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WRECK: Cold/Dead/Best Of

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    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 277: The Cold/Dead/Best of* streaming via internet:
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      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 277: The Cold/Dead/Best of*

      streaming via internet: <http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/>

      3 januari 2005 / 17-19.00

      Banging Holes in Ice > Peter Cusak [1]
      Bang > Andrew Duke [2]
      Floating Icicles Rocked by Waves > Peter Cusak [1]
      Shuffle > Andrew Duke [2]
      Fault > Foliage [3]
      Roar Over Ice > Peter Cusak [1]
      Melt > Foliage [3]
      Ice Pressured > Peter Cusak [1]
      HIV > Leif Elggren [4]
      Baikal Ice Flow Split 1 > Peter Cusak [1]
      Inland Sea > Brian Eno [5]
      Baikal Ice Flow Split 2 > Peter Cusak [1]
      Two Rapid Formations > Brian Eno [5]
      Britlur > Andrew Duke [2]
      Guggisberg Lied > Kristina Fuchs [6]
      Moistened & Dried > Biosphere [7]
      Slow > Taylor Deupree [8]
      Ebola > Leif Elggren [4]
      Disolucion Imaginaria > Emisor [8]
      Octaves Moins Un > Rx:Tx [9]
      La Baignade > Trio Derome Guilbeault Tanguay [10]
      Waterbed > Rx:Tx [9]
      La Danse du Plaisir > Ghislain Poirier [8]
      Stojim I Gledam se Kako Postojim > Darko Rundek & Carco Orkestar [11]
      Moist Desert > Obliteration Percussion Quartet [12]
      Sometimes in Winter > Blood, Sweat & Tears [13]
      Torero Piece > Beth Anderson [14]
      Largo [Ursonate] > Jaap Blonk [15]
      The jezebel Spirit > Byrne & Eno [16]
      Je Me Mentis > G. Rizo [17]
      Boombastic > Roots Control [18]
      The Unity of the Circle > Brain Damage vs. Black Sifichi [19]

      [1] "Baikal Ice (Spring 2003)" on ReR <www. Rermegacorp.com>. Peter
      Cusak who earlier produced the excellent "Your Favourite London
      Sounds" has packed up his bags and journeyed on up to Siberia to
      record what he had heard about, the "mysterious ice sounds" heard in
      autumn and spring. He went in 2003 and yes recorded the sounds of ice
      moving, slipping, melting, dripping, shifting, moaningŠ. I always
      admire these kinds of projects and my headphones go off to these 21st
      century "sound catchers". With respect for Dallas Simpson, Hildegard
      Westerkamp, Paul Panhuysen, Staalplaat, Justin Bennett, Mike Cooper,
      Leif Elggren, Chris Dooks, David Toop, and all the restŠ [see Wreck
      Top 30 Below]

      [2] "Take Nothing for Granted" on Cognition Audioworks
      <www.cognitionaudioworks.com> Contains a lot of interesting tectonic
      glitch work that sounds somewhat like the soundtrack to a William
      Gibson story. Contains one of my favorite addictive trax of the year,
      "Warning". It moves from the heartbeat of a man in a bayou, being
      sought for a crime he did not commit. We hear rain, tumult, panic,
      impending disaster, rain on a windshield, driving through a night
      downpour, the wipers, what could be gunshotsŠ I play certain trax
      that grab me all day while I am behind the computer. This is one of
      them. In Top 25 of 2003.

      [3] "Foal" on Cognition Audioworks <cognitionaudioworks.com>.
      Canadian ambient minimal techno created mostly by his chosen weapon,
      the old fashioned electric guitar.

