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European Tour 2005, Actions, and others.

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  • hertzlion
    Hello unto you. If you re wondering whatever happened to the Actions list, it ll return with my return from Europe in mid-April. Most of this last year was
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      Hello unto you.

      If you're wondering whatever happened to the Actions list, it'll
      return with my return from Europe in mid-April. Most of this last
      year was given over to tidying up various areas of my scattered life,
      as well as research on a book about 100 years of violent cinema; some
      of those films are painfully yet understandably obscure and require no
      small amount of circuitous, fortuitous digging.
      I'll be in New York City - my first visit there - March 17 through
      March 21 for the No Fun Fest, so feel free to say hello if you see me
      there. If you're in London (March 22 - 26), Paris (March 28 - 29),
      Zurich (April 1 - April 3) or Barcelona (April 4 - 6), let me know if
      you've got time to visit. What follows is part of a small \\\ tour
      extolling the virtues of literalism and a series of my installations
      at various museums throughout Europe. Full itinerary follows this
      most obvious of all possible teasers.
      Nearly a year's worth of silence augurs some amount of treasure...


      David Cotner,


      1, Wednesday, March 16 - Los Angeles
      INSTALLATION: "Wishes".
      A series of pennies brightly painted and cast into the waters of
      the cascading fountains at the entrance of the museum. Gradual
      waterborne abrasion leads to cascading patterns of color at the lip of
      the waterfall. Ignore the gently twirling gum wrappers and occasional
      birds; they are not part of this piece.
      Los Angeles County Museum (3 p.m.)
      5905 Wilshire Boulevard
      Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA 90036

      2, Friday, March 18 - New York City
      INSTALLATION: "Wishes".
      A series of pennies brightly painted and cast into the waters of
      the reflecting pools in the Sculpture Garden. I am informed that it
      was once heresy to mix water and copper, lest one be accused of
      alchemical leanings. We all know how well that worked out.
      MoMA (10:30 a.m. - 8 p.m.)
      11 West 53 Street
      New York City, NEW YORK 10019-5497

      3, Tuesday, March 22 - London
      LIVE ACTION: Tonight, \\\ are David Cotner, Alena Kitson, and Simon
      Fisher Turner.
      In which we gaze into Webster's Dictionary and find:
      Main Entry: 1clin·ker
      Pronunciation: 'kli[ng]-kr
      Function: noun
      Etymology: alteration of earlier "klincard", a hard yellowish Dutch brick
      1: a brick that has been burned too much in the kiln
      2: stony matter fused together: SLAG
      Main Entry: 2clink·er
      Pronunciation: 'kli[ng]-k&r
      Function: noun
      Etymology: 1, clink
      1 British: something first-rate
      2a: a wrong note
      b: a serious mistake or error: BONER
      c: an utter failure: FLOP
      d: something of poor quality
      9 p.m., The Klinker Club (Dalston)
      The Sussex
      107A Culford Road
      London N1, ENGLAND
      0208 806 8216 fon
      Tube / Rail: Highbury and Islington, Dalston Kingsland
      Bus: 30, 38, 56, 67, 76, 236, 243, 277
      rf [at] freq.org.uk for more information

      4, Friday, March 25 - London
      INSTALLATIONS: "Wishes" and "What?".
      Tate Modern (10 a.m. - 10 p.m.)
      London SE1 9TG, ENGLAND
      "What?" is a motion study involving various individuals and their
      universal reactions to the sound of various pieces of metal sallying
      forth from points indeterminate.

      5, Monday, March 28 - Paris
      INSTALLATIONS: "See The Louver" and "Free".
      Musée du Louvre (9 a.m. - 6:45 p.m.)
      Rue de Rivoli
      Paris 1, FRANCE
      Many American tourists like to boast about "seeing the Louver". To
      better harmony between America and France, I shall leave a series of
      louvers like these:
      all around the Louvre, until I am caught or the louvers are removed.
      "Free" is a motion study of feathers, galleries and the art thereat
      which gradually becomes a second thought.

      6, Tuesday, March 29 - Paris
      LIVE ACTION: Tonight, \\\ are Alexandre Bellenger, David Cotner,
      and Alena Kitson.
      In which we play les voûtes (the arches) and ask why they are
      8 p.m., Les Voûtes
      19 rue des Frigos
      75013 Paris
      ex: 91 Quai Panhard & Levassor
      ex: 91 Quai de la gare
      Metro: 14 Météor - 6 Quai de la Gare
      Bus: 89 - 62

      7, Thursday, March 31 - Bern
      LIVE ACTION: Tonight, \\\ are David Cotner, Christoph Hess, and
      Alena Kitson
      In which we examine how things reset themselves.
      6 p.m., r3s3t mark3t
      Schützenmattstrasse 12
      CH-3012 Bern, SWITZERLAND
      031 41 0 31 301 23 75 fon
      info [at] r3s3t.ch for more information
      Also: DJ Tend-on/Off

      8, Friday, April 1 - Zürich
      LIVE ACTION: Tonight, \\\ are David Cotner and Alena Kitson.
      In which we play the Sue Ellen bar.
      Sue Ellen Bar
      Galerie Dynamo
      Wasserwerkstr. 21
      8006 Zürich, SWITZERLAND
      01 365 34 44 fon
      info [at] sueellen.info for more information

      9, Saturday, April 2 - Zürich
      LIVE ACTION: Tonight, \\\ are David Cotner and Alena Kitson.
      In which we investigate the properties of amplified chalk.
      Kalkbreitestrasse 1
      8300 Zürich, SWITZERLAND
      41 1 24 11 750 fon
      waldrand [at] widerstand.org for more information
      Also: Joke Lanz
      Pille Waldrand
      Xeno Volcano

      10, Monday, April 4 - Barcelona
      Park Güell (10 a.m. - 7 p.m.)
      Casa-Museu Gaudí
      Ctra Carmel, 23
      08024 Barcelona, SPAIN
      In which small houses of cards are built and left arbitrarily
      around the house.
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