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WRECK: Extreme Yodel in Amsterdam [radio & festival]

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: 295 Extreme Yodeling PTP in the ether: 88.3FM Where purity & puerility
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2005
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: 295 Extreme Yodeling

      PTP in the ether: 88.3FM
      Where purity & puerility are synonymous
      streaming via internet:

      5 Juli 2005 / 17.00-19.00


      Secret Agent Numbers Signals > G-1 Tyrolean Station [1]
      Ursonate Presto [Schwitters > Jaap Blonk [2]
      Yodel > Common Loon [3]
      Jodel Kip > Jopie Vogelvang [4]
      Chicken Yodel > Owen Blundell & Rex Dallas [5]
      Chicken Yodel > Kerry Christensen [6]
      Shanghai Rooster > Cackle Sisters [7]
      Irrintzi > Anonymous [8]
      Haiku Lingo > Shelley Hirsch & David Weinstein [9]
      O No Kimosabe > Volksmarsch [10]
      Standard Yodel > Korean Child [11]
      Wiry Twerp > The Goons [12]
      I'd Love to be a Cowgirl But I'm A-Scared of Cows > Carolina Cotton [13]
      Throat Yodel > Sainkho [14]
      Yakut Song > Lioudmila Khandi [15]
      The Place I Come > Magic Carpathians Project [16]
      Yodeling Ghost > Bing Crosby vs the Andrews Sisters [17]
      Angelique [The Swiss Maid] > André van Duin [18]
      Main Hoon Jhumroo > Kishore Kumar [19]
      Nils Juhan > Johan Anders Baer [20]
      Shawnee Stomp Dance > Shawnee Tribe [21]
      Big Chief Yodel > Big Chief Redbird [22]
      Mahur > Alim Qasimov [23]
      Kyrie > Toby Twining [24]
      Jungle Roots Dub > Lee Scratch Perry [25]
      Yodel Bomber > People Like Us [26]

      [1] The Conet Project, Irdial Discs, 1997,
      <http://www.ibmpcug.co.uk/~irdial/conet.htm> offers a thorough and
      well-documented sampling of recordings of 150 "numbers" stations
      KGB, NYC May 4, 2005]: The so-called G1 Tyrolean Music Station is
      radio straight out of a paranoid noir thriller. I see Harry Lime
      sitting on a sagging bed leaning over a dour night table frantically
      scribbling down numbers being recited by a sultry disembodied
      feminine sci-fi voice. Out of the wavering signal in the late night
      hours, after legitimate stations have retired, full of white noise
      and audio ghosts emerges a robotic female voice in a surly monotone:
      "71654 15266 21500 95320 ende...". On the other end, a diligent gray
      spook scribbling down the numbers on a pad, a decoding key open at
      his side. The decoded numbers messages giving detailed instructions
      on their next course of action. Simple, low-budget, effective - and
      enigmatic. Radio at its most bizarre and mystifying. It's not even
      clear whether it's really radio as we know it. What IS clear is that
      G1 was a small, peculiar part of what is commonly called "Spy Numbers
      Stations" that broadcast at high frequencies to transmit
      alpha-numerical one-way messages to [CIA, MI6, Mossad, Stasi, KGB,
      you name it] agents in the field from anonymous illegal [but perhaps
      sanctioned] stations and pirated frequencies.

      All of the governments and major broadcast networks implicated -
      including Swiss Radio International and the BBC - have regularly
      employed 1 of 2 strategies: plausible denial [with hints of indignant
      astonishment] or an open admission of their existence, the boldness
      of which subsequently closes the door to further discussion. G1
      usually commenced with a mishmosh of frothy German oompah beer
      drinking songs, kitschy yodel tunes of questionable vintage and an
      eerie or touching - you choose - tinkly music box rendition of the
      "Internationale", which prepared listeners for messages to come.
      These musical interludes were broadcast continuously between the
      alphanumerical recitations, followed by seven notes of the Communist
      "Internationale". Whether the yodeling served as cover, diversion,
      prelude, or as some kind of catalytic agent to the cryptic messages
      is not entirely clear. However, the broadcasts were riddled with
      glitches [tapes heard in reverse as they were rewound, clicks,
      coughs, miscues, fumbling with mic and tapes], which lent them a warm
      Inspector Clouseau-feel. Or was that all strategic diversion as well?