      [4] "Virulent Images Virulent Sound" on Firework
      <www.fireworkeditionrecords.com> LE liner notes: "Ša leak from a
      usually reliable source begins to divulge secrets from NASA's Medical
      Research Laboratories, secrets about the eye being capable also of
      transmitting purely physical conditions, such as viruses, this is
      nothing less than a revolution in the way the biological body is
      viewed. According to these sources, it seems that a person can watch
      a virus attack, say on the surface of another person's skin, and
      transmit this image via the eyes to his or her brain, where it will
      be received, processed and then replicated as a physical structure
      similar to the one observed, which will immediately attack the new
      body. Science describes the eye as the surface where the interface we
      call reality, or the other sphere, materializes and makes itself, in
      social and psychological concord, graspable. The fact that scientists
      have now, in a miraculous sort of way, discovered that viruses can
      transmit themselves via the eyesight of humans and probably of
      animals, is really only the first step in a new way of looking at our
      understanding of that part of the outer sphere which needs the light
      of day in order to be internalized. Experiments have also been made
      using photographs of viruses, photographs taken with scanning
      electron microscopes where the viruses are vastly enlarged and which
      have shown that the viruses' capacity for transmission remains
      intact. The visual structure of the virus is thus simultaneously the
      code or formula which forms the basis of its physical structure,
      reproducible, possible to materialize. In other words, viruses seem
      to be able to transmit their aggressive, contagious function via a
      photographŠ As an artist, it is slightly giddying to think of the
      possibilities of using the two-dimensional image to influence and
      interact in a way one would earlier only have dreamt of while
      suffering the deepest and most frustrated doubts about one's role and
      task. It would also be a powerful and, in the most literal sense,
      deadly weapon in the hands of madmen. A weapon millions of times more
      powerful than the little puff of sarin released in the Tokyo subway
      by the Aum Shinrikyo sect in 1995. Š" these are micro-recordings of 8
      viruses including HIV, Mumps, and Rabies.

      [5] "Music For Films" on Antilles vinyl, 1978. The sound of the brain
      as a ball of dusty fuzz being wafted, whooshed, and swept about a
      tranquil airport terminal.

      [6] "Whence & Whither" on EWM <www.ewm-music.com>. Working in a
      modern way with what she may have gathered from Anita O'Day, Blossom
      Dearie, Carmen McCrae and June London as well as some passes at
      Astrid Gilberto, she surpasses them all in the breadth of her fun yet
      enchanting repertoire plus she manages to evoke the glories of
      mountainous terrain in a jazzy way. I met her through soundmaker
      Justin Bennett and she did a great job of yodeling at the Amsterdam
      book launch of my Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo. Then also handled the yodeling on
      my appearance on the - surprising to me - popular late night
      talk/variety show on Dutch TV called "Vara-Laat". KF was on hand at
      the Erika Stucky gig at the venerable Bimhuis [may 13]. KF has
      received accolades we thought could only be applied to Diane Kral.
      She is every bit her equal.

      [7] "Cirque" on Touch <www.touch.demon.co.uk>. One of my all-time
      faves from 2000/1. Biosphere is Geir jennsen.

      [8] "Bip-Hop Generation: vol. 7" on Bip-Hop <www.bip-hop.com> great
      series of music[s] that turns inward and inward and inward until the
      guts of one's DNA begin to shine like the spiral of the Milky Way.
      Exceptional series of electronic post-glitch works.

      [9] "Drosophiles et Doryphores" on Zavod Projekt/Rx:Tx
      <www.rx-tx.org>. Rx:Tx is Laurent Pernice & Jacques Barberi. Recorded
      & produced in Slovenia. Brilliant flawless electronica renovates
      inspired jazzŠ and now that absinthe is again legal in the EU [I've
      seen it in shop windows, bought a bottle at my local "dealer"]Š the
      perfect sonic aperitif.

      [10] "10 Compositions" on Ambiances Magnetiques <www.actuellecd.com>.
      What would happen if some electro-acoustic and acousmatic sonic
      purveyors were suddenly to get hip to rhythm, jive, fun, soulŠ and
      return to what they love most - jazz.

      [11] "La Comedie Des Sens" on Piranha <www.piranha.de> Rob Weisberg,
      visiting WFMU DJ, gave me this CD. Very interesting disc from this
      singer, poet, actor & former frontman for the Yugoslavian cult band,
      Haustor. Solo material forges Eastern rhythms and solemnity with
      reggae and world beats. Itinerant and intelligent urban folk.

