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other minds concert in sf this wednesday

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    Other Minds launches BRINK: Other-Minded Music Monthly performance series premieres Wednesday, April 27, at Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco San Francisco,
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      Other Minds launches BRINK: Other-Minded Music
      Monthly performance series premieres Wednesday, April 27,
      at Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco
      San Francisco, CA (April 14, 2005) — On April 27, Other Minds launches B
      RINK: Other-Minded Music, a new monthly concert series providing an intimate
      setting for performances by local, national, and international musicians and
      composers, with a focus on music experimentation. Held at Hemlock Tavern’s
      recently renovated, 100-person capacity performance space near downtown San
      Francisco, the series reflects Other Minds’ commitment to the world community of
      composers and sound artists, and presents a new opportunity for developing “
      other-minded” artists, as well as artists seeking a more intimate forum to
      congregate and perform their works.
      BRINK’s inaugural concert features Lithuanian composer Vytautas
      Germanavicius, who will perform various works for electronics and traditional instruments
      with video projection, including “Luminous” for two shakuhachi flutes, alto
      saxophone, cello, piano, live electronics, and DVD/2 channel projection.
      Vytautas Germanavicius has composed many works for chamber ensembles,
      orchestra, choir, traditional instruments, and electronics, with a special interest
      in computer-controlled live sound performance. Having earned a B.A. and an
      M.A. in composition at the Lithuanian Academy of Music, he received a
      Fulbright Scholarship for electronic music and recording media studies at Mills
      College in 2003. His music has been performed in concerts and at international
      contemporary music festivals in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.
      BRINK’s inaugural concert also features Bay Area-based improviser Sudhu
      Tewari and his band TOLGA, which includes Tewari, Mark Bartscher and Cenk Ergün.
      TOLGA, featured recently on KQED's “Spark,” will perform various improvised
      pieces with laptops and homemade instruments, blending rich ambient textures
      with rambunctious brutality.
      A featured performer at the recent 11th Other Minds Music Festival, Sudhu
      Tewari is an electronic composer, tinkerer, and improvisor. An early interest
      in disassembling alarm clocks and coffee makers gave rise to electro-acoustic
      instruments constructed with the remains of discarded electronic equipment
      and big metal kinetic sound installations. Tewari also performs with guitarist
      Fred Frith as the duo Normal, and recently began playing with Eric Glick
      Rieman and his modified Rhodes piano.
      Upcoming BRINK performances include appearances on May 25 by Christopher
      Willits, who will present a continuous live improvisation with guitar, computer,
      and homemade software, and Blevin Blectum, who will perform “ARGIOPE ORBWEB”
      (working title), a new audio-video piece incorporating field recordings.
      Hemlock Tavern is located at 1131 Polk Street, between Post and Sutter, one
      block east of Van Ness Avenue.

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