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2005 news - online audio release with Christian Fennesz, Steve Roden, Taylor Deupree, Kit Clayton, Stephan Mathieu, Alejandra & Aeron and others

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  • bremsstrahlung recordings
    Hello, bremsstrahlung recordings has undergone a few changes receintly and so we d like to let you know about our new focus, website and online-first label.
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 7, 2005

      bremsstrahlung recordings has undergone a few changes receintly and so we'd like to let you know about our new focus, website and "online-first" label.





      We have just overhauled our website and changed our URL address. We are no longer at www.lowercasesound.com but now at www.bremsstrahlung-recordings.org. The site has been completely redesigned, the content has been expanded and we have added an online-first release section.


      bremsstrahlung recordings is now a not-for-profit organization focusing on publishing egoless sound. Any profit made goes to help fund the nature sound preservation campaign "one square inch of silence," headed by Gordon Hempton. This is a quest to find one square inch within a national park in which "natural quiet" (absence of man-made sounds) exists. This campaign has already led to greater awareness of sound pollution in parks and caused airlines to redirect flight paths in order to better preserve "natural quiet." As the sole sponsor of this quest we will do what we can to ensure that work of raising awareness on noise pollution in national parks can continue. Currently Gordon is currently looking to conduct an acoustic survey to locate feasible one-inch sites in the ten national parks on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


      In the past four years we have watched the proliferation of quality online audio releases from such labels as Stasisfield, CON-V, Thinner/Autoplate and TERM. Our appreciation of these happenings has led to us desiring to share audio in a similar way. Each TRANS>PARENT RADIATION release will be made available for a limited time as high quality (192kbs) downloadable MP3 audio and then later issued as professionally duplicated, silk-screened CDRs with professionally printed handmade packaging. The edition runs will be small (50 � 100), hand numbered, and NOT reissued.

      Avaliable now:


      Spellewauerynsherde, Interpretations Various & Sundry


      Utilizing source material taken from reel to reel recordings of Icelandic accapella lament songs made in the late 1960's or early 1970's 10 sound artists interpret these haunting sounds in their compositions. A CD LP by Akira Rabelais based on this source material can be found at Samadhi Sound.

      Audio by Christian Fennesz, Kit Clayton, Taylor Deupree, Josh Russell, Carmern Baier, Nobukaza Takemura, Alejandra & Aeron, Stephan Mathieu, Steve Roden, and i8u.

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