      [12] "Obliteration Percussion Quartet" on #5594. Pleasant, spritely,
      surprising, cacaphonous, dynamic and inventive percussion.

      [13] "Blood, Sweat & Tears Greatest Hits" on Columbia. WFMU's Shyboy
      will be happy to see I played this piece by this merde-stirring
      fusion band from the late 1960s. A flood of memories surges inŠ I
      must say I REALLY liked them when I was a pretentious arty-farty
      poetic 17-year-old. I STILL like the nonbombastic pre-David Clayton
      Thomas especially "Winter" which is based on a Satie theme.

      [14] "Peachy Keen-O" on Pogus <www.pogus.com> is an inspired example
      of retrieved and rediscovered pioneers of sound art. BA seems to fit
      in very easily with current sounds and sonic investigations and avant
      experimentation with the human voice. This piece is an odd potpourri
      of vibraphone, and "haunted house music". Lots of ethereal ghostly
      Lorelei chanting that reminds me of some kind of other gendered
      version of some Robert Ashley word driven piece.

      [15] "Ursonate" on Basta <www.bastamusic.com>. This consists of 2
      versions of the Schwitters composition, one recorded in 1986
      [Amsterdam] and the 2nd in 2003 in a chapel in Breda. Kurt
      Schwitters was a loner Dadaist after being rejected by the Berlin
      Dadaists. Maybe they were right to do so because he eventually
      created 2 masterpieces [contrary to Dada principle] Merzbow and
      Ursonate. The Ursonate was open to interpretation based on specific
      and general notes left behind by Schwitters. Blonk is a natural heir
      to the Dadaists as he grew up in the exact sciences and worked in
      hierarchical office organizational systems. This verbal break out was
      like a man finding consciousness as improvisation led to
      satisfaction. Since 1979 he has learned the Ursonate by heart and has
      performed it on record twice. Both are included here. The Ursonate is
      an incredibly powerful paean to the joys of heady and irrational
      ululations - and there are some yodeling gestures in his section 4
      Presto of the newer version. This is not as odd as it seems - the
      Dadists seemed quite at home with the absurd powers of yodelingŠ

      [16] "Death Disco: Songs from under the Dance Floor 1978-1984" on
      EMI. The end of the world from the inside of a bunker. Cynicism,
      dark, dreary, dingy and sinister never sounded so good and so
      apropos. Includes: PiL, Steel Leg vs Electric Dread, Gang of 4, Delta
      5, the Normal, Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire and much more.
      [See soon another playlist devoted to this music, which I now realize
      was some of my favorite music of the time and remains robust and
      moving [even if it does affect the bowels]. It was music that
      offended punks and disco people alike, the way absinthe is not for
      beer drinkers and not for whiskey drinkers eitherŠ

      [17] "Modern Wild Dub Dread meets Disco Punk Rocker Downtown" on Echo
      Beach <www.echobeach.de>. Death Disco Dub never sounded more sinister
      than on this collection rewound charms. Great shambling clash of
      forces. Trickery of mind and taste, upsettery of style and haste.
      This is one of the great records of the year. Youngsters mash up the
      palace right near the nerves in your face. Great. With contributions
      and some notes by Mark Stewart. Great collection.

      [18] "Crooklyn Dub Outernational Presents: Certified Dope, vol. 4
      Babylon's Burning" on WordSound <www.wordsound.com> Perfectly
      captures the dystopic feel of New York, there is the grungy
      ever-present hum that you can't tell whether it is psycho-acoustic
      [literally] or whether it is just environmental gone mental Š In any
      case, our surroundings lead to paranoia, vigilance, jadedness and
      some of the darkest dub in the world.

      [19] "Ashes to Ashes" on Hammerbass <www.hammerbass.fr>. More great
      dub from France. As noted months/years earlier, there is something
      fluid and natural about French dub, something to do with the way that
      the language falls right in among the deep breathtaking bass beats.
      This is one of the best of the year and not just because BS
      interprets an excerpt from our scurrilous co-written short story "Wet
      Dreams of the Pope" [complete story in Wiggling Wishbone: Stories of
      Pata-Sexual Speculation Autonomedia, 1995].