      [2] "Ursonate" Blonk does Schwitters. There are a number of other
      deliriously extreme connections between Dada and yodeling. To be
      pursued in follow-up book YODELING IN HI FI. Extremely recommended if
      you want a very lively version of Schwitters renowned sound poetry.

      [3] The common loon does an uncommonly good natural yodel. the kind
      that would have Beethoven chewing his notation.

      [4] Dutch retro-house and fun contemporary yodeler in the vein of
      Olga Lowina. Extreme fun.

      [5] Extremely down-under! The heat gets to yodelers in Australia as
      much as the next guy. Extreme poulet!

      [6] Extremely bravado bravura yodeling from former Disney-World
      Yodeler who may be the yodel equivalent of a porn star. He can go on
      and on and on.

      [7] Extremely extreme vocals. What was in that Checker Board chicken
      feed they advertised on radio?

      [8] "Spanish Recordings: Basque Country: Navarre" on Rounder, 2004.
      Originally recorded in 1952 by Alan Lomax and Jeannette Bell, these
      exceptional [and many unreleased] recordings offer a variety of
      Basque vocals from the Pyrenees to fishermen's harmonies and clear
      jotas, Navarrese traditional alboka horn, pipe and drum ensembles,
      plus the irrintzi, while traveling through Franco's Spain. The cry
      sounds part horse's whinny, part human laugh, and part exaltation of
      joy and is commonly used by shepherds and agricultural workers to
      communicate over distances. It is now sometimes used the way the
      yodel is, as the refrain of a popular song. Extreme!

      [9] "Haiku Lingo" on Review available No Man's Land
      <www.nomansland-records.de>. One of the extreme CD necessities.
      Extreme vocals for extreme times. Essential.

      [10] Kerry Christensen gets his wife involved and they yodel their
      way through a Rossini theme that became more known as the theme from
      the TV cowboy series "The Lone Ranger". Extreme edge of taste. Listen
      to at your own discretion.

      [11] Received a CD-R full of Korean and/or Japanese yodels from
      station manager Ken at WFMU. They are anonymous and amazingly
      extremely bad taste. Some are obvious Japanese-Swiss yodeler Takeo

      [12] Extremely funny satiric Brits take urine samples from anything
      in need of cultural damaging. Yodeling was also on their agenda.

      [13] Extremely gifted, extremely funny-witty, extremely under-valued
      yodeler who yodeled on many a dusty cowboy filmŠ

      [14] Extremely beautiful throat singer from Tuva who has emerged as
      extremely renowned world music performer with a gift for yodel-like
      epiglottal feats.

      [15] Extremely gorgeous, extremely mysterious yodeling from a singer
      on "songs from the Cold Seas" CD produced by Hector Zazou who
      promises an outtake I might use on a future yodel compilation.

      [16] "Sonic Suicide: Ethnoise #1" on Vivo <www.magiccarpathians.com>.
      Always top-notch speculative, wandering, searching vocal ambience
      that sways between spiritual, investigative, and heretical. Diamanda
      Galas finally finds the right drugs? I am not crazy! I am NOT hearing
      yodeling everywhere but definitely some fine ethno-ambient Carpathian
      yodeling although MCP insist there is no yodeling tradition there.
      Extremely atmospheric.

      [17] Extremely cool lackadaisical loungy yodeling from a cool guy.
      The Andrews sisters also yodel here and there in their repertoire.

      [18] Extremely well-regarded Dutch comedian who is sometimes very
      funny. Here does a very good send-up of a Roger Miller yodel tune
      that became a hit for Del Shannon.

      [19] Extremely gifted goofball humorist and producer of serious
      Bollywood art films was one of the most active in the musical
      appropriation of Western song styles. He can yodel among the best and
      he seems to be having an extremely good time while doing it.

      [20] Extremely moving joiking by this Nordic vocalist who yodeled
      this at the Lillehammer Olympics.

      [21] Yes even Native American Indians do it. Extremely interesting.

      [22] And sometimes Indians did it in a garage to produce 60s Indian
      garage rock yodeling. Extremely obscure although available on some

      [23] They also do it in Azerbaidjan, extremely well in extremely long

      [24] "Chrysalid Requiem" on Cantaloupe <www.cantaloupe.com>. Yodeling
      in a new classical environment. Refreshing like navigating a
      motorized skateboard through a cathedral naked except for an
      attractive gargoyle pattern of medieval-inspired tattoos.

