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WRECK: Disassembled Elvis

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 279: Disassembled Elvis streaming via internet:
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2005
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 279: Disassembled Elvis

      streaming via internet: <http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/>

      PTP back in the ether soon: 88.3 FM
      New home of Radio Vrije Keyser: 89.6 FM
      <www.radiotonka.nl/ > Radio Tonka
      The Hague's free radio station is 10 years old

      17 January 2005 / 17-19.00

      "We don't murder. We kill."
      * Lee Marvin in "The Big Red One"

      45% of American married people named their car as the most important
      single thing in their lives.
      Only 6% named their children. 32% have personal names for their cars.
      14% of the men
      actually buy Valentine's Day presents for their cars.
      * Study by Progressive Insurance Company, 2003

      Dreamspin > Wende Bartley [1]
      Loonscape > Galaxy [2]
      Panagea > Wende Bartley [1]
      Jezebel > Zeena Parkins vs Ikue Mori [3]
      Dream River > Lynn Book vs Tatsu Aoki [4]
      Ghostlake > Zeena Parkins vs Ikue Mori [3]
      Priestess Aria > Wende Bartley [1]
      My Way > Elvis Presley
      Heartbreak Hotel > The Snobs
      Jailhouse Rock > The Residents
      Dress in Black > Them
      There's A Guy Works Down the Truckstop Swears He's Elvis > Kirsty McColl
      Baptize Me Over Elvis's Grave > Flies on Fire
      Don't Be Cruel > Otis Blackwell
      Don't Be Cruel > Elvis Presley
      Mystery Train > Little Junior's Blue Flames
      Straight A's in Love > Johnny Cash [5]
      Stagger Lee > Lloyd Price
      Train of Love > Johnny Cash [5]
      Bolero > Jeff Beck [6]
      Placenta Compressa > Morceaux de Machines [7]
      Call 911 > Jane Gilday [8]
      When I Was One-and-Twenty [Housman] > Eddie Woods [9]
      The Cobblestone is the Weapon of the Proletariat #1-3 > Leif Ellgren [10]
      Green My Envy > Eddie Woods [9]
      Insinuations > Eddie Woods [9]
      The January Man > Bert Jansch [11]
      Track Cut 2 > Ikue Mori vs DJ Olive [12]
      Climb Ev'ry Mountain > Jack First Band [13]
      North is Protected > Leif Ellgren [10]
      Blueprint for Aural Cathedrals > Judy Nylon vs Stuart Argabright & Chuck Hammer
      Placenta Compressa > Morceaux de Machines [7]


      [1] "Musicworks 90: Exploration in Sound" on Musicworks
      <www.musicworks.ca>. WB's work here is an exploration of what she
      calls "sound dreaming through the medium of the recorded and
      processed human voice. Don't let THAT deter you however. Pretty
      hauntingly beautiful. Intrepid and enduring series.

      [2] "Loons" on Galaxy Music , 1998. A bunch a loons standing
      knee-deep in lake water yodeling and complaining about their lives or
      maybe the hackneyed new age soporific symphonic strains.

      [3] "Phantom Orchard" on Mego <www.mego.at>. Two of the most
      relentlessly experimental of [female] experimenters. Interesting
      synthesis of organic and digitalised sources. Something verging on
      spectral and a kind of makeshift respite from undesired noise
      pollution. Top 30+ for 2004. I keep returning to this one.

      [4] "Strange Familiar" on BOOKish. Lynn Book is an extraordinary
      mellifluous extension of extended vocals, who combines wit and
      fervor, exploration and extrapolation beyond the drama queen Diamanda
      Galas into new areas of avant cabaret. She will be one of my guests
      during my second grand evening of yodeling at the Bowery Poetry Club
      on May 7. She will also accompany me and provide yodelistic
      tendencies at my reading at the KGB Club in NY on May 3. Be
      forewarned. Expect the unexpected sonic confabulationsŠ

      [5] "The Very Best of the Sun years" on Metro <www.
      unionsquareusic.co.uk>. Comparing this to the Rick Rubin
      resuscitations of JC I have to stick with the originals. Sadly, my
      partner always tries to buy me CDs I would never buy for myself. She
      bought me the "Unchained" Rubin-Cash gig. There is something
      painfully annoyin almost sycophantic about it. I REALLY wanted to
      like it to especially after reading an interview with Rubin, where he
      seemed genuine and rootful butŠ go for this stuff instead.

      [6] "Truth / Beck-Ola" on Epic vinyl. I keep testing my old old faves
      to see if they hold up under the grinding cruel inertia of time. In
      some ways he does. There is something visceral and pure pre-punk
      about his playing style that allowed it to be imbued with raw
      innocence and verveŠ

      [7] "Estrapade" on No Type <www.notype.com>. This noise concrete
      ensemble have a maximalist approach that borders between ecstatic and
      annoyance. It is like that TV show where nerds operate radio-powered
      robots in gladiator battles, at some point we begin to wonder which
      is whichŠ Exuberant snuffing in noise.