      TOP WRECK 30± for 2004 [not in regimented order]
      Blurt / "Let There Be Blurt" / Salamander Records
      Various Artists / "Modern Wild Dub Dread meets Disco Punk Rocker
      Downtown" / Echo Beach
      Carolina Cotton / "Yodel, Yodel, Yodel" / Cattle
      Kristina Fuchs / "Whence & Whither" / EWM
      Rx:Tx "Drosophiles et Doryphores" Zavod Projekt/Rx:Tx
      Various Artists / "Crooklyn Dub Outernational Presents: Certified
      Dope, vol. 4 Babylon's Burning" / WordSound
      Various Artists / "Bip-Hop Generation: vol. 7" / Bip-Hop
      Brain Damage / "Ashes to Ashes" / Hammerbass
      Various Artists / "Death Disco: Songs from under the Dance Floor
      1978-1984" / EMI
      Peter Cusak / "Baikal Ice (Spring 2003)" / ReR
      Trio Derome Guilbeault Tanguay: "10 Compositions" on Ambiances Magnetiques
      Darko Rundek & Carco Orkestar / "La Comedie Des Sens" / Piranha
      Obliteration Percussion Quartet / "Obliteration Percussion Quartet" / #5594
      Beth Anderson / "Peachy Keen-O" / Pogus
      Gary Lucas & Jozef van Wissem / "The Universe of Absence" / BVHaast
      Jaap Blonk: "Ursonate" / Basta
      Various Artists / "Yodelling Mad: The Best of Country Yodel vol. 1" / Jasmine
      Lena / "Floating Roots" / Quatermass
      Catweasel / "Vox Populari Mix" / Catweasel
      Marcelo Radulovich / "The Evil Ones" / Titicaman
      Judy Nylon / "Yellow Rose of Texas" / Troubleman Unlimited
      Carl Douglas & Various Artists / "Kung Fu Fighting" / Echo Beach
      Various Artists / "World 2004" / Wrasse Records
      Johnny Cash / "The Very Best of the Sun Years" / Metro
      Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori / Phantom Orchard / Mego
      Various Artists / Shake the Nations! / Dubhead
      Paul Panhuysen / "A Magic Square of 5 to Listen To" / Plinkety Plonk
      Various Artists / "Noise Factory Sampler vol. 02" / Noise Factory
      Erika Stucky / "Lovebites" / Traumton
      @c / V3 / Cronica
      Le Bal / "Fanfare PourPour" / Monsieur Fauteux
      Kvety / Jabklo Jejiho Peri / Indies Records


      Deaths in 2004 (edited from Wikipedia
      This list includes a very abbreviated list of musicians, people I
      remember from my past and others who meant something, plus suicides.
      The amazing detail I came across was how many professional athletes
      die young [younger than rock stars for instance], often of heart
      attacks. It also made me wonder how even these "famous" people die in
      obscurity. For instance, does anyone REALLY know anything about Laura
      Branagan and her music? Or that John Mayall's sax player died

