carving out their own distinctive voice. 'Tu m' and the Magical Mystery
      > Orchestra' demonstrates musical craftsmanship of a kind all too often
      > lacking in contemporary music, but truly deserving of recognition.
      > http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tum

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