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hemlock next monday (san francisco)

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    BRINK: Other-Minded Music series presents Christopher Willits and Blevin Blectum Wednesday, May 25, at Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco San Francisco, CA
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2005
      BRINK: Other-Minded Music series
      presents Christopher Willits and Blevin Blectum
      Wednesday, May 25, at Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco

      San Francisco, CA (May 17, 2005) — BRINK: Other-Minded Music, a new monthly
      concert series by Other Minds, presents performances by Bay Area artists
      Christopher Willits and Blevin Blectum on Wednesday, May 25, at Hemlock Tavern
      (1131 Polk St., San Francisco; 21 and over only; $7 cover). Willits will
      perform a continuous live improvisation with guitar, computer, and homemade
      software, and Blectum will present a new piece of video and audio incorporating
      field recordings, with the working title “ARGIOPE ORBWEB.”

      Deemed by the San Francisco Bay Guardian as “the center cell of a rather
      complex indie-rock-avant-garde-electronic-art Venn diagram here in the Bay
      Area," Christopher Willit’s musical focus is characterized by guitar harmonies
      processed through custom-designed computer software, which generates a unique
      mixture of improvised melody and rhythm. Notes and phrases hook and weave,
      creating complex patterns of interlocking rhythms, melodies, and textures.
      Willits has released music on the labels 12k (USA), Ghostly International (USA),
      Fallt (Ireland), Sub Rosa (Belgium), Nibble (USA), Ache Records (Canada), and
      Plop (Japan), and has toured extensively in the U.S. and Japan.
      _<http://www.christopherwillits.com>_ (http://www.christopherwillits.com/)

      Blevin Blectum (formerly half of the duo Blectum From Blechdom) now works in
      solo or in the company of audio/video band SAGAN (with Wobbly and J Lesser),
      and occasionally moonlights as one of the voices of Drew Daniel's Soft Pink
      Truth. Living and working in Oakland, CA, she continues to create electronics
      with a more oblique slant on the basic BFB sensation of
      things-not-quite-right-here: clanking, creaking grooves and anti-grooves like “a coal-powered
      spacecraft from some steam-punk parallel universe, puffing and straining as it
      struggles to reach escape velocity, chopped, timed and stretched to the
      breaking/boiling point, generally fucked-with samples of everything from
      hand-slapped rain-drenched leaves and antique broken Beatnik banks to ProTooledFree
      classic disembodied-blissful-transvestite-stand-up-comic vocals.” Blevin
      recently released her third solo CD “Magic Maple” on Praemedia.
      _<http://blevin.lsr1.com>_ (http://blevin.lsr1.com/)

      Launched on April 27, 2005, BRINK: Other-Minded Music is a monthly concert
      series providing an intimate setting for performances by local, national, and
      international musicians and composers, with a focus on music experimentation.
      Held at Hemlock Tavern’s recently renovated, 100-person capacity performance
      space near downtown San Francisco, the series reflects Other Minds’
      commitment to the world community of composers and sound artists, and presents a new
      opportunity for developing “other-minded” artists, as well as artists
      seeking a more intimate forum to congregate and perform their works. Curated by
      Other Minds Program Director Bernard Francis Kyle and board member David
      Katznelson, along with guest curators, the series runs the last Wednesday of every
      month at 9:30 p.m.

      21 and over only. Cover charge: $7.

      Hemlock Tavern is located at 1131 Polk Street, between Post and Sutter, one
      block east of Van Ness Avenue. Hemlock features a newly expanded live music
      performance room, physically separate from the main bar, which was originally
      designed by studio recording engineers and underwent a renovation and
      expansion in January 2005. While retaining much of its beloved intimacy and charm,
      the room is now a somewhat bigger, and all-around improved, version of itself
      with a new 16' x 10' stage. The Hemlock Tavern received the 2004 SF Weekly
      award for "Best Intimate Venue."

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