      December 2004
      30 Artie Shaw, 94, American jazz musician
      28 Susan Sontag, 71, American author
      27 Hank Garland, 74, American country, rock, and jazz guitarist.
      26 Eddie Layton, 77, organist for the New York Yankees for 38 seasons
      22 Doug Ault, 54, former Major League Baseball player, suicide
      20 Jack Newfield, 66, American newspaper columnist from New York,
      kidney and lung cancer [had just read his very emotional piece on the
      assassination of Robert Kennedy in the anthology THE KGB BAR
      NONFICTION READER, NY: Nation Books, 2004 when I heard he died. I
      also have a contribution, a rewritten excerpt from YODEL-AY-EE-OOOO
      called "Yodeling: Velvet Throats & Leather Pants from German
      Proto-Hippies to Jugend SS". Also includes Luc Sante, Darius James,
      Steve Earle, Fab 5 Freddy, Matthew Shipp, Mark Jaobsen (the editor),
      Greg Tate, Budd SchulbergŠ]
      20 Son Seals, 62, American blues musician
      17 Dick Heckstall-Smith, 70, saxophone player (Colosseum, John Mayall
      and the Bluesbreakers, etc.)
      16 Agnes Martin, 92, American abstract painter. I seem to remember my
      first wife, art colleague of Kenny Scharf & Keith Haring, was
      inspired by the meditational minimalism of AM. This at a time when
      she was a wild Times Square stripper whose ex-boy friend once bought
      up time on the Times Square ticker to announce his affection for her.
      14 Rod Kanehl, 70, who hit the first grand slam in the Mets history.
      As a kid I was a stat nerd and baseball is a great math tool in that
      respect. Being a recent Dutch immigrant I immersed myself in
      everything American, reading the World Book Encyclopedia from A to Z,
      in that order, and constantly touting america's greatness in facts &
      figs. I became a baseball fan and little league player with arms so
      skinny I could barely hold a bat. I followed the Yankess and Mets and
      even in the Mets dreadful first season I saw elements of greatness...
      weird to see names like this pass into dustŠ
      8 Jackson Mac Low, 82, poet. As noted in another recent playlist, I
      once performed at the same experimental word fest in Heidelberg. His
      performance was to say the least rarefied [read incomprehensible]. I
      listen for some kind of it, or soul or raison d'etre but it escapes
      me altho a periodic abstract beauty does flutter thru periodically
      7 Jerry Scoggins, 93, sang The Beverly Hillbillies' theme song "The
      Ballad of Jed Clampett". I had a serious boner crush for Elly Mae.
      You just wished you were a pig about to be wrestled to the ground by
      2 Kevin Coyne, 60, musician and author

      November 2004
      13 Ol' Dirty Bastard (Russell Jones), 35, rapper, drug abuse. From Wu
      Tang Clan, one of the only interesting rap acts doing something
      beyond bone sculpting and hoe cultivating and hosting MTV's Cribs
      9 Iris Chang, 36, historian, author, suicide
      5 Donald Jones, 72, American-born Dutch comedian, singer, dancer and
      actor, first black Dutch celebrity
      4 Robert Heaton, 43, British composer and drummer of punk-rock band
      New Model Army, pancreatic cancer.
      2 Theo van Gogh, 47, Dutch cineast and writer, murdered in Amsterdam.
      1 Terry Knight, 61, manager and producer to Grand Funk Railroad,
      murdered. [My first LP was a Grand Funk Railroad disc and I played it
      to death on my Montgomery Wards $49 stereo with a tone arm as heavy
      as a dead weasel's paw.]

      October 2004
      28 Shosei Koda, 24, Japanese backpacker, beheaded by his captors in Iraq
      25 John Peel, 65, British BBC disc jockey and guru of the British
      indie music scene, heart attack
      23 Andrew "Stig" Sewell, British, singer in Icons of Filth, possible
      brain hemorrhage
      19 Anita Bitri-Prapaniku, 36?, Albanian pop singer
      16 Doug Bennett, 52, lead singer of Canadian band Doug and the Slugs
      14 Cordell Jackson, 81, rockabilly musician
      11 Mary Loos, 94, actress, screenwriter, and novelist; complications
      from stroke
      10 Christopher Reeve, 52, U.S. actor who starred as Superman in the
      1978 movie and sequels, and campaigned for stem cell research after
      being paralyzed, heart failure brought on by septicemia
      8 Jacques Derrida, 74, French philosopher, pancreatic cancer
      5 Rodney Dangerfield, 82, comic and actor. First saw him on Ed
      Sullivan in the early 1960s. My sense of humor [ha! You say!] was no
      doubt influenced by his snide sense of self-depricationŠ
      2 Max van Gelder, 88, world's first jazz harmonica player and Goon, of old age.
      1 Richard Avedon, 81, American fashion photographer, of a brain hemorrhage

