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  • Stevo
    What have I been listening to this week? VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR Present. Very strong return to form from the reunited band. I think they ve changed a bit
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2005
      What have I been listening to this week?
      VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR Present. Very strong return to form from the
      reunited band. I think they've changed a bit since they don't seem to
      be consciously avoiding a groove any more. Walking into college today
      listening to the lp on my walkman I was wondering if there is much
      (if any) guitar on it or if what I took to be that was played on
      other instruments. I know Hammill took up playing it with the later
      Also has me wondering about what other bands have reunited this
      strongly. Can think of Mission of BUrma and Television. Any others?

      FALL Totally Wired THe Rough TRade compi.
      Didn't have quite a bit of this and found it cheap in a HMV sale
      which is nice.
      Loads of great stuff on here think it verges on colour instead of the
      b&w sound I half remembered it as.
      Is the site still up with all the lyrics printed? Was quite a
      revelation to me when I first read that. Think I had a lot of the
      lyrics wrong but then again it is in Salfordese or is that even more
      locally peculiar to Smith?

      PELT Ayahuasca Disc1
      Long droney largely instrumental acid drenched folk stuff. Has me
      wondering what its main influences are.
      Were there many doing things like this before their advent?

      STRAWBS From The Witchwood.
      Pretty good in places though the vocalist is an acquired taste and
      some of this does get a tad monochrome.
      Rick Wakeman's pretty good on it, as he is so often as a sideman (& I
      thunk I were a punk).

      RICHARD & LINDA THOMPSON Pour Down LIke Silver + I want to See The
      BRight LIghts Tonight
      Great dour folk rock from the early 70s. Bright LIghts is one of the
      best of the genre methinks especially in this remastered version.
      It's where the original of Calvary CRoss resides, here joined by a
      long live version as a bonus track. The lp is bolstered by some
      strange instrumentation, crumhorns and accordians etc but really is
      rather tasteful
      Pour Down LIke Silver has R&L as recent sufi converts and is pretty
      sparse. Apparently Richard thought he'd add a lot of overdubbing
      later then thought better of it. Works dashed well anyway.

      NICK CAVE Bsides and rarities. Great to finally get a lot of this.
      Been wanting the Shane Macgowan collaboration since it came out.
      Somehow never got around to getting it.
      Great overview.

      SHELAGH MCDONALD Stargazer or Let No Man Steal Your THyme disc2.
      Bunged this on to make a walkman tape. Pretty great folk rock stuff
      with backing band including R THompson and several Actioin/Mighty
      Baby types among others. She is a bit like a female NIck DRake and
      uses the same orchestrator. Lovely.

      JACKSON C FRANK Blues Run The Game disc1. Bunged this on the bside of
      the aforementioned tape. Great folk singer, Especially the '75
      Listened to this on the walkman earlier today and I think it is
      absolutely archetypal. The guy was a brilliant singer and lyricist.
      Bert Jansch still does his song Carnival which is present here.
      The 1st disc of this set is the s/t lp from '64, a single version of
      the set's title track which has different guitar on it to the lp
      version plus the '75 material. Great throughout, yet another
      worthwhile Castle set. (look out for the fortcoming Comus 2cd with
      all their material on it too)

      STRAY Time Machine Disc1
      Pretty good compi of psychy stuf to melodic hard rock. Sounds in
      places like the next step after Small Faces/Action mod rock meets far
      more heavy. Glad I got played sme of their stuff over Xmas, think I
      might need to invest in the 1st couple of lps separately too.

      HAWKWIND Doremi Fasol Latido
      Getting into this band, could get much more into them. Was without
      much of them for ages, think they're one of the greatest things to
      come out of early 70s britain yum.
      Have been wondering what other early 70s brit spacerock there is than
      these and Pink Fairies, always assumed it was a larger 'scene' rather
      than just the couple of maverick bands.

      ALAN STIVELL BEst of
      compi of the pretty psychy cross between breton folk & rock that
      Stivell released in the early 70s. Must get a couple of the
      individual lps on cd too. Olympia LIve for 1.

      prompted by a review in the current Wire (why so late? they gave me
      this last DEcember) I went back and stuck this lp onto walkman tape.
      Totally bizarre stoned comments over fractured
      groove. I think the guitarist is pretty great, more strummed style
      than noodle. They were great in Cork, with a drummer guy who'd also
      had input with Caroliner.
      B-side of that tape is MU. I somehow haven't listened to this
      properly before. Listening to it through on headphones just shows how
      lysergic the elements are, possibly less weird than the Beefheart
      stuff that Jeff Cotton is on, he maintains that marimbaesque sound
      here though. Very good psychedelic folk/blues stuff. Do wonder if
      difference in sound is down to Sundazed remaster or my faulty memory.
      I thought the version I had on vinyl was the original, but I haven't
      seen that ion 9 years.

      Went to a Nightclub FRiday where they were playing a lot of 3rd World
      Funk including an Afro-Spacerock thing that I'm told comes from the
      luaka Bop World Psych compi volume 3. So've ordered it.
      Great heavy guitar, not something i'd expected from the continent at
      the time possibly greatest track ever heard I thought at the time.
      Rest of the dj set was pretty great too, he played Fela Kuti's Zombie
      just before and severaol tracks of Spanish(portuguese?) language rap.

      Oh yeah my other walkman tape's been JIMI HENDRIX live at
      Berkley/CASPAR BROTZMANN Home.
      Both sides are pretty visceral and have guitar as tone far more than
      classically played. Though Hendrix is far more melodic, Caspar's
      reflects the primitive artwork tyhat he adoprned his early lps with
      by sounding like bronosaurus roars.
      Sure I've played a lot of other stuff but can't think what.
      NpFinal REpublic Mobilization
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