      [8] "14 Recordings" on Gilday. "Just call 911 for my fucking ordinary
      lifeŠ" Somewhere between Tom Robinson, Dave Edmunds, this
      crafts[wo]man, former male lead of the legendary American The The,
      has a melodic fragility that edges into satisfying bewildered
      bitterness - the best mixed emotion of all great pop.

      [9] "Dangerous Precipice" on Ins & Outs <metal.dragon@...>. The
      well-enunciated and well-thought-out rants of a man who has much left
      to say and will no doubt go on saying it in a way that makes the
      notions and hopes of the 1960s-70s seem dangerously avant. Do not
      tangle with his couplets, do not touch his sacred cows, he will bite
      your head off and spit it out in a way that is so charming that you
      will gratefully dine on this delicacy in a flash and all while
      dressed in diaphanous formal wear. Under-appreciated post-beat
      pre-punk poet.

      [10] " The Cobblestone is the Weapon of the Proletariat"
      <www.fireworkeditionrecords.com>. LE is an amazing audio
      conceptualist reminding me in certain visceral and contemporary
      reincarnated ways of Joseph Beuys. Don't ask me why - something about
      the meeting of iconoclasm and myth, the dynamic dispute between
      intellect and anarchy. Ritle comes from a stat by Russian artist Ivan
      Shadr, sound material for "the ten cobblestone songsŠ is from one
      recording made while throwing a cobblestone [once!] on the street
      outside Firework Edition, Stockholm, June 15, 2001.

      [11] "Now Then After: The City in the 21st Century" produced by
      Stuart Argabright [Voodooists]. Genius and still unreleased sonic
      architecture that bids adieu to making sense of our reality.

      [12] "Moonshine" on Reprise, 1972. "And the January man / Comes round
      again in woollen clothes / And boots of leather / To take another
      turn and walk along / The icy he knows so wellŠ"

      [13] "The sound of Music a Gogo" Studio 33. A replica of an
      imitation of a rip off of a cover. This manages to sound like
      intelligent post-modern reclamation of James Last's rejected and
      distilled fluff.

      * Trying to catch up a bit, clear out some older playlists while my
      work load and life demands only increase. Has this always been the
      phenomenon - as we add on years, our ability to feel relaxed inside
      them decreases. What I mean is this: I remember school summer
      vacations when I was 11 when time seemed to go on forever across
      endless pastures in upstate NY. You could sit around for days, play
      stick ball, board games, fuck around and still feel like there was
      time to kill to idle away. That feeling seems like a distant luxury
      now where every moment seems to be spoken for and sometimes a minutes
      must be divided between 2 or 3 interests simultaneouslyŠ
      multi-tasking, parsing an hour into ever busier and loaded 5 minute
      incrementsŠ and yet, despite a book with good reviews, I am still
      poor - not as poor as when I lived in NY/Brooklyn where/when my mere
      existence consumed money faster than my ability to earn it.
      There/then every dream was a lost dollar and I dreamed and wrote
      poetic gibberish for a [far too] long a timeŠ

      * Elvis segment was in[dis]conjunction with Elvis's birthday. He is
      someone I never quite comprehended other than the first furious years
      [pre-army]. He does seem to perfectly embody a segment of the
      American psyche: A martyr of his own bad-eating habits, he was kind
      of like a junk food Christ, all the more contemporary now that it is
      obvious that so many people are today willfully evolving into ticking
      time bomb stomachs like victims of excess as the fatal last somewhat
      inarticulate expression of their dis/satisfaction with consumption -
      consumed by their own consumption as junk food suicide bombers...
      British charts were topped by Elvis's "Jailhouse Rock" 27 years after
      his death. BMG is rereleasing all of Elvis's number one hits one per

      * Four American Psychologists & Economists in a study where nearly
      1000 women worldwide kept detailed journals, the Dutch were about the
      happiest people on earth [yikes!] followed by the Irish & Swiss &
      Ghanians [double, triple and quadruple yikes!].

      * A procurer-general [seems appropriate!] was picked up in Paris for
      soliciting a prostitute using a credit card stolen from a colleague
      shortly after he'd given a lecture at an ethics! conference.

      * News reports have reported what we all already know: 82% of TV
      advertising is NOT seen by the viewers [They zap, snack, grab a beer,
      stuff clothes into the drier while ads are on]. So, knowing this,
      maybe we can expect an 80% reduction in ads. Like all good religions
      of commerce, the parties in power will continue to suspend their
      sense of disbelief and continue to be the enemy of our dreams.


      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      o "plus another few hundred when it hits the BSI list!" Ezra
      o Old playlists archived at <www.wfmu.org/~bart/>
      o Selected Playlists at http: <//www.romanapoli.com/black/wreckthismess.html>
      o maybe some day: <wreckthismess.com/ >
      o Excerpts from my erotic-dérive novel: Paris Sex Tete on Parisiana
      <www.parisiana.com/ >


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