      September 2004
      30 Jacques Levy, 69, director of original production of Oh! Calcutta!
      Also co-produced Dylan's "Desire". [I think].
      30 Hans Bakker, 26, free software hacker, died in car crash near Paris.
      29 Christer Pettersson, 57, suspected murderer of Swedish prime
      minister Olof Palme
      28 Scott Muni, 74, longtime New York City radio disc jockey. I made
      fun of his really out of touch bad taste - arena dinosaur rock but
      was corrected by Carola von Hoffmanstahl who in an autumn email
      wrote: "Yet in the early & mid 60's Scott Muni was a great AM jock.
      Pushing girl groups, british invasion and on top of the new. Every
      dog-- or cat-- has his day. RIP man RIP."
      24 Françoise Sagan, 69, French novelist
      23 André Hazes, 53, Dutch singer, imagine Engelbert Humperdink in a
      brown café with lots of Dutch gin [jenever]
      22 Dirk van der Horst, 57, guitarist with popular Dutch band BZN
      19 Skeeter Davis, 73, country music singer
      19 Imelda Higuera, 65?, Mexican singer, Las Jilguerillas duo,
      respiratory failure
      18 Russ Meyer, 82, filmmaker
      15 Johnny Ramone, 55, guitarist and founding member of The Ramones,
      prostate cancer. Isn't that already the third dead Ramone? Yikes. I
      saw them 4 times and if I was a shy guy when it comes to dancing, you
      wouldn't have known it at their concertsŠ
      3 Bram Vermeulen, 57, singer, songwriter and cabaret artist, heart attack
      1 Johnny Bragg, 79, leader of The Prisonaires, one of earliest music
      groups to record for Sam Phillips and Sun Records

      August 2004
      31 Carl Wayne, 61, lead singer of pop group The Move, cancer
      26 Laura Branigan, 47, American pop singer
      26 David Myers, 90, Cinematographer (Woodstock, Elvis on Tour). I
      went to the movie Woodstock as surrogate and then attended Watkins
      Glen where whatever spirit had reigned at Woodstock had long died
      only 3 years later. During a snooze someone, someone stole our
      blanket and people really weren't into sharingŠ maybe it was the
      music: the Dead, the Band, the Allman BrothersŠ
      18 Charlie Waller, 69, American bluegrass musician, founder of the
      band Country Gentlemen
      13 Julia Child, 91, author and television hostess on French cuisine [20]
      8 Fay Wray, 96, King Kong actress
      6 Rick James, 56, funk singer. Fame isn't everything it seems
      3 Bob Murphy, 79, Major League Baseball/New York Mets announcer
      3 Henri Cartier-Bresson, 95, French photographer. He was one of those
      great French photogs who helped you see/define Paris so that when you
      went there for the first time you actually saw things in black and

      July 2004
      28 Francis Crick, 88, British biologist, one of the discoverers of
      the "double-helix" shape of DNA, cancer [26]
      26 William A. Mitchell, 92, food scientist, inventor of Pop Rocks
      candy and Tang drink mix. To become truly American meant not just
      liking the 4 Seasons and eating hot dogs, it meant drinking Tang
      every morning for breakfast. Only years later did I learn that
      astronauts may have brought it along on flights but often didn't
      drink itŠ
      23 Serge Reggiani, 82, French singer and actor
      22 Illinois Jacquet, 81, U.S. jazz saxophonist
      22 Sacha Distel, 71, French singer
      13 Arthur Kane, 53, American bassist for the New York Dolls, leukemia
      12 Ersel Hickey, 70, rockabilly singer
      8 Jaroslav Hules, 30, Czech motorcycle racer, suicide
      1 Marlon Brando, 80, American actor. Rarely been inspired by anyone
      in Hollywood. His contentious, decidedly anti-Hollywood approach made
      him arguably the first punk [ok, maybe RimbaudŠ]. His performances
      [not all] are also among the greatest. He was a forerunner of using
      his fame to greater ends as when he appeared on the Today Show with
      Russell Means [I think] to talk about the plight of the Native

      June 2004
      5 Ronald Reagan, 93, film actor and 40th President of the United
      States (1981-1989) [to see the streets lined with whimpering and
      scrubbed teeners, mourning his passing was a frightening sight on TV.
      This man helped change the world into a less humane and stable place.
      He was one of the biggest scumbags who was incompetent on top of all
      4 Steve Lacy, 69, innovative jazz soprano saxophonist. An old amorist
      used to be his manager. Did we really talk about him when we made

