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  • al margolis
    pogus 50 ayr road chester, ny 10918 fax 509 357 4319 l email pogal@pogus.com www.pogus.com May 2005 Release TWO SHIPS ELLEN BAND & DAVID LEE MYERS (Pogus
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2005
      50 ayr road chester, ny 10918
      fax 509 357 4319 l email pogal@...

      May 2005 Release

      (Pogus 21035-2)

      So Ellen and David ask me if I want to put out their electro-sonic
      collaboration. I am surprised. Not that I did not think the music would be
      great - which it is. I had no clue they knew each other, much less working
      together. Well they do. And they are. And here is the result - Two Ships.

      "Two heads are better than one" (sometimes)
      Anyone who's ever collaborated knows that collaboration can be a mixed bag.
      Those of us who have done it, likely seek it out because we recognize that
      the combined, mutual effort, will be greater than say - the individual
      parts. Also, some of us welcome the experience of joint effort. After all,
      music is a rather social medium and many of us enjoy the process of working
      together. It's possible that collaboration can be likened to the old
      sandbox metaphor - why not build it together and benefit from each other's
      strengths. On the other hand, we're only human and cooperation is not
      always easy to achieve especially when artistic egos are involved. It's no
      secret that artists have very specific ideas about how they want their art
      to be realized. It might make a great book some day, to have collaborators
      write about their respective experiences, both successful and difficult.
      However, that project exceeds the limits of this context.
      Performances by ELLEN BAND and DAVID LEE MYERS blend sonic environments and
      specialized electronic circuitry. Myers generates his signature "Feedback
      Music" using custom-built devices that "sing their own songs". The
      resulting sounds represent nothing other than the free circulation of
      electrons within, prompting one observer to describe them as arising "from
      the ether". Band carefully builds swirling layers of sonorous, textural,
      tone/noise clusters by mixing and processing lengthy samples from her field
      recordings of real-world sounds. Though their individual working styles are
      very different, their combined effort yields lush sonic densities that
      continually pulse and morph while complementing and contrasting each
      other's sonic expression.
      Sound artist and composer, Ellen Band creates works for performance, sound
      installation, and sound sculpture. In 2004, Portal Of Prayer, her
      full-length CD work was installed at Boston's Logan International Airport
      and The Boston Public Library from March 2nd - June 5th of 2004. Portal Of
      Prayer is the first completely audio-based work commissioned by the
      Institute Of Contemporary Art/Vita Brevis, Boston and is scheduled for
      commercial release through the ICA and Ms. Band by the end of 2005. The
      work received extensive reviews in the Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The
      Boston Phoenix, and Art New England, as well as interviews and airplay on
      Morning Edition on WBUR (NPR Boston) and WNYC's The Next Big Thing (NPR
      New York City and 100 national affiliates). Scheduled for release this
      spring on Pogus is Two Ships, a CD of electro-sonic collaborations with
      David Lee Myers. Her solo CD of sound art work, 90% Post Consumer Sound on
      XI Records, NYC, has received worldwide airplay and numerous reviews.
      David Lee Myers is a sound and visual artist living in New York City. He
      has produced music based on feedback principles since 1987, using his
      unique "feedback machines". As Arcane Device, and more recently under his
      own name, Myers has had some twenty recordings released by Recommended/ReR,
      Generator, Silent, RRRecords, Staalplaat, and other labels. In 2003,
      Myers' fourth collaborative album with Hamburg's Asmus Tietchens was
      released on the Line label in New York, and ReR has just released Pond, a
      CD with legendary electronic music pioneer Tod Dockstader.
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