      [25] LSP, idiot-savant-clown-jester-genius-messiah is willing to try
      ANYthing. He yodels on a number of tracks. Extremely intersting. Lots
      of satisfying clashes between dub-reggae-triphop and yodeling. That's

      [26] Engagé post-Negativland sampling and yodeling.

      *** You will certainly hear some of this if you happen to be in
      Amsterdam and happen to be able to make it to the first annual yodel
      festival on Saturday along the Nieuwe Meer on the southern edge of
      Amsterdam near the airport. There will be DJing [by me and DJ
      Irritainment] and live yodeling and alphorn playing and musicological
      yodel films and BAD softcore lederhosen yodel porn... Plus you can
      camp there. see more below for details...

      Yodel Festival -- First Annual!!
      9 - 10 July
      het Buitenland [along the Nieuwe Meer]
      Festival: 5 euro
      Kids FREE
      Festival+camping+jodel breakfast 10 euro

      jodel films, jodel reading, live jodel performance,
      jodel contest, jodel food & drink, jodel DJs

      Jodel-camping weekend about Jodel music
      focus on this global phenomenon found in ALL musical styles
      Techno / Hillbilly / House / Avant Garde / Rock / Funk / Dub / Hiphop /
      Punk / Jazz / Tirol-bergklassiekers / Country / CowboyŠ

      serious approach to this mostly jolly yodel culture
      a combo of recreational & informational

      Live performance:
      Kutzkelina & the Devil's Harmonica [Alpen Dub / Berlin]
      Olga Petersen [alphorn / yodel]

      Serious Films:
      Das Alphorn > Stefan Schwietert (conflict between kitsch & ethnic folklore)
      Ur Musig > Cyril Schläpfer (beautiful/ poeticabout still-isolated
      mountain culture)
      Mike Johnson Live > Mike Johnson (America's #1 Black Country Yodeler)

      Art Film:
      Blind Dog Yodeling in Kitchen > Erika Stücky
      (avant garde Swiss-American singer who has performed at Bimhuis )

      Bad Movies [1970s Alpine Softcore Yodel Erotic]:
      In Tirol Sex is Never Out of Fashion
      Tirol Sex Express
      Skirtchasers in Tirol

      Reading with 100 yodel samples:
      Bart Plantenga, author of
      Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo: The Secret History of Yodeling Around the World
      DJ Sets
      DJ Irritainment
      DJ Jodel Wreck

      zaterdag 9 juli
      16.00 camping open/jodeldisco
      18.00 jodeldiner
      19.30 reading
      20.30 jodel contest
      21.30 performances
      22.30 serious films
      zondag 10 juli
      09.30 - 11.00 jodel breakfast
      11.00 - film
      audio assistance: Erik Hobijn
      film programming: Menno Grootveld
      culinary details: Artischok
      press info: Menno = rabotnik@...
      boek info: bart plantenga = ninplant@...


      ---> * Jonges v/d Vlakte [Boys from the Plains] play a piquant,
      illuminating, and playfully irritating mix of faulty music, of
      near-misses, of obscure failures, of world music that is not from
      this world 19.00-20.30 Mondays @ PTP

      ---> * Dr. Doo Wop is one of the most eccentric and stimulating radio
      shows anywhere. Is now
      on Radio Patapoe on Sunday 17.00-18.00 Amsterdam time

      ---> * new home of Amsterdam's Radio Vrije Keyser: 89.6 FM

      ---> * Radio Tonka, The Hague's 10-year-old free radio station
      ---> * Radio Wanklank 90.9 FM, free radio in Wageningen <www.wanklank.nl>

      ---> * Radio Libertaire, Paris 89.3 <http://dune2.info:5000/radiolib.m3u>

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      o "plus another few hundred when it hits the BSI list!" Ezra
      o Old playlists archived at <http://www.wfmu.org/~bart/
      o Selected Playlists at http://www.romanapoli.com/black/wreckthismess.html
      o Someday: <http://wreckthismess.com/>
      o Check out excerpts from my erotic-dérive novel: Paris Sex Tete on
      Parisiana <http://www.parisiana.com/>


      CONTACT ninplant@... FOR REMOVAL

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