      May 2004
      31 Robert Quine, 61, New York punk rock guitarist.
      29 Archibald Cox, 92, Watergate special prosecutor
      29 Sam Dash, 79, chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee
      during the Watergate scandal [what are the chances of these 2 guys
      who worked together for so long would die on exactly the same day -
      synchronicity continues to mystify].
      25 David Dellinger, 88, American antiwar activist, member of Chicago 8
      17 Elvin Jones, 76, Jazz drummer, notably with the John Coltrane
      Quartet of the 1960s
      17 Tony Randall, 84, television actor (The Odd Couple). I remember
      going to the Menlo Park shopping mall with 2 friends. We had an
      ingenious way of getting in for basically free. Went to a Saturday
      matinee. One of us would pay and then run down to open the emergency
      door for the other 2. That day in 1968 we watched the Odd Couple 4
      times in a row getting our "full money's worth" with popcorn and the
      rest. [Back then you could stay and watch the film as many times as
      you wantedŠ] I laughed so hard that day I thought I would never laugh
      so hard again.
      17 Gunnar Graps, 57, Estonian rock singer and percussionist
      4 Clement Dodd, 72, Jamaican reggae pioneer
      1 Felix Haug, 52, Swiss pop musician (Double)

      April 2004
      25 Thom Gunn, 74, British poet
      8 Chief Bey, 90, American jazz percussionist and African folklorist
      6 Timothy, ~160, tortoise that served as a Royal Navy mascot in the Crimean War
      1 Carrie Snodgress, 57, actress

      March 2004
      20 Juliana, 94, former Queen of the Netherlands [This probably meant
      something to my mother who grew up in Amsterdam but
      12 Cid Corman, 79, Japan-based American poet and translator
      10 James Parrish, 35, former National Football League player [!!]
      4 Claude Nougaro, 74, French chanteur
      4 John McGeoch, 48, British guitarist with Magazine, Siouxsie and the
      Banshees and PiL

      February 2004
      29 Danny Ortiz, 27, Guatemalan football goalkeeper [See what I mean,
      so MANY sports stars dying young!]
      6 Humphry Osmond, 86, psychiatrist and pioneer LSD experimenter
      3 Cornelius Bumpus, 58, musician (The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan)

      January 2004
      28 Elroy Hirsch, 80, hall of fame NFL football player: My first year
      in college was spent at University of Wisconsin. It was during the
      McGovern-Nixon election campaign. One of the many benefits on-campus
      for McGovern [the last REAL progressive to be "allowed" to run for
      prez - he was trounced and punished for his progressiveness - in
      1972] included a film series that included the Nixon's famous
      "Checkers Speech", Marx Brothers "Duck Soup" and some old movies that
      "starred" the football hero "Crazylegs" Hirsch. I felt, as a naïve
      18-yr-old, as if I were part of a secret society or something, privvy
      to humor and knowledge that the avg. person was not privvy toŠ
      23 Helmut Newton, 83, photographer. How many of his photos have I
      since age 16 secretly torn from magazines that were not mine, in
      dentist offices, in libraries, in friends' homes! To take home with
      me to pin on some wall for some reason.
      10/11 or so, Spalding Gray, 62, US perfomer and writer (body
      identified March 8 in East River near New York City [same place they
      found Albert Ayler floating some 30 years earlier)
      5 Tug McGraw, 59, former MLB pitcher


      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      o "plus another few hundred when it hits the BSI list!" Ezra
      o Old playlists archived at <http://www.wfmu.org/~bart/
      o Selected Playlists at http://www.romanapoli.com/black/wreckthismess.html
      o Soon, the unveiling of new juggernaut: <http://wreckthismess.com/
      courtesy of Pavement Tulip, a genius stuck in the body of a Polish
      skier in Brooklyn's inner denouement.
      o Check out excerpts from my erotic-dérive novel: Paris Sex Tete on
      Parisiana <http://www.parisiana.com/> with help from editor einar
      moos and eddie du bois


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